Ta'Vaalor Town Defenses

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, 1:12:27 PM

On the 18th of Eorgaen at twenty one hundred hours (December 18th 9 pm ET) the Crimson Legion Reserves will be holding a training session on the defenses of Ta'Vaalor. Over the course of this session you will have the opportunity to see how a ballista operates and fires. The night will begin with a wonderful firework display as we demonstrate the power of the Drake at Annatto Gate. We’ll be meeting in King's Court and we’ll be passing out bows to have folks shoot from the walls as well. No training in the archery is required to shoot a pointy stick into a horde of charging enemies. And when there aren't, you can shoot your friends. If none of that excites you, perhaps the chance to bring the entire fortress to arms by lighting the beacon! Call Ta'Illistim for aid in our hour of need! (Like Gondor called for Rohan!)

At the end of the evening we will return to King's Court. Folks will have the opportunity to ask questions in regards to the Crimson Legion Reserves and our tactics during attacks on the fortress. We hope to see folks there.

Please be aware that the beacon is going to be lit multiple times during the evening. We hope to keep things moving quickly, and most of the lightings should happen between 9:40 - 10:00 pm ET. These are only tests of the local broadcasting system. If it were a real emergency, more information would follow. Again, these are only tests of the local broadcasting system.

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