Gemstone Prime HARDCORE Leaderboards

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017, 7:48:47 AM

In this thread we will be documenting the various accomplishments of the HARDCORE competitors so that they can be enshrined for public record both here and on the GSWiki page:

|Level Achievements| Name| Level |-|-|-| Current Highest Level |Lord Ardkor | 32 Highest Level Ever Achieved |Lord Ardkor|32

|Title Achievements| Name |:-------|-------:| First Lord or Lady| Lord Halier First F2P Lord or Lady|Vacant First Great Lord or Lady|Vacant First High Lord or Lady|Vacant First Grand Lord or Lady|Vacant

|Monetary Achievements| Name |:-------|-------:| First to One Million Silvers| Lord Ardkor First to Five Million Silvers|Vacant First to Ten Million Silvers|Vacant First to Fifteen Million Silvers|Vacant

|Fame Achievements| Name |:-------|-------:| First to Reach One Million Fame| Lord Ardkor First to Reach Five Million Fame|Vacant First to Reach Ten Million Fame|Vacant Current Highest Fame (Amount)|Lord Ardkor (2332502)
Highest Overall Fame (Amount)|Lord Ardkor ( 2332502)

Lumnis Competition Achievements |Name|Place|Experience |-|-|-|-| Highest Placement|Lord Ardkor|47th|19906

|Warcamp Achievements| Name |:-------|-------:| First to Raze a Warcamp| Vacant Highest Number of Warcamps Razed (Number)|Vacant

|Voln Achievements|Name |-|-| First to reach "uncountable" spins on Voln globe|Vacant

|Adventurer's Guild Achievements|Name| |:--|--:| First to 100 Tasks - Variant| (Procure Gems) - Lord Ardkor First to 500 Tasks - Variant|Vacant First Quester/Expeditionary| Lord Ardkor First Campaign Leader/Epic Adventurer| Vacant

|Society Achievements|Name| |:--|--:| |First Master of CoL|Vacant |First Master of Voln|Lord Ardkor |First Master of GoS|Vacant

|Artisan Achievements|Name |:--|---:| |First Master Fletcher| Demeth First Master Craftsman|Vacant First Master Blacksmith|Vacant First Master Forger|Vacant First Master Cobbler|Vacant

|Profession Guild Achievements|Name| |:--|--:| |First Master of Any Guild Skill|Vacant |First Guildmaster - Profession|Vacant

HARDCORE Profession Achievements

Sorcerer Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Sorcerer (level)|Lord Halier (24) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)|Lord Halier (24) First T5 Ensorcell|Vacant Current Highest Famed Sorcerer (Amount)|
Highest Overall Famed Sorcerer (Amount) |

Wizard Achievements|Name |-|-| |Current Highest Level Wizard (level)|Onquer (26) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Onquer (26) |First 7x Enchantment|Name Current Highest Famed Wizard (Amount)|Onquer (1886537) Highest Overall Famed Wizard (Amount)|Onquer (1886537)

Cleric Achievements|Name |-|-| |Current Highest Level Cleric (level)|Lord Ardkor (32) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)|Lord Ardkor (32) First Commune|Vacant Current Highest Famed Cleric (Amount)|Ardkor (2332502) Highest Overall Famed Cleric (Amount)|Ardkor (2332502)

Empath Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Empath (level)|Lady Asheldia (26) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Lady Asheldia (26) First Regeneration|Vacant Current Highest Famed Empath (Amount) |Asheldia (1076609) Highest Overall Famed Empath (Amount) |Asheldia (1076609)

Ranger Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Ranger (level)| Caitis (12) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Kachon (17) First Fully Bonded Animal Companion|Vacant Current Highest Famed Ranger (Amount)| Caitis (121010) Highest Overall Famed Ranger (Amount)| Kachon (257154)

Paladin Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Paladin (level)| Sindaras (13) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Tannellen (14) First to Fully Bond with Weapon|Vacant Current Highest Famed Paladin (Amount)| Sindaras (159360) Highest Overall Famed Paladin (Amount)|

