Elanthian Vogue

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, 11:33:33 AM

I am excited to share a new Looking Glass project with you and hope that, like Elanthian Fashion Week, it becomes another popular addition to our MHO remit. Elanthian Vogue is essentially an IC magazine made up of many components including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture, and "runway". The aim is to publish several editions regularly throughout the year to replace the old seasonal trend discussions, promote fashion-related events, and provide some fun little tips and insights into playing GS Barbie and becoming a fashionista.

We will hopefully be working in close collaboration with the TownCrier and welcome input in terms of feedback, suggestions and even articles that you may wish to submit for consideration. For more information and the first edition, please see the new GS wiki page.

Due to the limitations of actually being able to publish material in game, copies of each edition will be posted on both the wiki and the Elanthian Elegance website. I will, of course, endeavour to keep everyone informed when the next edition is live.