Official: Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing Information

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@Wyrom posted Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing Information

Here is the Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing information for 2017.

Ebon Gate will launch October 1st, beginning with just the storyline aspect of the grounds. The move from Feywrot Mire to Caligos Isle will be explained during this time. Once you arrive on Caligos Isle, you will be able to explore at your leisure. Shops will be open for early browsing, but wares will not be on sale until roughly 9pm ET on October 6th when shopping, games, and other activities will open up.

This year, we're trying something new, which we're pretty excited about. We are moving away from the box office, and that means the main grounds will be open to all players at all times. We are breaking up the cost into an à la carte style event, so you buy into the level you choose to. This was to address some of the concerns we've heard over the years and to help manage expectations of the event overall.

Ebon Gate pricing is going to be broken up into three parts: shopping, raffles & services, and games. I tried to convey this during our sneak peak at SimuCon, but we weren't 100% ready to announce all the details then. GM Haliste also has been working on this more thoroughly than I have and knew more about it. Some of the recent threads that came up about the cost were left a bit incomplete because we wanted to make sure we can deliver what we publish. It's better to announce accurate information, rather than reaction information (which is something we fall victim to a lot). This is part of us trying to communicate better with our community.

At SimuCon, I mentioned games would be similar to the Duskruin Dig in that you purchase the items from the SimuCon store. The original plan was for a shovel to be offered in the store with a time-based usage (and not a number of DIG uses). After the initial response though, we felt this was just going to be too confusing to explain if you had to buy the actual shovel from the store. The reason for moving to a time-based shovel is this is the first year we're going to be offering digging for nearly the entire month. Typically, digging and games are only available for a little over a week (two in Platinum).

The price breakdown is as follows: * Shopping Pass: 1000 SimuCoins / Event Duration * Raffles & Services Pass: 3000 SimuCoins / Merchant Week * Games and Digging Pass: 1500 SimuCoins / Week

This means you can buy into the level of Ebon Gate that you choose to. Some players have mentioned in the past that there are aspects of the event that they have no interest in or never can line up their schedule for. Now you can make that choice for yourself. You can pick up a service pass only if you know you're getting a service under this new model. You can pick up a game pass only when you actually want to dig. You can pick up a shopping pass only if you find items you actually want to buy.

We also have a new activity called Deep Sea Diving. This is a brand new venture that has a pricing model similar to Duskruin/Delirium (roughly 100 SimuCoins per entry), but is not necessary to attend to enjoy Ebon Gate. Much like Delirium Manor was at Ebon Gate 2016, this is a companion piece to Ebon Gate. The difference is this is fully integrated with Caligos Isle, and it isn't a standalone event. Deep Sea Diving has new mechanics and some fun nostalgic areas to explore!

Ebon Gate will mostly cost silver once inside, but we will be introducing a new currency for the Isle called seashells. These seashells will be useful for a handful of shops at Ebon Gate (similar to Delirium), as well as some services. We'll also have some things available for tickets, for those that saved some from a previous year.

Some changes this time that are happening are the cost of shovels and games. Prior to Ebon Gate 2012, digging was 2000 silver and the older games were between 1000 to 5000 silver. In 2017, digging will once again be 2000 silver per shovel, and the various games will start at 1000 silver.

Merchants are tentatively scheduled for the following weeks in eastern time: - Platinum: Friday, October 13, 9:00 PM – Friday, October 20, 8:59 PM - Prime: Friday, October 20, 9:00 PM – Friday, October 27, 8:59 PM

Lastly, I'll briefly mention we are discussing the exchange of alternative currencies. We are not ready to release any information about this, but when exchanges are possible, it will only be a one-way route into two of our currencies. You will not be able to exchange tickets into bloodscrip, but you would be able to convert bloodscrip into tickets. This isn't pertinent to Ebon Gate, but it does impact the event planning.

We will have more information for you in the coming weeks.

Wyrom, PM

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 3:57:13 PM

@Wyrom Couple questions. And if these answers will be forthcoming, that's fine, we can just wait...

