Shadow Wares

Thursday, July 13th, 2017, 10:14:44 AM

# For Trade Only

These things are currently in use in my line up somewhere, so it is unlikely they will be parted with unless they are traded for something that I find more useful, sending "how much" is likely to result in answers which are mischievous in nature.

a lamellar leather cuirass

4x VHCPed LBP You sense that the leather cuirass has 3 layers of permanent necrotic energy upon it.

a murky blue matted barbute

+22 OHE

a pair of ebon gloves

tier 3 parasite shortsword

the shadow of a gorget

perma-916, custom scripts when you go invisibile

text You rub the shadow of a gorget, causing the shadows to coalesce and enshroud you completely. Ondreian rubs his shadow of a gorget, causing shadows to coalesce and enshroud him completely.

a blank deathdagger

unattuned death weapon from '96 red tent

a coraesine-threaded cloak

20-setting teleportation 2x per day cross-realms lots of scripts custom glamour normal feature concealing fades you into the shadows while wearing it if you haven't made sudden moves around every pulse. epic deepened

some black alloy vambraces

lesser SD vambraces

a brushed leather bandolier embossed with a cracked skull

4x acid flaring axe hurling bandolier

a knapped glaes coustille

6x gem eating shortsword

a finely honed rolaren khopesh set with a large amethyst

a 4x an ARMS realm weapon. 4x ICW/IDW, works on a sliding scale as it cycles through the weighting versus the living 3x permablessed, with holy water flares versus undead

a note on ARMS history: if you are interested in the history ARMS realms weapons, there are several (known to me) ARMS weapon types: weapons of Weighting/Bless (like the khopesh) which are stronger versus the living weapons of Fire & Ice, which alternate between being hot and cold, but are stronger versus the undead

weapons of Speed (don't get your hopes up), which allow a person to have multiple swings per attack with a minimum of 1 extra swing. * all of these were terrible weapon bases (scimitars/estocs) for instance * they were all broken and never fixed in the GS3 -> GS4 conversion * were originally designed to make TWC viable, back when it sucked.

a mithril shortsword

ice immolator

mithril shortsword

fire immolator

a mithglin axe

4x HCWed +12 to OHEand some STR enhancive

a keratin-edged knife

self-knowledge 604 (Skinning)

an eye-shaped ruby periapt

You analyze your eye-shaped ruby periapt and sense that the item cannot be altered in any way. The creator has also provided the following information: This eye-shaped ruby periapt will to try show hidden or invisible players and creatures in a room, exactly like the Presence spell.

The periapt does not use charges and it must be worn to be active. At its base rate, it will fire every 5 minutes, and it can be speeded up from that base rate up to a maximum rate of fire of once every 5 seconds.

To increase the periapt's rate of firing, it must have power. The SEND verb is used to power it up (SEND {amount} periapt).

When the periapt is active (i.e., it's being worn) and has energy stored in it (which speeds it up), it will consume 1,000 points of that stored energy per pulse. Remove it to turn it off.

The periapt can hold 90,000 points of energy, maximum. If power is sent to the periapt when it's at maximum energy, there's a 10% chance the sender gets zapped, the amount of zappage is based on the amount of points sent. LOOKing at the periapt will provide an estimate of how fully charged it is. When the periapt glows with an intense inner red light (at around 30,000 stored power), it has reached its maximum rate of firing once every 5 seconds. When it is powered up fully to 90,000 it will glow with a brilliant red light.

an imflass coracia

augmented metal breastplate Tier 4 Forest Armor

a silver mesh coin bag

25k weightless coin bag

a slim coraesine dirk

impure coraesine weapon

a coraesine dagger

impure coraesine weapon

a hemlock buckler

+42 banshee flaring

# General Sales

some silvered breastplate

4x void flares, 2 orb slots 4m

a split-backed incarnadine longcoat

Tailored loosely from incarnadine-dyed brushed suede, the longcoat has a short mock-collar decorated with swirls of dark silver thread. Turned back cuffs reveal a black marbrinus silk lining swirled with tones of deep grey and pewter. A cinch and cufflinks wrought of matching pewter fasten the garment down the front and sleeves. Deep black cresting patterns wash over the knee-length hem and fade into sinuous, ashen shades at the cuffs.

full-armor concealer

You analyze your incarnadine longcoat and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change." The creator has also provided the following information: The incarnadine longcoat is designed to hide soft leather, rigid leather, chain mail and plate mail armor which covers torso, arms, legs and head. This garment should be designed in such a manner to convey that ALL these areas are completely covered. You carefully analyze your incarnadine longcoat and sense that there are some alteration restrictions. The longcoat can have either a long or a show description. Any outer garment noun may be used for armor concealers as long as they are loose fitting and fully cover the appropriate areas of protection (tunics do not cover legs, so they may not cover leg worn armor, a shawl would not be appropriate at all, etc.). Armor concealers that cover the head MUST have a hood/cowl in the base (15/15/15) and in any long descriptions. Armor concealers can be made out of any material that is not see-through. Racial clothing nouns are approved as follows: Ruhan ~ This garment is knee-length or shorter and should not have a hood, so it cannot cover armor with leg or head protection. This concealer cannot be pocketed. Toque ~ This noun is approved for any armor and may have a hood. Cotehardie ~ This noun may be used but must clearly be an outer garment that falls to the knees (so it cannot cover armor with leg protection) and is not-tight fitting. It should be used as an elven outer garment, not a gown. Apotl/Apotla ~ These are fine for concealers, but since it is a waist-length cloak, it only covers torso and arms. Atanika/Ataniki ~ These nouns are approved for concealers but should not have a hood. You can tell that the longcoat's pockets could not possibly get any deeper, and you might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the incarnadine longcoat for you.

You estimate that a split-backed incarnadine longcoat can store a fairly small amount with enough space for several items. You determine that you could wear the longcoat anywhere on your body. The longcoat appears to serve some purpose. You determine that the incarnadine longcoat is an armor concealing garment that will hide soft leather, rigid leather, chain mail and plate mail armor which covers torso, arms, legs and head when it is worn.

You carefully work your way into a split-backed incarnadine longcoat, layering it to conceal your leather cuirass.

```text You tuck the slim coraesine dirk into an inner pocket of your incarnadine longcoat. Ondreian slips a slim coraesine dirk underneath his incarnadine longcoat.

You slip your hand underneath your incarnadine longcoat and remove a slim coraesine dirk.

Ondreian slips a hand underneath his incarnadine longcoat, retrieving a slim coraesine dirk. ``` 5m

Monday, September 18th, 2017, 10:15:43 PM

added a few things to my trade only list.

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017, 9:36:25 AM

That cloak is preeeeeetty awesome. =)

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017, 1:15:27 PM

That SK knife tho...drools!

Ashraam VanEyre
Tuesday, September 19th, 2017, 2:19:30 PM

Might be able to enchant that 3x handaxe up a little. I think it added something like +17 more AS from the enhancives.

Monday, December 4th, 2017, 2:25:42 PM

Bump, and I did indeed enchant the axe once.