Caligos Isle NPC Messaging

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:18:30 AM
  • a hollow-eyed shambling clergyman

ask clergyman about Arkati Squinting, the clergyman says, "If you are not a true believer, then you must give yourself to the mist, and then you will know Him."

ask clergyman about blessing Nodding benevolently, the clergyman smiles and with the pointer finger of his left hand, draws a small circle in the air. "I bless you, child of Caligos. May the mist guide you and protect you. May the eel spin before you, and may you never want for the weight of His influence."

ask clergyman about cockatoo "Cockatoos," the clergyman says with disgust, "are the true deceivers of the world for they speak only the lies they hear and share them with any that will listen."

ask clergyman about dolphins Frowning, the clergyman cautions, "Fear the dolphin, child, for they are the thieves in the water and a great evil. They will steal you from the sanctuary that is Caligos and pull you from His Salvation."

ask clergyman about dolphins Frowning, the clergyman cautions, "Fear the dolphin, child, for they are the thieves in the water and a great evil. They will steal you from the sanctuary that is Caligos and pull you from His Salvation."

ask clergyman about egg The clergyman replies, "You should speak to the warden about that."

ask clergyman about frigatebirds "Those foul beasts," The clergyman howls with anger. "They attempt to eat the truest body of Him, and I will have none of it!"

ask clergyman about influence Eyeing you carefully, the clergyman says, "I can see that His influence is light upon you and you are without His sight."

ask clergyman about island Admonishingly, the clergyman says, "You must stay on Caligos Isle, as it is the seat of Salvation. Beyond its waters is a life filled with lies, but here you will want for nothing but the truth of the world. This place can be beautiful again, and we can bring it that way for Him."

ask clergyman about mist Smiling, the clergyman stretches his arms outward and is immediately wreathed in mist. "The mist is our friend, our Salvation, and it will do a true believer no harm. Do not fear the mist, for it will bring you true beauty and benefits."

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:19:19 AM
  • Captain Junderthal

ask Junderthal about Charl Captain Junderthal says, "I used to say a prayer to the old man to guide me through rough waters," Junderthal says, "but I found Caligos, I know I'm blessed. I don't need anyone to protect me anymore."

ask Junderthal about egg The Junderthal replies, "You should speak with the Ezreshi in the sea caverns about that."

ask Junderthal about Ghezresh Junderthal smiles softly at you, but he doesn't say a word. His eyes flash with a silvery hue.

ask Junderthal about island Captain Junderthal sighs, gazing up at the sky in contentment. "I felt a connection with this place from the moment the fog parted, and these enchanted shores revealed themselves to me," he says. "I knew I had to share it! I found my fortune here. I know you'll find yours, too."

ask Junderthal about Junderthal He eyes you strangely. "You're talking to 'im!" He immediately turns his attention to the sky.

ask Junderthal about leave "You want to get home, don't you?" Captain Junderthal asks. "No need to wait for me. Just look for the portal near the docks. The power of the sea will whisk you back from where you came." He points the way, then resumes his stroll around the island.

ask Junderthal about luck Captain Junderthal smiles at you, a glint in his eye. "You feel it, don't you? The luck of the island, tickling your veins? Don't be afraid, it's a gift! A gift of this very special place."

ask Junderthal about mist Captain Junderthal checks over both shoulders, then leans in to answer you. "A wise old captain once told me, when the sea tries to tell you something, listen." He pats you on the shoulder, then casts his gaze out toward the fog.

ask Junderthal about name "Captain Junderthal of the Damsel of the Deep," the seafarer announces boastfully.

ask Junderthal about Niima Captain Junderthal cocks his head at you. "Why do you care so much about gods and ghosts?" he asks. "I say honor the ones who feed you." He jingles his coin purse with a devilish wink.

ask Junderthal about song Captain Junderthal grins mischievously as he leans in to answer. "I know a lot of sea songs, but none too polite. Maybe I'll share a ditty or two if you catch me with a drink in my hands." He pats you on the back and resumes his stroll.

