High-End Valuables: v10.4.17

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, 4:12:17 PM

Things I'm interested in: * 709 short sword * 215 self-knowledge * 219 bracers * 10x DB

Prices are not negotiable.

. a recurved umbra-wreathed bow - 400m 10x (AS) / 5x (DS) Permablessed Void flares every shot Sighted - 25 SP Shadows cling to the sleek body and wickedly recurved limbs of this bow, seeming to writhe and dance of their own volition. Obsidian nocks carved with ornate estoiles support a pale ethereal bowstring, contrasting starkly with the umbral darkness of the bow. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter’s glyph.

. an enruned veniom band - 350m 12 setting teleporter

. a massive rolaren bastard sword enruned along the blade - 125m 7x, 5 lbs (ML) Tier 3 Ensorcell Rotflares

. a whorled crimson golvern lance - 75m 7x, 8 lbs (ML) Tier 1 Ensorcell Elegant Forging Extraplanar Bane (+10 AS) - (9x vs Extraplanar creatures) Crit weighted - 10 SP

. a grenshol potion - 75m 10x enchanting potion - 10 pours (Duskruin price: 62208 bloodscrip)

. a bromin potion - 60m 8x enchanting potion - 10 pours (Duskruin price: 59719 bloodscrip)

. Light Attuned Glamour Crystal: 60m a golden crystal You see a tall, slender figure with features hidden by a deeply hooded, radiant robe. Color options are: copper-hued, opalescent, iridescent, golden, silver, white

. an enruned blue veniom band - 60m Permanent gold ring (2-settings)

. Greater Black Ora Jewelry: - 50m a triangular black ora medallion Comes in chest. It has ambient messaging. It will periodically restore 50 mana. The thick black ora of this medallion forms a striking geometric pattern. One large triangle is composed of three smaller equilateral triangles joined to each other at the tips, leaving a perfect fourth inverted triangle in the empty center space. Inscribed on the triangles, one to each, are the words “Courage,” “Wisdom,” and “Power.” The shadows surrounding the black ora medallion contort into writhing tendrils.