Bard Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Bard (level)| Stinkets (14) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Stinkets (14) First to Summon Singing Sword|Vacant Current Highest Famed Bard (Amount)|Stinkets (112410) Highest Overall Famed Bard (Amount) |Stinkets (112410)

Warrior Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Warrior (level)| Khrayla (22) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Khrayla (22) First to Fully Bond with Weapon|Vacant Current Highest Famed Warrior (Amount) |Lady Khrayla (551726) Highest Overall Famed Warrior (Amount) |Lady Khrayla (551726)

Rogue Achievements|Difficulty Modifier|Name |-|-|-| Current Highest Level Rogue (level)|NA| Flygr (14) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)|NA| Flygr(14) Highest Lock Picked|-190|Kabah Highest Trap Disarmed|-111|Retiree Current Highest Famed Rogue (Amount)|NA|Flygr (244687)
Highest Overall Famed Rogue (Amount)| NA|Retiree (301163)

Monk Achievements|Name |-|-| Current Highest Level Monk (level)| Anaguar (20) Highest Level Ever Achieved (level)| Anaguar (20) First to Reach Maximized Perfect Self|Vacant Current Highest Famed Monk (Amount)|Anaguar (625464)
Highest Overall Famed Monk (Amount)|Anaguar (625464)

HARDCORE Free-to-Play (F2P) Leaderboards

F2P Level Achievements|Name|Level |-|-|-| Current Highest Level|Aisenit|6 Highest Level Ever Achieved|Mazikean|16

F2P Title Achievements| Name |-|-| First Lord/Lady|

F2P Adventurer's Guild Achievements|Name |-|-| First to 100 Tasks (Variant)|
First Expeditioniary/Quester (Variant)|

F2P Fame Achievements|Name|Fame Amount |-|-|-| Highest Current Fame|
Highest Overall Fame|Mazakeene|565204

HARDCORE Community Competitions |Competition Title|Winning Contestant(s)| |:--|-:| |November 2017 Outfit Competition|Tannellen| |November 2017 Baubles and Heirlooms Competition|Lord Ardkor & Mirienda |December & January 2017/2018 One Man's Trash Competition|Lord Ardkor & Ainumorco |January 2018 MHO Crest Design|Aisenet |January 2018 Seasonal Contest (Overall)|Maazikeen (1st) & Rattas (2nd) |January 2018 Seasonal Contest (F2P)|Mazakeene (1st) & Owsom (2nd)

Be sure to reply to the thread when your character achieves any of the above milestones (Title, Society/Artisan/Guild Mastery, etc) so you do not miss out on your chance for fame and glory. Think something else should be tracked? Call it out in this thread and we'll hash it out. Good luck out there!

Saturday, November 4th, 2017, 6:26:37 AM

Is there something I need to enable for you to view my profile?

Also level 5 with eskoff and thyril is my biggest kill I think

Saturday, November 4th, 2017, 1:54:46 PM

Usage: PROFILE {player} - View a player's profile PROFILE TOGGLE {option} - Toggle display of {option} PROFILE CLEAR {option} - Clear value related to {option}, if appropriate PROFILE FULL - View your profile with all settings active PROFILE QUOTE {quote} - Set your profile quote to {quote} PROFILE QUOTE CLEAR - Clear your profile quote PROFILE INFO - Display your current settings

Enable your level and Strongest Foe at a minimum, but feel free to turn on as much as you'd like.

Note that we'll be moving to a self-reporting system for the Leaderboards moving forward. We're approaching 20 competitors, and it will be difficult to track everyone individually. I'll try to put together a more official post tonight outlining the finer details.

Saturday, November 4th, 2017, 8:29:04 PM

With the HARDCORE competition in full swing, i'd like to outline my plans for the Leaderboards. In order to keep the micromanagement to a minimum, "Current Level" and "Strongest Foe" will be tracked solely via the GSWiki HARDCORE page. Further, updates to these two stats will be handled in a system of self reporting. Contestants are encouraged to update the statistics for their own characters on the wiki. You can also contact me directly via Discord Direct Message, tag me with @Evarin in the Discord chat, or PM me on either the Elanthian Forums or PC. I will gladly update the information in your stead. I also have the character Sulikfor logged on 24-7 monitoring the HARDCORE Lnet channel and player deaths. Feel free to ;chat directly to him as well with your updates.