  1. EG is a Halloween type event, which I think the spookiness of Feywrot Mire lent itself to well. Will Caligos Isle still have that spooky Halloweeny feel?
  2. Many shops have made return appearances at each of the last 3-4 EG's. With the change in venue, are you all working on mostly all new shops and inventory?
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@viekn Just about anything can happen on an island...


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@Wyrom Are the shopping passes account bound? If not, can they be?

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 7:36:11 PM

Why would they do that? Let people buy passes and sell em for silvers/whatever.

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 7:41:15 PM

I worded that poorly, I meant buy/use a pass and your entire account can shop.

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 8:03:33 PM

I like the new system- especially games all month!!

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 9:08:02 PM

@viekn said in Official: Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing Information:

@Wyrom Couple questions. And if these answers will be forthcoming, that's fine, we can just wait...

  1. EG is a Halloween type event, which I think the spookiness of Feywrot Mire lent itself to well. Will Caligos Isle still have that spooky Halloweeny feel?
  2. Many shops have made return appearances at each of the last 3-4 EG's. With the change in venue, are you all working on mostly all new shops and inventory?
  1. That's funny, because we had so many complaints that Feywrot was not as spooky as Velathae. But Caligos is pretty much the embodiment of fear.

  2. Just like when Velathae was retired for Feywrot, Feywrot is being retired for Caligos. The one thing we put an end to with Velathae is not allowing outside merchants (your favorites that you see from time to time).

@sabotage said in Official: Ebon Gate Dates and Pricing Information:

@Wyrom Are the shopping passes account bound? If not, can they be?

Answered on the officials, but it will be something we can discuss some.

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 9:16:08 PM

Quote from GM Wyrom:,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Ebon%20Gate%20Festival/view/12483

On another point, with the games and all - Will the prizes be drawn from the same hopper for both Deep Sea Dive and the digging/silver games at EG? Are the odds of winning comparable to prior years or is there anything you can tell us about the odds? What sort of items should we expect from the prizes?

Not going to focus on answering specifics about the event itself, but just to give a generalized answer here, odds for games and digging are exactly the same as last year. Deep Sea Diving (DSD) is completely new and not something we can easily compare to. Some games may have different prizes, but the majority of feeders are the same across Ebon Gate.

First off, the merchant/services pass. Realistically we only have to buy one for each instance we want to participate in correct? Is this something we have to activate and time correctly? Is it a matter of if I redeem this pass in Plat I'm good for the merchant week in Plat? If a merchant shows up outside the scheduled week in Plat do I need another services pass for that new week?

Yes, these are per character per instance. Yes, more information on the passes will be available in the coming weeks, but you will REDEEM these passes.

If a merchant shows outside the merchant week, it will be included, but this should NOT be happening outside special circumstances.

For the overall cost, assuming I only need one merchant pass, I could expect it to be roughly 7000 simucoins if I wanted to shop, attend merchants and have two weeks of digging/games? Are these passes (unredeemed) going to be transferable in game? Is there going to be anything in place to keep someone with a shop pass for shopping for someone without? Will a lack of shop pass keep you from getting into certain shops and, as a result, prevent you from meeting certain merchants despite having a merchant pass?

The passes will not be attuned until you REDEEM them. We've never prevented anyone for shopping for others in the past, we're not about to start.

Read the original post for a bit more clarification on buying things. Anyone can browse, so it's safe to assume anyone can enter a shop.

On the diving game, is this the only way to obtain sea shells or will they be available through digging and other games? Will this game pull from the same "high end" hopper as the other games/digging? What services and items, if any, will be solely locked behind the sea shell wall?

Hold off on game specifics. This post is purely about dates and pricing.

On the passes being per character. Typically one of Platinum's EG perks is the ability to get a "full account" ticket for the base ticket price. Is there any chance we will be seeing the passes extended to full account for Platinum? Will we be seeing services/raffles/auctions/etc that are restricted by race or profession?

Platinum announcements will happen on the Platinum side next week.

Finally a few questions on digging, the real reason we're all here. Will there be unlimited shovels sold this year? Will previous unlimited shovels continue to function, provided we purchase a pass? Are we going to see a comprehensive list of what is available in the high end hopper for both digging/games and diving before the event so we can make educated decisions about where to spend our entertainment dollars?

