Official: Ebon Gate Quest Prize Information

Sunday, October 8th, 2017, 10:55:51 AM

Quote from GM Haliste:


Dropping items in the quest area is necessary to move the quest forward to Phase 4. The quest is still on Phase 1. Once you have reached your personal cap for quest favor, any additional items dropped will yield two seashells for your service.

In addition, I wanted to give a little information about the quest reward.

This item will be crafted from ghezyte, and it is planned to be a progressive reward. Its properties, in strength and usage, will increase in future Ebon Gate quests.

At its base, the item is zesty. Everyone will receive these zests.

If you have reached the personal favor cap for the quest, you will have access to the Tier 2 ability. This is a creature debuff that can be called upon 3x/day: -5DS/-3TD.

If you have converted to Ghezresh, then you will also have access to the Tier 3 ability. This is a 5 minute boost to fear resistance available 1x/day.

For additional clarification, "chelioboros" is a new term, introduced this year specifically for Caligos Isle.

Chelioboros Found in a variety of iconography on Caligos Isle is a circular symbol consisting of an eel, its body twisted and aberrant in form, captured in the act of devouring itself. Distinguishing head from tail is nearly impossible, and the imagery evokes a sense of confusion and trepidation undoubtedly rooted in the malformed figure of the creature as well as the abhorrent act in which it is engaged.

Reminder: The quest item will cost 250k silvers. It will become available sometime after the quest reaches Phase 4.

~ Haliste ~ The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor SGM, Events

Omrii: Okay, thanks Haliste. You're way better than Wyrom.