Friday, September 22nd, 2017, 2:08:14 PM

This is a whole bunch of the crap I've got buried in my locker, that I'd like to get reasonable prices for to determine what I'd like to sell off or the like. I've also got a load of random Duskruin Dig gems and wins, but I haven't gotten all that organized or researched yet.

Enhancive Jewery

Item|Known Info| |:---------:|:-----------:| |enruned platinum earring| under a pound, reimbeddible, bonus of 2 to CON bonus (need to be 11), giantman amount of charges, will persist| |diamond-set mithril alloy armband|under a pound, tappable, few charges of cloak of shadows (712), bonus of 2 to mana recovery (need to be 10), bonus of 5 to swimming ranks (need to be 15) persists magically, crumbly on the enhancive end| |blue dreamstone circlet|It will crumble, but it gives a bonus of 4 to Stalking and Hiding Ranks for those 24 trains. Bonus of 4 to Intuition for those 7 trains. and a bonus of 1 to Shield Use Ranks for those 4 trains. All with a lot of charges remaining| |engraved gold alloy tiara|It is imbeddible, but it will crumble once the enhancives are expended. It provides a bonus of 1 to Arcane Symbol Ranks for those 5 trains. Bonus of 2 to TWC Ranks for those 10 trains. And a bonus of 1 to Aura Bonus for those 7 trains. It has more charges than your average giantman could count.| |polished amber armband|It is an imbeddible mage rechargable holy item for average mana. It will crumble on both magics and enhancives. it gives a bonus of 4 to Mana Recovery for those 34 trains and a bonus of 2 to Harness Power Ranks for those 10 trains. It has a lot of charges remaining.|

Weapons & Armor

Item|Known Info| |:---------:|:-----------:| |acid-stained orase runestaff|4x| |rough orase runestaff|5x| |imflass chain hauberk|19 pounds, +12| |a serrated grey vultite fist-scythe| 4x, damage-weighted| |a pair of heavy umber hand-wraps|4x, damage-weighted, scripted| |deep pink mithril morning star|7 pounds, +7, +8 Bonus to Blunt| |blackened imflass half plate|35 pounds, +12| |some ornate imflass full plate|+12, for some reason the pawnshop won't even appraise this|

Miscellaneous Magic Items

Item|Known Info |:------:|:--------:| |an enruned sterling silver bracer| blank imeddible, persists| |beryl-inset pewter pin|Minor Element Edge, persists, unknown charges| |burnished imflass crown|1 charge of ewave|