stackable hurling/thrown weapons for sale

Thursday, September 7th, 2017, 9:15:46 PM

@Wyrom I really want to get into thrown weapons but it is very difficult to find a shop at a low level. The fletching shops sell single arrows and stacks of arrows but no single darts or stacks of darts. The weapon shops all sell single items to be thrown but any archer can tell you hunting with a single arrow would be excruciating. Am I overlooking a shop that holds stacks of throwing knives/axes/darts or other thrown items like Bola's and Net's. I checked the WIKI shops and could not seem to find them there. If this happens to be something that doesn't exist what would be the chances that these types of items could be added to a store. Not looking for a huge arsenal but stackable thrown weapons that are 0x so they could be blessed/ebladed would be amazing and frankly any type of thrown weapon work. I have been trying to find a weapon bandolier but sadly I don't have the 30-60m they go for working on that muhahahaha and no one is selling either =).

Appreciate any insight that can be provided

I also posted this on officials.

I know they can be fletched but so can arrows and those are readily purchaseable in stacks. I think this minute change could go a very long way in breathing some life in this forgotten art.

Thursday, September 7th, 2017, 10:25:06 PM

Thrown weapons aren't stackable currently. But you can go to the Landing North Gate, go gate, go north, go clearing, and ORDER.