The Leaderboards on the PC and Elanthian Forums, as well as the wiki will still be updated with a list of firsts, such as first to each a specific title such as Lord, first to master a society, and so on. Also included will be highest lock picked and trap disarmed. I will attempt to list each of the various "Firsts" as placeholders in the coming days so competitors will know what to shoot for.

These achievements should also be reported to me directly via the means listed above, or added yourselves if you're confident in your wiki editing skills. Note that any achievement that comes with a silver prize should be verified by me before being placed on the wiki if you wish to receive your reward.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, 9:42:26 AM

Take a look at the revised leaderboards and please provide suggestions/corrections as they come to mind.

Monday, November 13th, 2017, 11:08:31 AM

A new Community Competition section has been added to the Leaderboards, along with the results of our November 2017 Outfit Competition. Please congratulate the winner Tannellen sooner rather than later, as he may not be around forever!

Thursday, November 16th, 2017, 9:51:27 AM

As suggested by one of our current HARDCORE players, the Monetary Achievements section has been added to the leaderboards. Go out there and hoard those silvers!

Sunday, November 19th, 2017, 12:51:08 PM

Another community suggestion ... Warcamp achievements have been added to the leaderboards.

Sunday, November 19th, 2017, 4:12:46 PM

Huge stones to whoever braves a warcamp

Monday, November 27th, 2017, 3:03:41 PM

The HARDCORE Profession Achievements section has been added to the leaderboards. This section is somewhat of a work in progress, so it may undergo changes in the near future. I will update the leaderboards to reflect the current standards of our competition in the near future.

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, 8:33:14 AM

"Level Achievements" has been added to the general leaderboard, which shows the current highest level competitor, along with the highest ever level competitor. For the moment they are one and the same, but one can only wonder how long that will be the case! In addition, the "Profession Achievement" has also had the "Highest Level Ever Achieved" section added. This section is also highly redundant ATM, but as Tannellen the Paladin shows, this will not always be the case.

The sections have all been populated with the current/past roster, so take a look and see where everyone stands.

Thursday, November 30th, 2017, 3:50:29 PM

Congratulations to Ardkor for becoming our first Voln Master, and to Lord Halier for becoming the first to reach level 20!

Monday, December 4th, 2017, 8:53:48 AM

Since last updated, Lord Halier was the first to reach level 20 and the results of the Baubles and Heirlooms competition, with Ardkor and Mirienda as the winning contestants have been posted. Over the weekend, Ardkor has achieved the title of Lord, achieved the first to reach 1 million fame, and the first to accumulate 1 million silver. Well done.

Both Asheldia (18) and Ptomin (12) continue to expand their lead as highest ranked Empath and Rogue respectively.

Monday, December 4th, 2017, 1:16:58 PM

Think I will shelf my paladin for a time to dethrone the bard achievement. More on this later when I can roll one up!!

Monday, December 4th, 2017, 1:20:20 PM

@losus said in Gemstone Prime HARDCORE Leaderboards:

Think I will shelf my paladin for a time to dethrone the bard achievement. More on this later when I can roll one up!!

I hear you. I was tempted to get one to 6 just to do the same thing. The Leaderboards work, people!

Friday, December 8th, 2017, 12:57:38 PM

For our Leaderboards update, Halier and Ardkor are still neck and neck at level 21. Halier is still holding the overall top slot and both him and Ardkor have locked down the Sorcerer and Cleric professions for current and overall levels. Asheldia leads Empaths at 19 with +1 levels, and Khrayla leading Warriors at 14 having picked up 2 since our last check in. Anthola regains the Current Paladin slot at level 10, though several up and comers are gunning for her and eventually Tannellen's overall top slot at 14. Banleus burned brightly to level 6 for Highest Overall Bard before being taken down by a Lesser Orc, leaving the top current slot still in the hands of the inactive (but still amongst the living) Turnipero. No movement for Rogues or Monks as Ptomin and Anaguar, both at 12, maintain their positions without gaining ground. The same goes for Caitis (mk 2) on the Ranger front sitting at 11, but there's more activity at the lower levels to possibly bring title change down the road. Nearly forgot about Unofer the Wizard as he's still the current top dog now that Mazikeene (F2P) bit the dust. As Maz' only made level 12 before departing, Unofer retains the overall highest slot for the profession as well. Kudos to her for nearly pulling off the feat in the REAL HARDCORE mode of free-to-play.

