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Monday, November 27th, 2017, 5:27:12 PM

Quote from GM Konacon:

On the eighth day of ESN, empaths learned how to IMPRINT their patients with a portion of their presence to allow them to aid them from afar... Empaths can attempt to IMPRINT anyone that isn't an empath once per hour, and using it on a player that you have a healing effect shared with will automatically end the effect.

So what does it do? I'll get to the list of rules in a second, but the effect it grants is: When a player is imprinted, the empath can TRANSFER wounds or scars (no blood) off of them from anywhere in the same realm (Mental Lore, Transference unlocks adjacent realm at 35 ranks, near-adjacent at 70 ranks, and far realm at 105 ranks). Note that this will not work in areas where magic doesn't work or areas that the player couldn't be magically located. It will also not worked if the player has been in combat of some sort in the last 20 seconds (Note: This will be called "in combat" or "out of combat" for the rest of this post).

More information: -- Transferring a wound through an imprint costs 10/15/20 stamina per wound rank. If the empath goes into negative stamina while doing this, they will suffer serious physical injuries. -- Imprinting costs 2 spirit if it is successful or if it is used on a player that an empath doesn't have the healing effect on. A failure with the healing effect has no cost. -- A successful imprint lasts for 30 minutes + (3 seconds per skill bonus in Spiritual Lore, Blessings) and has 3 charges plus extra depending on the success of a healing skill check roll. -- A player can only be imprinted by one empath at any time. They have the option to remove an imprint via "IMPRINT STOP". -- An empath can have up to (1 + (Mental Lore Transference Ranks / 40)) players imprinted at any time. They can also remove imprints via "IMPRINT STOP". -- When a player comes out of combat with notable injuries, an empath that they are imprinted by will be notified that they need assistance. -- Empaths can use "IMPRINT CHECK" to see the health status of all of their imprintees at any time as long as they can be transferred from. -- Players can use "IMPRINT CALL" when they are injured to notify the last 20 empaths that have imprinted or attempted to imprint them that they need assistance.

The roll for attempting to IMPRINT another player is affected by the following areas of training: - Spell Research up to 1x in EACH circle. Overtraining in the empath spell circle does NOT help. Optimal training for imprinting on a level 100 character would be 101/101/101. - Lores (Mental Lore: Transformation, Mental Lore: Transference, Spiritual Lore: Blessings) - Physical Fitness and First Aid.

I'm sure people have LOTS of questions, so feel free to ask!

~ Konacon

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Monday, November 27th, 2017, 5:51:28 PM

Q&A from GM Konacon:

is it affected by DEMEANOR?

Yes. In the same fashion as TRANSFER.

As a wizard, I can have up to 20 empaths imprint or try to. And after that, I can then spam, I mean call for help the last 20 that succesfully or tried to imprint me? So all I need to do is get my empath friends to try to imprint me and I can IMPRINT CALL when I'm in need of help and they'll all get the message to come save me?

I'll have to check on it, but it might be spammable right now. If it is, that will be fixed shortly.

I tried to do the imprint with both empath and patient in a non-locatable room and got a failure, which I think? is expected. But now I'm not able to try it again for another hour so I can't be certain if the no-locate room was the reason or if there's some other issue or involved. [Imprint result: 82 (d100: 72)]

The imprint failed because the roll failed which does put in the one hour cooldown per that patient.

I guess my first real "question" is, does the LTE effect (ESNday3) apply to these remote Transfers, also?


... I'm an idiot. The stat bonus for Influence also affects the IMPRINT roll as long as the bonus is positive. A negative INF stat does not reduce your chance to imprint. ~ Konacon

Monday, November 27th, 2017, 6:13:00 PM

Quote from GM Estild via Discord:

Pocket empaths really aren't a concern. People who are using them aren't gaining much since they could already run to their table and instantly get healed anyway, and in many cases, it'll be faster than waiting 20 seconds to be out of combat before healing via imprint.

Monday, November 27th, 2017, 7:07:03 PM

Q&A from GM Konacon, plus a good deal of maths.

If I missed this, I'm sorry. If someone is imprinted, does that restrict them being healed by another empath?

