Old player - back after 18 years. Help me ID my old gear!

Monday, October 30th, 2017, 5:38:21 PM

Hello -

It's been .... 18 years? But I'm back. And I have a locker and person full of stuff that I'd love to trace the lineage of (as I don't remember some of it). I participated in the spitfire and juggernauts of old.

Anyone able to help ID things and tell me their origin and what they do, I'd be obliged. I have a bunch of trinkets and edible stuff that I'm not even sure what they do!

Also - forgive me if some of this is generic but it's been quite a long time so I'm not sure!

On My Person * shadowy black leather tool pouch * some supple black leather gloves * a long black leather cloak * a crystal sphere cloak clasp * a onyx-inlaid black leather thigh-sheath * a supple black leather backpack * a sturdy dark leather gem pouch * some padded black leather boots * an eahnor elven infantry wall shield. * a wickedly curved faenor waraxe (I believe from the juggernaut - 12 points weighting and crit weighted I think) * spotted black toy warrior * a fuzzy green toy sylvan * a small silver mirror * a modwir piccolo

In My Locker * a mithril juggernaut pin (clearly from the juggernaut) * a tiger-claw * a table leg * some smokey grey leathers * a pure potion * a diamond and vultite wedding ring * a diamond and vultite wedding band * a small Silvergate pin * a massive glaes club * a gargantuan granite-studded club * a huge granite club * a soapstone amulet * a shiny blue glaes orb * a polished pewter pinky ring * a black short sword * a jet black scarf * a brisk peppermint sachet * a mithril alloy mesh kilt * some fitted black leather breeks * some cherry menthol lozenges * some cherry menthol lozenges * a bottle of creamy ivory elixir

Monday, October 30th, 2017, 7:35:31 PM

try searching the wiki for it

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017, 10:07:11 AM

Pure Potion - Bravery/uncurses a cursed item. Most of what you have there does seem pretty generic, the sachet might be scripted so it smells nicely. You might want to have a bard sing to those smoky grey leathers.

Looks like the boots, thigh-sheath and pouch are from the Landing rogue guild.