Faux Invasion Training Exercises (FITE Night)

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017, 8:02:41 PM

This is a cross post from the officials (See original here)

On the 21st of Eorgaen the Crimson Legion Reserves tested a new exercise for our weekly drills. To the Citizens and Civilians who participated, thank you for being patient with us. While we hope none felt ignored, please understand that the purpose of that drill was to focus on the plausibility of the Reserves continuing to run such drills going forward into the new year. The use of the amunet will be a main focus of these exercises and we do not wish to alarm folks during this time. Those who serve in the Crimson Legion Reserves do so voluntarily. Reservists are not made to attend drill and citizens are not prohibited from attending. These exercises will be open to those who wish to attend and will take place mostly at the gates.

These new exercises will be focusing on specific objective skills that we, as the primary line of defense, would like to accomplish when the fortress is under attack.

  • Objective one: Set the defenses of the fortress in motion: manning ballistas, placing archers on the walls, lighting the beacon to notify our sister city, and calling reinforcements.

  • Objective two: Form coherent battle lines at the gates and other possible entry points into the Fortress. Form forward lines within the aforementioned battle lines, while maintaining open communication with gate defenses. Form scout parties for forward reconnaissance of surrounding areas for potential threats.

  • Objective three: Setting up a working triage station for the fallen and wounded. A well oiled machine that gets our forces backup to reinforce the battle lines or town defenses is crucial to maintaining the safety of Ta’Vaalor.

While these objectives are specific, fulfilling them is a much more fluid process that ebbs and flows with the rhythm of the battle. It is up to each defender to decide how best to put their own skills to use, and where they can be the most help. Reservists will do their best to keep the lines of communication open regarding attacks to provide current conditions and facilitate efficient reinforcements. All defenders are encouraged to add their own knowledge of the attackers to keep those within the walls best informed. Reservists train together, live together, and drill together constantly. As such, certain patterns of communication naturally develop within the group. Please, do not hesitate to add your own unique voice to the pattern. If you are uncertain where your skills may be best put to use, keep a crystal amulet handy and you may hear something that peaks your interest in the fight.

Historically the Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion commands three Lord Legionnaire Commanders who have various duties within the Legion. With the fall of Vindicto, the culprit behind the possession of Lord Legionnaire Commander Tiope and the assassination of King Tyrnian, the Crimson Legion is able to finally move forward and bolster our ranks with the addition of Lord Legionnaire Commander Velixa, our third Lord Legionnaire Commander. Her focus is on the defense of Ta'Vaalor. In my few short interactions with her I have come to understand she takes this duty seriously, and I, for one, will strive to not disappoint her.

For Honor, Pride, and Glory High Legionnaire Kakoon Arakhor

OOC: I think most people can agree that invasions can be pretty hectic with crazy creatures running around causing untold damage, death, and destruction. The question I hear a lot during these attacks is, “How can I help?” and my honest answer is… I haven’t a clue. Only you play your character, so only you really know your roleplay and skills. The idea of these drills is to simply communicate to people what’s attacking, where it’s attacking, and who might be leading a group outside a gate because friendly fire isn’t fun.

In the past GM Mazreth has released information regarding invasions and the layouts of the gates in Vaalor. While each invasion is its own individual attack, there is generally a distinction in strength between the attacking creatures at different gates. We hope to let folks know what this distinction is so if they wish to take their level 20 character to fight level 100 critters, they are more than welcome to, while also pointing them to gates where other level 20 critters may be as well.