The Looking Glass and Ailanthus Manor

Sunday, November 12th, 2017, 2:34:54 PM

The Looking Glass has been a little quiet lately because most of our recent work has revolved around Fashion Week.

I am pleased to announce however, that the construction of our MHO structure has been completed and Ailanthus Manor is now officially open!

Since the MHO is based in Ta'Illistim, but not exclusively elven, the Manor can be found just outside of the city gates, on Whistler's Pass (near Tyramia Hollow). The ground floor is open to the public and will be used for meetings, classes, and future fashionable events. The upstairs rooms are for the benefit of members only at this time.

Drop by anytime to admire the "alabaster and effervescent fixtures." All we ask is that you keep the property as you find it and take your rubbish home with you :P

A HUGE thank you to GM Elysani for bringing it to life and to GM Valyrka for allowing it to be built in the city environs. Thank you also to the Looking Glass board members for all your input and never-ending support.

Please see HERE if you are interested in learning more about the Looking Glass.