Bane Oil, RtCF Semi-self Charging Idols, Dodge Enhancing Drinks

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017, 1:55:22 PM

Note: If you make a purchase and I can't get to you before Wednesday, you'll likely have to wait till next week, as I'll be largely unavailable for Thanksgiving.

RtCF Idols. See explanation of how the charges were determined at bottom of post. It's possible that 1-2 charges are missing per idol, but unlikely:

A large-headed golden idol (253 charges of 303, Prayer of Protection), (1): 1m (sold out) A goat-headed marble idol (171 charges of 107, Deep Blues), (1): 1m (sold out) A madly grinning ivory idol (105 charges of 211, Bravery), (5): 1.2m each (sold out) A horned red garnet idol (210 charges of 905, Prismatic Guard), (3): 1m each (1 left) A black-hooded red-eyed idol (78 charges 913, Melgorehn's Aura), (3): 1.5m each (sold out) A vacant-eyed obsidian idol, (66 charges of Elemental Defense III), (2): 500k each

A bottle of tawny liquid (x5): 10 sips each of 5 ranks of dodging: 200k for the lot

Undead bane oils, see explanation below:

A silver-caged vial of sable oil (x9): undead bane oil, heavy crit weighting, 450k for the lot (sold out) See below for information on number of swings.

A leather-bound vial of amber oil, (x5): undead bane oil, vibe flares, 250k for the lot (sold out) See below for information on number of swings.

*Undead Bane Oil Info from RtCF

The undead bane oils may be applied to weapons and armor to impart a temporary undead bane effect corresponding to the type of oil used. Like permanent undead banes, these effects only become active when a weapon is used against undead, or if the armor is struck by undead.

Undead bane oils can only be used on items that do not have an existing special ability, such as weighting, padding, or flares. Arrows are technically possible, but bundling them interferes with the bane effect. Runestaves are possible, but the undead bane effect will only come into play when the staff is physically used to strike something, rather than the user casting a spell.

Each dose of the flaring oils will last for 30 strikes before being used up, and the flares will occur with the same frequency as normal flares. Doses of weighting and padding will last for 10 strikes. When the oil is applied to weapons, a strike refers to that weapon hitting a creature or person. In the case of armor, a strike refers to the wearer being struck by something else.

Weapons with the oil will be able to hit undead without a bless, but a bless will extend the number of strikes a weapon can have before the oil is exhausted. Naturally holy (sanctified) items will increase the strikes to 75 for flares and 25 for weighting/padding. Items with a holy water bless, such as those obtained from a cleric with over 40 ranks in cleric spells, will see 60 strikes for flares and 20 for weighting/padding. Normal blesses will have 45 for flares and 15 for weighting/padding. Purifying the weapon before the bless will extend the number of hits by another 50% before the oil application fades.*

Semi-self charging idol info, stolen from another post, (credit to Zaigh for doing the math):

*The # of charges used before losing 1 to the max is = the current max. Taking that into account it makes the total charges a simple summation as shown below. First number is initial max charges, second number is total charges given the prior assumption.

11 - 66 12 - 78 14 - 105 16 - 136 17 - 153 18 - 171 20 - 210 22 - 253

Idol Spell Charges Recharge Time Left Large-headed golden idol Prayer of Protection 22 1 charge / 3 hrs. 1 Horned red garnet idol Prismatic Guard 20 1 charge / 4 hrs. 1 Goat-headed marble idol Spirit Warding II 18 1 charge / 5 hrs. 1 Plump bronze moon-faced idol Mindward 17 1 charge / 5 hrs. 1 Ruby-eyed crystal idol Strength 16 1 charge / 6 hrs. 9 Black leather-winged idol Mystic Focus 14 1 charge / 7 hrs. 4 Madly grinning ivory idol Bravery 14 1 charge / 7 hrs. 7 Vacant-eyed obsidian idol Elemental Defense III 11 1 charge / 8 hrs. 1*

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017, 2:47:23 PM

2 bravery idols sold, list updated.

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017, 4:30:43 PM

Idols almost sold out.

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017, 3:24:55 PM

Updated. 3 idols and all of the dodge enhansive drinks left.