Winterfest 5117 - Frost Royalty Nominations are OPEN!

Monday, November 6th, 2017, 10:18:10 PM

The Frost King and Frost Queen of Winterfest represent the winter solstice festival. They get special gifts and bragging rights. It's also a fun way to get to know the people you hang out with on a daily basis in the world of Elanthia. The Frost King and Frost Queen will get to ride a float in our Winterfest Parade. As in years past, they will also get a crown/diadem and a scepter that do more than just make good decorations on yourself.

Do you want to be the this year's Frost King or Queen?

  1. Players nominate their own character. Please only nominate one character on your account as your presence is required at the crowning ceremony and all other events.

  2. Characters on F2P, Basic, and Premium accounts are eligible to submit a nomination. It is suggested the character submitting a nomination is well known so they receive plenty of votes when the time comes.

  3. Officers of House Argent Aspis are ineligible to run for Frost King or Frost Queen. Members of Argent Aspis however may submit a nomination. Officers and members of other Houses may also submit a nomination.

  4. Dates for Winterfest 5117 are December 7th - 10th. Please only submit a nomination if you know or think you can attend events these days. The seventh and tenth are crucial evenings to attend.

  5. The first five submitted nominations for male characters and the first five for female characters will be our Frost Royalty Court. Any others submitted will be backups if the first ten back out before the voting process.

  6. Nominations will run through November 15th. No specific end time.

Nomination Submission Form:

Best of luck to all nominees!