ask Junderthal about spirits Captain Junderthal says, "You been drinking from the wrong side of the tankard? Only spirits I care about are the kind that comes out of stills. Catch my drift?"

ask Junderthal about voice Captain Junderthal winces at your question, furrowing his brow. "Voices?" he asks. "What voices? I haven't heard a thing. Have a drink, play a game, buy something fancy. It'll ease your troubles."

ask Junderthal about wrists Captain Junderthal scoffs at your question. "These? A tattoo gone wrong. A bet gone worse. Either way, I'm stuck with them, what's it matter?" He shifts his jacket to conceal his wrists, then whistles a quick ditty with a forced ease.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:20:53 AM
  • a silver-eyed lithe elven woman

l woman Taller than average, the elven woman is lithe of body and lean of form. Resting at a jaunty angle on her brow is a black leather tricorn, which is framed by the riotous ebon curls that spill down her back. Streaks of indigo and silver stand out in the tresses, which mirror the silver of her eyes. A signet ring adorns her left hand and is the only jewelry that she wears.

ask woman about Arkati Worrying briefly and wringing her hands, the woman says, "I have forsworn Niima. She does not understand me as once she did and can't know the comfort and peace that I have found here on Caligos Isle. He does, and He will be my Salvation."

ask woman about cockatoo Staring ahead dreamily, the woman says, "I had a cockatoo once. She was my friend for many years, but after being on this island for a month, she suddenly changed. She kept biting me and trying to bring me back to my ship... Why would I ever wish to leave Caligos Isle?"

ask woman about dolphins Gazing over her shoulder towards the sea, she says, "It is the strangest thing... I used to love playing with the dolphins... They were the vessel of my lady, but since I have left her, they keep trying to drag me out to the sea and make me leave Caligos. Isn't that strange?"

ask woman about egg The woman replies, "You should speak to the warden about that."

ask woman about frigatebirds Frowning, the woman says, "They eat the eels, and that's bad. Right? It's bad."

ask woman about island Sighing contently, the woman gazes around with affection at the landscape around her and says, "Is there a more perfect island? Can you feel His presence anywhere else? Can you know Salvation anywhere else just by stepping foot on its soil? I think not, and that is why I will never leave and never want for more."

ask woman about mist "The mist?" the woman repeats. "I don't think I mind the mists. They bring news, and they touch me. I was told they are Salvation... my Salvation, and they bring Him to me."

ask woman about name The lithe elven woman hesitates, as if in a trance. She finally responds, "Captain Elyssbeth of Niima's Promise, I think... but these days, I can't even be certain." She then shrugs slightly.

ask woman about ring Glancing down at her hand, the woman says, "I found it in the caves. I think it was on a water-logged skeleton. It reminded me of long ago, of the elves that roamed the seas... I did not think that they would mind... After all, I believe in Him like they did."

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:21:47 AM
  • a slender human playwright

ask playwright about egg The playwright replies, "You should speak with the Ezreshi in the sea caverns about that."

ask playwright about hobbies The playwright smiles slowly. "My only hobby is turning the creatures on this island into characters for an epic play!"

ask playwright about isle The playwright turns his attention to you, "Ah, Caligos Isle! The best untold story, well, until now! It's taken me a few months to really find my vision and my voice. But soon, my tales of the island will be renowned! Just you wait, and you will be able to say, alas, I knew him when!"

ask playwright about name The playwright smiles and says, "Oh, me? You may call me Opus. In time, perhaps the Legendary Opus, whose name shall be known from sea to sea!"

ask playwright about strangeness The playwright says softly, "I know of no strangeness other than the plot twists in the verses I carefully scribe!" He chuckles softly and looks away from you.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:24:59 AM
  • a doe-eyed elven child

ask child about Arkati Tilting her head to the side, the child says, "You would have to ask Father Thrombe. He knows all about Him."

