Official: Goodie Bag Scripted Item Exchange

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, 7:53:19 PM

Quote from GM Wyrom:

Okay, I've spent some time today working on a way to exchange your item (the large-eyed purple dove charm) if you're unhappy with it. These changes will be live shortly (within the next hour or so).

You have two options.

You can TOSS the charm and get a hawk charm instead. It will be a crested hawk charm. It is the same scripted item, but it has some message variations for the hawk setting. Hawks whistle/chirp instead of coo and swoop instead of flutter or flap. It's not much different, but it's a different style of bird that I don't believe was offered at all yet.

You can BREAK the charm for a 4x RPA orb (a shimmering violet orb). These work just like the others, and they are not attuned.

Both choices are permanent once you make them, so be sure you are 100% positive you'd like to do this.

We apologize for all the mishaps during the creation, delivery, and missteps for this year's Goodie Bag. We've learned a lot from it.

Wyrom, PM

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