No new competition yet, so no updates on the Community Challenge front, so that'll do it for the next few days. Best of luck to all our current champions.

Monday, December 11th, 2017, 9:45:17 AM

Our Leaderboard has seen some shakeups since last update, with Lord Ardkor passing Lord Halier for top slot for Current and Overall Highest Level at 22. Next, I am happy to announce our third competitor to reach level 20, the Empath Lady Asheldia. Be sure to congratulate her on the HARDCORE Lnet channel the next time you see her around. Elsewhere, Khrayla the Warrior builds on her lead with another level to bring her to 15. Anaguar the Monk tacked on two, putting him at 14. No movement to speak of for any of our other current profession leaders, but plenty of activity at the lower ranks to ensure a healthy challenge in the days to come.

Until next time, stay safe!

Monday, December 18th, 2017, 2:19:30 PM

The leaderboards have seen a fair share of shake ups and the steady rise of some of our head hanchos. Lord Ardkor tacked on 2 to hit 24, extending his current/overall lead, and Lady Asheldia managed another level to lead Empaths at 21. Caitis and Kachon are now tied at level 11 for top Ranger spot, and it's all but inevitable that there will be a changing of the guard soon. Anthola retained the top Paladin spot at 10 with the death of similarly leveled Mirda. Khrayla is still killing it at Warrior, tacking on another level to hit 16. Lord Halier is idle at 21, Anaguar stays unopposed at 14, and Unofer lucks out with the death of Blaelog who tied him with 12 levels.

The big news comes first with the death of Ptomin at level 13, leaving the current highest Rogue slot VACANT. Roll up a newbie and find yourself atop the leaderboard if you're so inclined. You'll be missed, Ptomin! Finally, Stinkets the Elven Bard sweeps Turnipero and Banleus off the board to claim both current and overall top slots. Well done.

That's all for now. Stay safe, HARDCORE!

Monday, December 18th, 2017, 2:48:36 PM

Only one correction: I'm not idle. I hit 22 about 8 hours after ardkor did. Picked up a new best enemy, too, with tree spirits.

Monday, December 18th, 2017, 2:50:41 PM

Ah, I must have just been missing you, Halier. I'll update the wiki stats and the unofficials with the next big sweep.

Monday, December 18th, 2017, 2:51:45 PM

Nbd :) I should get 23 tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017, 11:06:22 AM

This week's Leaderboard update sees a few shakeups, the most notable being Mazikean taking the lead and quickly relinquishing it to Unofer, who currently stands at level 15. For now, poor Mazikean will live on in spirit as the highest ever Wizard at level 16. Other changes include Kachon taking the current and overall top Ranger spots from the inactive Caitis (mk 2.) Congratulations are in order, well done to him. The last spot swap is Mornia taking the Paladin crown from the inactive Anthola. Paladins are an active bunch with Ainudraug also at 11. Expect a few changes in the weeks to come.

Almost all the veterans extended their leads, with Lord Halier adding two levels, Stinkets picking up two, Lady Asheldia gaining one, Khrayla tacking two levels on, and Anaguar also up by two. Lord Ardkor stayed flat, still in the overall lead at 24. Finally, the very inactive Luthaed still clings to the top Rogue spot. His reign will be short lived as Flygr has tied him for level 5 and has been quite active of late.

A new contest is afoot, the aptly named "One Man's Trash", and will be running over the holidays. All contestants should be saving any qualifying useless trinkets they find during their hunts for a shot at an easy profit and a permanent spot on the leaderboards.

Hope you all enjoy the holidays. Stay safe, HARDCORE.

