Wyrom, you're a genius!

Sunday, October 15th, 2017, 1:42:47 PM

Ebon Gate. I had some serious suspicions going in (as per my posts) but… it was absolutely fantastic! Especially, how the Simucoin transactions were setup.

I know we’re only halfway through but for the important bits (games & fishing) this was a stunning success. I’m sure you measure success on a different metric (US dollars) but I suspect that those numbers will turn out to far exceed your expectations. In terms of player perspective (apart from some minor customer service/public relations breakdowns at the start) every simucoin transaction, every RNG game, every encounter with staff to the really cool items this year was spot on ! Congrats, I think this is going to turn out to be THE greatest EG ever!

Some suggestions…

Since I now know you’re a reasonably bright guy with a talent for this (believe me a lot of game designers are self-deluded incompetents) I’m posing these suggestions as merely possiblities. I’m sure you can improve on many of them.

1.) The DSD didn’t feel like Delirium Manor, at least not quite. That is to say it didn’t feel like I was hunched over a slot machine with my eyes glazed over pulling that lever again and again. I think this can be improved even further with the addition of puzzles that could award you with seashells or better luck for the next few minutes.

Example. You spot a dented locker embedded between some rocks!

The objective here is to figure out the three number combination on the locker from a riddle scrawled on the side of the locker. 60 second timer.

I also think puzzles like this will have the added benefit of detering scripters. Most importantly it’ll attract more participants or a segment of the population who might not otherwise participate in these type of “gambling” events.

2.) Please make a system to participate in the digging games through the Simucoin store as well as silvers. My characters aren’t that advanced and I actually found myself following my group around the event but being stopped at the games because of the lack of in-game silvers.

3.) More Multi-tiered/part versions of the same piece of gear. I think jackpots are great but a T4/T5 that has potential to be something greater (locked) is almost as sweet (at least that’s how I personally feel). The collecting of pieces of a whole item is also very tantalizing. Say a mechanical helmet could be one part of a ten part set to form a complete “Ironman” suit. Each piece is just a T5, after assembling all ten it becomes a T6. Pretty cool!

In conclusion, you did great, plain and simple. I was hesitant at first but I am at this point thoroughly convinced of the merits of these types of microtransactions. Hope to see more great things from you and your team in the future!