Official: Xerria's Unlocks

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018, 11:04:19 PM

Quote from GM Jainna:

Xerria has hit the calendar for this upcoming weekend. Here are her new lists of allowable scripts.

Unlimited Tintrel Towels (T2) RainboWear (T2) Prayerbooks Newstyle Amulet Holders Handkerchief (T2) Napkins Skellie Cloaks (change buttons or clasp) Frog + Lilli Necklace (T2) Wedding Rings Cat's Cradle String Yo-yo Adventure Clothing Gnomish Goggles (T1) Mechanical Bracers (T1) Leather Works Prayer Beads Suspenders (T2, T3) Metallic Gown (T2, T3) Caster Gloves (T2) Wand Staves (T2) Xojium Staves (1 action added or swapped, max 10) Xojium Robes (1 action added or swapped, max 10) Crystal Holding Jewelry Fusion Zests (T2, T3) Joola (T1) Scrying Bowl (T2) Dancing Scarves (T2, T3) Yansio Hats (T2, T3) Gambling Kit (T2) Climate Wear (T1) Pelt Bags (T1) Spiffy Jackets (T1) Cidolfhus Bandolier (T1) Anfelt Edged (T2) Anfelt Blunt (T2) Anfelt Polearm (T2) Anfelt Shield (T2) Anfelt Bow/Crossbow (T2) Gory Weapons (T1) Sword Canes (T2) Orb Staff Farm Tools Compass Realm Maps Dancing Shoes (simple) Feathered Boas Morphing Containers (T1, T2) Label Box Tall Shoes (T2, T3) Shoe Sticks (T2, T3) Fancy Weapons (T2) Shurley Gloves (T2) WearPicks Dancing Shoes (T2) FancyCoats (T1, T2) Steampunk Clothing (T2) Eisenrucks (T1, T2) Quartz Baldrics/Yokes (T1, T2)

Limited Spiffy Jackets (T2) Dual Weapon Displayer Anfelt Edged (T3) Anfelt Blunt (T3) Anfelt Polearm (T3) Anfelt Shield (T3) Gory Weapons (T2) Gnomish Goggles (T2) Adventure Hoods (T2) Jewelry Boxes (T2, T3, T4, T5) Fancy Weapons (T3) Shurley Gloves (T3) Dancing Shoes (T3) Eisenrucks (T3) Quartz Baldrics/Yokes (T3)

Really Rare Raffle Iasha Weapons to Tier 2 (5) Tintrel Towels to Tier 3 (6) RainboWear to Tier 3 (4) SpriteCloak to Tier 2 (3) Climate Wear to Tier 2 (6) Cidolfhus Bandolier to Tier 2 (5) Fancy Weapons to Tier 4 (5) Shurley Gloves to Tier 4 (5) Dancing Shoes to Tier 4 (5) Pelt Bag to Tier 2 (1) Gory Weapon to Tier 3 (1)

~Just Jainna