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018, 7:49:41 AM

This week's Leaderboards sees a lot of Rogue activity, with Kabah claiming both the top "Current" slot at level 6, and besting Thorndis's best lock and trap to largely sweep the boards. He has a ways to go to best Ptomin's "Overall" effort at 13, and Flygr is not far behind to challenge him. Paladins have lost a top contender in the death of Ainudraug, which leaves Mornia the unopposed current leader at level 11. He's within striking distance of overall leader Tannellen at 14.

Most other profession leaders gained ground, with the Cleric Lord Ardkor tacking on +2 to dominate at level 26. Kachon the Ranger picked up 1 to level 13, as did Khrayla the level 19 Warrior, and Lady Asheldia the Empath gained 1 as well to reach level 23. Stinkets the Bard also gained 2 levels, putting him at a very respectable level 11. The Wizard Unofer stays at 15, Monk Anaguar rests at 16, and Lord Halier the Sorcerer is still level 23.

The "One Man's Trash" competition is still ongoing, but will be wrapping up on the 6th, so expect an update on that next week. The Seasonal Competition has 2 entrants so far, and is anyone's game, so jump in if you're interested.

Stay safe, Champions.

Monday, January 8th, 2018, 3:11:17 PM

First and foremost this week we start by recognizing Lord Ardkor's many achievements. He has claimed both the honor of first competitor to achieve 100 guild tasks (Procure Gems) along with the first in HARDCORE to earn the title of Quester by aquiring a lifetime 100k bounty points. He also is the tentative winner of the "One Man's Trash" competition, and has gained yet another level, placing him solidly at the top of the leaderboards at level 27. Congratulations to him and to all he has accomplished.

In other celebratory news, congratulations to Lady Khrayla the Half-Krolvin Warrior for becoming our fourth competitor to reach level 20! Lady Khrayla is the first non-pure to do so, making the feat even more impressive. Well done to her and to Khrayla's player.

Our next broken record comes with a sad note as Kabah the level 10 Rogue managed to surpass his own Highest Trap Disarmed achievement before meeting his end at the hands of a Large Ogre. While Flygr moves to take his spot as the "Current" top Rogue, I suspect both his Hardest Lock and Hardest Trap records will stand unchallenged for some time to come.

Elsewhere on the leaderboards, we saw our current leaders moving ever forward in their respective fields, with Lord Halier gaining one level to reach 24, along with Anaguar's +1 to level 17. Here's hoping he is our next titled competitor. Kachon the Ranger and Stinkets the Bard both tacked on two to reach levels 15 and 13 respectively. Unofer the Wizard moves up one to level 16, tying Mazakean for "Overall" highest in that slot. Asheldia and Mornia both remained steady at their current positions to round out the charts.

Though the themed competition has drawn to a close, the inaugural Seasonal Competition is still underway. Several new applicants have joined, but it is still anyone's race so feel free to jump in. Until next week, Champions, stay safe.

Thursday, January 11th, 2018, 2:00:00 PM

The official wiki leaderboards have been updated with "Current" and Overall" leaders for Fame, as well as current and overall fame leaders for each profession. In addition, a F2P specific leaderboard section has been added, and is subject to expansion should the number of F2P competitors continue to expand.

The leaderboards here will be updated to reflect these changes once time allows.

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018, 1:34:48 PM

The big news for the week is Onquer the Dark Elven Wizard blowing Unofer out of the water to take lead position at level 19. Expect our fifth titled HARDCORE character next week without question. Otherwise, the Fame and F2P additions to the leaderboards are starting to fill out largely as expected. Before her demise Mazakeene claimed the top slots, but gives up current highest F2P to Aisenet at level 5. Aisenet also managed to pick up the winning bid for the MHO Crest Design contest, so congrats to her for that as well.

In the numbers game, we saw Mornia, Stinkets, Khrayla, and Anaguar all pick up one level to extend their lead. Asheldia picked up two, hitting level 25, while Flygr, Halier, and Kachon remained flat. Expect to see some movement on the Roguish front with Chauvech quickly climbing the ranks, while Dredpok is working his way up to possibly challenge Mornia by next week's tally.

