Official: Premium 9 Update

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017, 6:43:05 PM

Quote from GM Kynlee:

PREMIUM 9 has been updated to match the current list of common flares. You can now use alter scrolls to have Sadie add heat, cold, electric, vacuum, mana (+2), acuity (4x), or impact flares to eligible items. If you request mana and your item already has mana flares, it will max out at +2. Similarly, if you request acuity and your item already has acuity, it will max out at 4x.

Vacuum (void), mana, and acuity are new additions to this list. As acid is an uncommon flare, it has been removed from the list.

~~GM Kynlee~~ Elanthian Architect Breaker of Things 3/50

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