ask child about bracelets Lifting her arm, the child watches as the bracelets slink down her arm and says, "I find bits of string and yarn in the caves when the hucksters aren't looking and then I weave them into bracelets. You'd be amazed at what people throw away."

ask child about cockatoo The child screams and covers her ears, "Dirty birds! Dirty lying birds! Never trust a cockatoo!"

ask child about dolphins The child starts to cry and begins to beg, "Please don't take me to the dolphins. I'll be good."

ask child about egg The child replies, "You should speak to the warden about that."

ask child about frigatebirds Narrowing her eyes, the child says, "I hate those birds. They are so mean, and when I can find a stick, I shoo them away."

ask child about island The child's face rapidly shifts through emotions, and it seems as if haunted and sad are at war with one another. Eventually, her expression settles on melancholy as she says, "My dad says we'll have to leave, but I can't leave. I don't want to leave! He needs us here, to be with Him. To help save us all."

ask child about mist "The mist is nothing to fear," the child says to you. "It is His way of reminding you He is here."

ask child about name "My name is Celesia," the elven child tells you. She leans in and continues, "Father Thrombe says He picked out my name Himself, just for me!" She looks down and smiles slightly to herself.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:30:03 AM
  • a tawny-haired giantman carpenter

ask carpenter about clergyman The carpenter says to you, "I've never been one to chat about religion, and I don't plan on starting today."

ask carpenter about dolphins The carpenter mutters, "Folks been saying they're acting strangely. To be honest, I don't see anything weird about 'em."

ask carpenter about egg The carpenter replies, "You should speak with the Ezreshi in the sea caverns about that."

ask carpenter about Ghezresh The carpenter stares at you blankly. "Who? What? I'm just here to work. Off with ya!" He loudly shoos you away.

ask carpenter about Junderthal The carpenter replies, "The captain is a good man. There isn't anything wrong with having an eye for profit. It's a good vision, really. Providing something someone wants. It makes sense. I'm thankful the captain brought me over. Between the shops, the tavern, and upgrading the pier, I've been kept very busy."

ask carpenter about mist The carpenter rolls his eyes with a smirk. "Mist, fog, clouds in the sky, dirt on the ground, water in the sea. What do you expect from me? I don't know anything except the boards beneath my saw and the jingling silvers in my pockets."

ask carpenter about name The carpenter replies, "My name is Jerich. I hadn't always been one to settle, but the prospect of good work the captain promised on this island definitely made it appealing. I can't see myself leaving anytime soon. Always something needing to be built."

ask carpenter about salt The carpenter grins and gazes at you for a moment. He whispers, "I hear that slugs don't take kindly to salt..."

ask carpenter about slugs The carpenter groans. "Pesky buggers leaving slime everywhere! I almost slipped and fell on a slime trail just the other day."

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:31:27 AM
  • a feral black cat

ask cat about eagle You could swear the cat just smiled at you!

ask cat about felines With an expression of what might be disgust, the cat hacks a few times, then vomits up a hairball mixed with greyish-white liquid.

ask cat about Ghezresh The cat stops dead in its tracks and looks at you knowingly with its one good eye, perhaps gazing deep into your soul.

ask cat about leave The cat purrs contentedly, swishing its tail from side to side as it surveys the surroundings with a twinkle in its one good eye.

ask cat about mist The cat hisses at you, then turns its gaze upward toward the sky for a moment.

ask cat about rodents The cat licks its fangs.

ask cat about slug The cat hisses at you!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:32:51 AM
  • a shaggy-haired lanky child

ask Percy about egg The child replies, "You should speak with the Ezreshi in the sea caverns about that."

ask Percy about isle Percy glances at you with a mixture of confusion and sadness, his concentration then focused upon the small buttons serving as makeshift eyes for his toy. He murmurs softly to his stuffed friend, "We're not allowed to have adventures outside of home, but it's okay, right Captain Wiggles?" The child hugs his otter fiercely and nods in its direction for reassurance.

ask Percy about toy With an enigmatic grin, the child raises his otter towards you for an introduction and states, "This is Captain Wiggles! He's a pirate and loves to eat kelp, and he has his own sword and crew and sometimes wears an eyepatch! Yarr!"

