Gloves and Boots: 6x HCW, 6x Greater fire flares, 5x grapple

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017, 9:55:02 AM

All from Duskruins past. Might see the grapple flares again, but the greater elemental flares and 6x HCW likely won't be showing up at this next run.

some dark leather gauntlets, T1 ensorcelled, 6x HCW, max light

30mil Sold

some dark leather boots, 6x HCW 30mil Sold

a pair of vruul hide gloves charred with fiery runes: 6x Greater fire flares, T1 ensorcelled, max light

25mil Sold

a pair of supple black leather golvern-buckled gloves: 5x grapple flares a pair of glossy black leather golvern-toed boots: 5x grapple flares, T1 ensorcell

3mil individually or 5mil for the set