1650 Speculation

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, 2:50:46 PM

*At this time I will only confirm that 1650 is in development and that it is NOT a rumor. I will share more details with you all when it’s appropriate to do so. Thanks for your patience, I hope that you all enjoy 1650 as much as I’ve enjoyed designing and building it.

GameMaster Cyraex*

From the language, it seems designed,coded, and ready for release. What are your thoughts on this new spell since HSN?

Reality speculation: It's a roundabout basic offensive/defensive buff which is fine since the class is a lot of fun to play already.

Hope speculation: Super bonding with your weapon. Something something flares, I love flares. Arkati based buff to offensive power.

Dreams of Delusions speculation: A unique spell, perhaps based around a familiar like mount... that you can ride around on. alt text