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:33:23 AM
  • an indigo-tailed black cockatoo

ask cockatoo about dolphins The cockatoo flies up and dives back down towards the ground, squawking, "They're evil! They'll steal the children! Evil!"

ask cockatoo about hawk Clacking his beak sharply at you, the cockatoo squawks, "Bad birds! Bad birds!"

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 6:38:11 AM
  • a giant black sea slug

wave salt You threaten the sea slug with a tiny pinch of salt! The slug trembles in fear as it flees, leaving a trail of slime in its wake. throw salt You sprinkle a giant black sea slug with a tiny pinch of salt. The slug curls in pain as the salt touches his flesh! The slug flees south, the salt oozing off his skin and dissolving into the trail of slime in his wake.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 7:11:34 AM
  • a scruffy-faced half-elven warden

ask warden about egg Frowning, the warden replies, "You mean those things from the eels in the caverns? They're not natural by any means. They need to be expunged from the island so that we can rid this land of the eels."

ask warden about expunge Nodding, an intense look in his eyes, warden says, "Caligos Isle can be pure again, but you need to destroy those eggs. Bring them to the darkest room in the sea caverns and place them in the Lady of the Green's bowl. The darkness will know what to do with them."

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 7:12:32 AM
  • a tall robe-clad solacebringer

ask solacebringer about healing The solacebringer holds up her small totem for your inspection. The carving across the surface of the totem is indiscernible, the worn surface covered in a faint sheen, highlighting the knots within the wood. The rectangular piece has been drilled with a tiny hole upon the top, allowing a thin braided length of rope and kelp to feed through the opening.

ask solacebringer about totem The solacebringer turns towards you and smiles warmly. She playfully responds, "I may do a bit of healing in my spare time."

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 7:17:24 AM
  • a lithe indigo-robed Ezreshi

ask Ezreshi about arkati Smiling, the Ezreshi serenely says, "There is only one to whom we pray, only one who is our salvation. He has saved so many from the false promises of the destroyer. You will know no better savior than Him. Even His heirograms are pleasing and peaceful." She leans down and swirls the mist with her fingertip.

ask Ezreshi about Caligos Glancing around the cavern, a small smile playing on her lips, the Ezreshi says, "Caligos is the seat of His birth, the salvation in a sea of turbulence. It is here that He brought the elves that were scattered by war, and it is here that He has brought us."

ask Ezreshi about chelioboros Drawing a perfect circle in the air with her left index finger, the Ezreshi explains, "The chelioboros is the perfect cycle of unity in Him. The symbol is made up of His favored creature, the eel, and shows it consuming its own tail. This is symbolic of His everlasting salvation."

ask Ezreshi about cockatoo Hissing slightly, Olienne quickly schools her features back into an expression of serene peace. "Silver-tongued fools are they. You must not trust them, for they will repeat the lies that have fallen upon their ears. Beware the emerald liars."

ask Ezreshi about convert Olienne nods knowingly. "I see you have come to realize the value of His promise. It is but the first step toward His salvation." She reaches her hand to your shoulder and continues, "I used to fish in these caverns when I first arrived, but I was shown true Salvation. Perhaps you, too, will be as fortunate. " She continues, "I would often pray here. I will listen if you would share a prayer with me."

ask Ezreshi about creatures "Many creatures have made the Isle their home," the Ezreshi says. "The only one that matters has skin that glistens in the sunlight and shimmers in the moonlight. Never a more beautiful sight than that, wouldn't you agree?"