That's it for now. Stay safe, HARDCORE.

Monday, January 22nd, 2018, 1:56:57 PM

Times are a-changing in this week's update, with not one but two new profession champions. First, level 14 Flygr regains his Roguish crown from Chauvech, who retired from the competition. Next we have the newly titled LORD Onquer sweeping Unofer off the Wizard boards to claim the top spot. Lord Onquer has also managed to master Voln and reach level 22 since our last week. Congratulations to him. The final title change is the level 7 Maazikeen picking up the current F2P leader's spot, beating out the level 5 Aisenet. Welcome back, Maza!

In other news, Lady Asheldia the Empath and Anaguar the Monk both added 2 to their level totals, while Lord Ardkor the Cleric, Kachon the Ranger, and Stinkets the Bard all tacked on 1. Lord Ardkor still maintains pole position at level 29, with the big 30 looming large in his sights. Elsewhere on the boards, Lord Halier the Sorcerer, Mornia the inactive Paladin, and Lady Khrayla the Warrior all stayed put for the week. Other than perhaps Mornia, the current leaders are all firmly ensconced upon their thrones and should remain firmly seated for the coming week.

That's all for now. Stay safe, Champions.

Thursday, January 25th, 2018, 9:31:44 AM

A Lumnis Competition Achievement has been added to the leaderboards, with Lord Ardkor setting the bar at 47th place with 19906 experience earned. This is an impressive achievement considering his low level, non-maximized stats, general lack of enhancements, and other various HARDCORE restrictions.

Congratulations to him.

Monday, January 29th, 2018, 9:18:34 AM

We've had a number of HARDCORE achievements of note this week, starting with Lord Ardkor's monumental 47th place finish with 19906 exp on the Lumnis Competition leaderboards. He managed the feat at the ripe old level of 29 (though he has recently hit the big 30) while operating completely under HARDCORE rules. Congratulations to him on this effort. We also bestow the title of Lord upon two of our competitors, Unofer and Anaguar. Lord Anaguar as you may know is the current reigning Monk champion, while Lord Unofer is the former Wizard champion who was recently surpassed by the unstoppable Lord Onquer. Well done to both of them, and may their good fortune continue on for weeks to come.

On a sad note, we lost our champion Ranger Kachon this week, whos death has been chronicled on the Roster update. While his successor lives on in a different form, it is Caitis at level 12 who now holds the top slot for the Ranger profession. Other notable updates include the now standard but nevertheless meteoric rise of the Maazi clan, with Maazikeen the F2P Wizard tacking on 6 levels in one week to advance to 13, firmly cementing her spot on the F2P leaderboards.

Running the weekly numbers, we see gains of one level by Lord Ardkor (30), Lady Asheldia (26), Lady Khrayla (22), and Lord Anaguar (20). Not to be outdone, Lord Onquer gained an impressive 3 levels to reach level 25. Let’s hope his first enchanting project goes smoothly. Staying in place for the week are our leaders Lord Halier (24), Mornia (12), Stinkets (14), and Flygr (14). Mornia's reign is soon to come to end barring great tragedy as Anthola, Ainumorco, and Sindaras are all within striking distance. The rest of our champions can sit pretty with few competitors of note in sight.

That's a wrap for this week. Stay safe, Champions.

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018, 9:04:26 AM

This week's leaderboard changes include two new community requested additions; maxed Voln favor and expanded silver achievements. Both have been added to the boards, though neither has as yet been claimed. Also new to the leaderboards are the results of the January seasonal contest. Congratulations to all the winners, the details of which are outlined in the Roster update. The February season is now underway, so roll up a HARDCORE character and get in on the action.

Gaining ground this week are our champions Lord Ardkor, now 32, and Lord Onquer at 26. The rest of the field stayed flat, with two notable exceptions. First, with the expiration of the latest of the Maza clan, Aisenit returns to the top of the F2P rankings at level 6. Well done to her for continuing to move forward. Finally, Sindaras (played by yours truly) claimed the top Paladin spot at level 13. It has been an enjoyable journey that I hope to continue for as long as possible.

Stay safe, Champions.