No. It would just restrict them from being imprinted by that empath.

~ Konacon


Hi everybody!

I've had a lot of people asking for more specifics on the formula for this. So, here it is! For those less mathy, look past this part and go down to the "WAT HELP ME" section.


  • Start with 100.
  • Add (INF bonus * 2) if INF bonus > 0.
  • Add (300 * (Spell Research Ranks - 1.5 * (Level + 1))) / (1.5 * (Level + 1)) -- Spell Research Ranks is Empath + Minor Spirit + Major Spirit, with each circle capped at (Level + 1).
  • Add (200 * (Lore Ranks - 0.5 * (Level + 1))) / (3.5 * (Level + 1)) -- Lore Ranks is Transformation + Transference + Blessings
  • Add (150 * (Skill Ranks - 2 * (Level + 1))) / (4 * (Level + 1)) -- Skill ranks is Physical Fitness + First Aid.

The sum of those numbers / 10 is used as the base chance for the roll to imprint!


There is a base 10% chance to succeed no matter your training. Every 5 points of influence bonus gives 1% more chance. Spell research past 1.5x but any ranks over (Level + 1) in each circle aren't counted gives up to 30% more chance. Lore ranks past 0.5x in Transformation + Transference + Blessings (Can go up to 4x) gives up to 20% more chance. Physical Fitness and First Aid past 2x (Can go up to 6x) gives up to 15% more chance.


An empath who is: 1x Empath Circle, 0.5x Minor Spirit, 0.5x Major Spirit, 1x in (Transformation + Transference), 1x in Blessings, and 2x in PF and First Aid would have ~45% chance. An empath who is: Overtrained in Empath, 0.4x Minor Spirit, 0.4x Major Spirit, 0.5x Transformation, 0x Blessings, 2x PF and 1x FA would have ~25% chance.

~ Konacon

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, 12:06:50 AM

Quote from GM Konacon:

  • Add (INF bonus * 2) if INF bonus > 0.
  • Add (300 * (Spell Research Ranks - 1.5 * (Level + 1))) / (1.5 * (Level + 1))
  • Add (200 * (Lore Ranks - 0.5 * (Level + 1))) / (3.5 * (Level + 1))
  • Add (150 * (Skill Ranks - 2 * (Level + 1))) / (4 * (Level + 1))

I forgot to specify that all of these lines work like INF. They are not counted if they are negative. So if an empath was not trained in lores at all they would just have a '0' for that line.

~ Konacon

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, 3:39:37 PM

Quote from GM Konacon:

Hi everybody!

Having read comments in lots of places, I wanted to come in and clarify some things about imprint as well as talk about some of the intentions behind it.

1) The 1 hour cooldown is per patient, not an hour for you as a whole. This means that you can try to imprint ALL the people (Just don't run out of spirit!) once per hour, each. 2) The healing effect I'm referring to is the ten second window after you have healed someone. If you have healed a non-empath in the past ten seconds, you can IMPRINT them without any spirit cost if you fail. I referenced this on the ESN day where I originally spoke of the transfer effect. 3) The chance of success for IMPRINT can never reach 100% if you look at the math. This is intentional.

The typical use of IMPRINT is intended to be used when you have finished healing someone. This is why it ends the effect (immediately granting you exp) and also doesn't cost any spirit on a failure IF you've healed that person recently. If you succeed but don't want that person imprinted, or they don't want to be imprinted by you, either of you can stop the imprint at any time.

The intent is to reward healers for multiple patients and to encourage interaction between more than just one healer for patients. The intent is not to reward people with a healing bot by letting them be imprinted by that character all the time.

You sense that FIRSTSUCCESS is currently under intense physical stress.

This means that the target is currently flagged as "in combat" so you can't tell what their injuries are yet.

~ Konacon

Monday, December 4th, 2017, 5:29:06 PM

Quote from GM Konacon:

  1. I can't IMPRINT STOP someone who logs off which is really annoying. It takes up my slot until the duration runs out. This is a more complicated problem to solve, but I'll see what I can do.

This is fixed now! You can use IMPRINT STOP on someone who is offline.

~ Konacon