ask Ezreshi about dolphin Sighing heavily, Olienne says, "They will only whisk you away from salvation. Heed their gentle nature, for it is only a ploy to remove you from this island." She pauses before continuing, "You will find no clearer purpose in life. What could be better than this?" She spreads her arms wide and pirouettes in place.

ask Ezreshi about eel Dipping her fingers into a nearby pool of mist, Olienne draws the mist up and around her until she appears wreathed in ethereal eels. Smiling, she says, "They are of the sea, and they are of Ghezresh. The twists of their body, the cunning of their hunt, and the grace of their movement have all drawn His eye. Surely you can see the elegance in them."

ask Ezreshi about favor Olienne beckons you closer. She whispers, "It is the strength of your awareness of Him while you are here on the shores of Caligos Isle. Your time here counts; make it worth your while. Should you find yourself in need, you can pay homage to Him with a PRAYer to me. I am His messenger and will note your efforts." She adds, "If you must know specifics, seek higher ground and offer prayers. You may be heard."

ask Ezreshi about Ghezresh Olienne shivers slightly as she hears you speak the name. She says, "Fascinating how letters strung together can be so powerful, yes? He is the one true savior. Soon all will know of His work, and all will bond together for the greater cause. There are immeasurable rewards awaiting all who follow His path. If you desire the knowledge, you must do something for me." [Ask the ezreshi about CONVERT if you would like to know more...]

ask Ezreshi about ghezyte Olienne says, "It is said that Caligos Isle is the only known location to harvest this precious material. Found only near the most active and violent of undersea volcanos, it becomes harvestable once the originating eruption site rises above the water's surface. Liquefied shale and glass, sea salt, and minerals combine in the creation of this powerful metal." The Ezreshi takes a deep breath and gathers her thoughts before continuing, "This material is influenced by Him and all that He offers."

ask Ezreshi about hawk Lifting her fingers to her brow, she gently rubs away the scowl lines that begin to form on her luminous white forehead. "Vile creatures, they are. They terrorize His cherished creatures and serve no purpose other than to cause us anguish." She waves her hand dismissively.

ask Ezreshi about Junderthal With hand upon her heart, Olienne says, "Junderthal is a good man and a great captain. He holds a fondness in my heart, for had he not agreed to let me journey with him, I would not know this salvation."

ask Ezreshi about loss Olienne says, "The horror of that one act upon Him is too much for me to share at this time. The atrocities were unthinkable, and the consequences immeasurable. Fear not, for we will rebuild."

ask Ezreshi about mist A lithe indigo-robed Ezreshi wiggles her fingers towards the mist that clings to the ground. It rises to meet her fingers as she says, "There is nothing to fear from the mist. It is His hand that reaches out to offer you His salvation. Will you embrace it?"

ask Ezreshi about rebuild Olienne whispers, "Your desire to know Him is recognized, but you do not possess enough seashells for this exchange." Olienne gives you a strange look.

ask Ezreshi about seashell Olienne says, "I often listen to the sounds of the sea, peaceful and calm in a land of chaos and torment. It reminds me of Him." She gazes off into the distance, a faraway look in her eyes. "Forgive me. I was lost in my own thoughts. Seashells... I collect them. Have you been to the upper plateau? Are you familiar with the rebuild? If not, you should. His time draws near."

ask Ezreshi about temple Olienne's eyes light up as she speaks, "The temple, His holy ground, was lost to the ravages of the sea. It will soon be whole again, and true believers will flock to His worship. If you wish to aid the cause, ask me about the rebuild."

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awesome thanks!

