Current Development Efforts/backlog

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, 8:47:31 AM

It's worth mentioning, these forums are still early on in the development scheme of things, and we are constantly looking for input for ways to improve the end user experiences. We took a stance to deliver the forums around the time of Simucon. Any design and implementation with no defined requirements could be improved indefinitely before it's deemed ready for release. So we took a stance of being better than some Early Access titles, probably closer to Beta (And we realize some of you think that's being super giving on the categorization).

This thread is meant to provide a little input on things we have on the backlog that we're working on to make your experience easier.

Other admins can feel free to edit this post as items become knocked off the list, or added.

Work Queue

  • Adding a 'what's new' per post-page to navigation. We can do it as a side-window, but the UI looks terribad.
  • Looking into additional themes for additional alternatives on end user UI (mobile appears fine)
  • Adding section most recent topics to the sections navigation menu
  • Updating placeholder TOS whenever we get around to it?
  • Adding ignoring signatures and avatars as a settable option
  • Session settings are cleared but not reloaded on settings page
  • Enhanced ignoring feature(s) on the individual/topic/category level
  • New Topic scrolling fix (this is likely a nodebb upgrade, not an admin fix)