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  • a rheumy-eyed half-elven sailor

ask sailor about caravel Gazing affectionately at the exploration caravel, the sailor softly says, "Niima's Promise is her name. Captain commissioned her out of Ta'Loenthra some fifty years back now. Was a time when we would explore the coast searching for hidden coves and lost relics." His lips purse in a bitter line, his tone terse as he continues, "But bloody Junderthal had to find this piece of rock, and its damned curse will be our undoing."

ask sailor about cockatoo Eyeing you carefully, the sailor says, "Aye, I know Nix. It used to be the captain's cockatoo. She'd had it for years, and then suddenly, one day, the Captain swatted it away with disgust. But I tell you, that cockatoo was wise, it soared to the island, and I can hear it calling to the captain sometimes when the wind is high."

ask sailor about curse Flapping his arms with exasperation, the sailor exclaims, "Gods, but I wish I knew! I can't figure it out. Is it the relics? Is it the air? Something keeps people here, something steals them from you, and by Charl's salt-encrusted whiskers, you can bet that I'll never set foot on that rock again."

ask sailor about egg The sailor replies, "You should speak with the Ezreshi in the sea caverns about that."

ask sailor about Elyssbeth Licking his lips, the sailor opens his mouth to speak, but stops to clear his throat. Closing his eyes for a long moment, he finally manages to say, "She's my captain, my love. Her eyes are like the moonlight dancing upon the back of a dolphin in a becalmed water. I just want her back, back at my side, so we can sail away." He sighs again and whispers, "Sail anywhere."

ask sailor about isle The sailor gives you a strange look.

ask sailor about Junderthal Shrugging, the sailor says, "What of the man? He's a good captain, but he's not mine. He sees profit under every rock, but mine saw history. He can have this rock for all I care, I just want Elyssbeth back."

ask sailor about leave Strangling a sob before it can fully form in his throat, the sailor manages to say, "I can't. We can't. Niima's Promise is Elyssbeth's, and we owe it to her to wait."

ask sailor about mist Worrying and wringing his hands, the half-elven sailor eyes the pier as if suddenly the mist may appear upon it. "Heed my words, stay away from it. No good can come from something that unnatural-looking."

ask sailor about name Confused by the question, the half-elven sailor seems surprised to be asked who he is and with a careless shrug says, "First Mate Jothi of the Niima's Promise."

ask sailor about Niima Half sobbing, half sighing, the sailor says, "I keep praying that she'll take mercy on us and send the captain back, but my prayers are getting thin, and my hope is fading."

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017, 10:07:34 AM
  • a garrulous dwarven harbormaster

ask harbormaster about dolphins Squinting slightly, the harbormaster gazes out at the sea and says, "She's trying to find something on the land, but she keeps back from the mist. I once saw her set upon by a bed of eels. She returned a few days later. I know her by the azure mark on her tail fin."

ask harbormaster about egg The harbormaster replies, "You should speak with the Ezreshi in the sea caverns about that."

ask harbormaster about hip Instinctively placing his large hand on his hip, the harbormaster gives a crooked grin before saying, "I wasn't always a harbormaster. I used to work on the Damsel of the Deep, but an accident put me out of commission for a long time. Truth be told, I'm lucky to be able to walk, and I owe Captain Junderthal for giving me this job."

ask harbormaster about isle Grinning, the harbormaster says, "Caligos Isle was found by Captain Junderthal of the Damsel of the Deep. He discovered everything from the ruins at the high plateau to the caverns below."

ask harbormaster about mist Frowning, the harbormaster says, "I try to stay out of the mist." He quickly raises his hand before him in a negating gesture and says, "Not, mind you, that is has harmed anyone. It hasn't that I know of, but I just don't like the feel of it."

ask harbormaster about name "They call me Saults," the harbormaster answers you somewhat disinterestedly.

ask harbormaster about strangeness "What?" the harbormaster asks in an oddly loud voice. With a forced laugh, he says, "No, no strangeness. And whatever you may hear from that clergyman, it is probably false. Things are fine."

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So R'lye.. ,er, Caligos Island was just recently discovered or was it always there? Anyone know exactly where it's located? Me and a group may want to RP the whole thing beginning to end from getting there to whatever the conclusion is.

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Wow, thanks for posting all this! Hooray for puzzles :)

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So final scene when finising the quest,

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