Shovels are attuned to the area they were made for, which means Feywrot Mire shovels have expired. This is actually the case with all shovels, so if you have any from last year, they won't work.

If we offer more unlimited shovels for the new area, it will be provided later when we start doing teasers.

One last thing. When does the pre-EG event with the chance to get passes out of boxes start?

You said finally in the paragraph before it, so I can't answer this question.

Will service pass include automated services like the w/p/s we saw with bloodforge?

All services are with the service pass.

Further not only is it costing more than an all access, premium can only log in one character at a time. That means paying 30 bucks per character and not even having equal access to someone with a regular accounts and paid for the 30 buck accesses. Same price less reward/access. Not really fair pricing.

Not really sure I follow what you're saying. You are always limited to one character in at a time. Premium gets a better bulk rate of SimuCoins and more SimuCoin Rewards. The multi-character access tickets were not very sustainable and expectations were a bit unreasonable. And 3000 SimuCoins does not equal $30, keep that in mind.

Wyrom, PM

Monday, September 4th, 2017, 9:37:11 PM,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Ebon%20Gate%20Festival/view/12496

You know what... Shopping passes will be account-wide. I'll make it work. ~Wyrom

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, 4:25:50 PM

I'm glad that they listened to customer feedback and gave us what we really wanted: yet another alternate currency.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, 11:44:11 PM

Quote from GM Wyrom:,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Ebon%20Gate%20Festival/view/12534

Yes, yes indeed, we do. I just believe that we shouldn't purposefully place event coordinators (in particular, CHE leadership) in a position where the choice is to both run a diminished player event and forego personal desires to attend said merchant, pay event, storyline, etc. I think that event coordinators (staff and non-staff alike, mind) like to feel they have reasonable support, limited collisions and what they might feel is a reasonable return on their investment of time - however that might be expressed.

A lot of the dates are out of my control. Things also change within a 30 day window at times. We even have conflicts with staff events too. We'll have to see how 2018 pans out. To be perfectly blunt with you, I don't even know December's schedule right now. I just know I'll have to do something.

I'm unclear about which part/pricing I'd need for the story line and necropolis replacement? Was the Necropolis replacement even mentioned yet?

Necropolis only existed from 2013 to 2016. Something this size would not be on the initial launch of a new venue for Ebon Gate. To give some comparison, Feywrot Mire was launched in 2011. Digging 2.0 was launched in 2012. Necropolis was launched in 2013. Prior to Feywrot Mire, Velathae had Trick or Treat from 2006 to 2010 and used an older digging system and there were no multi-games or Necropolis.

However, we do have a quest/item that can be earned this year. But this thread is strictly about dates and pricing.

Wyrom, PM

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017, 2:56:05 PM

Quote from GM Wyrom:,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Ebon%20Gate%20Festival/view/12572 (and others)

Ok, I'm repeating my question then... will Silver-based games award general tickets, and Deep Sea diving awards SeaScrip? That SOUNDS like the most consistent option...

Or will they all award SeaScrip, but you can convert to General Tickets at this event?

I would be slightly put out if things were available for tickets that can't be earned at this event. This is because when I went to EG it was the first ticket introduction, and we were given the overall impression that they weren't something to horde onto (we didn't even have explicit confirmation they'd ever be returning), so spent them all on the first prize wall.

The prize wall concept was just a shop. We made the prize wall to feel like a Chuck E Cheese or Dave and Busters, but it was just a shop. Feywrot was a twisted carnival. Caligos Isle is not really anything like that.

The seashells will have some shops, but as you pointed out about fluff, ARCHSENEX, we want to expand a little bit beyond just mostly junk items.

Tickets will have usages at this Ebon Gate. I can't comment on everything just yet, but the perm-ifier is one thing that will use tickets (and seashells).

Can someone please explain to me why the shovels wouldn't carry over? You essentially just completely scrapped my perm shovel. It's a shovel.

ANALYZE has always said this. It's always been disclaimed at every raffle/auction for them.

And then there's the simu/simucoins standpoint in which people don't care if people get hosed as long as they're making more money.

Not following this.

And because I'm way too lazy to find another thread I'll complain about the tickets thing too. I have 14000 eg tickets (now "general" tickets). I saved them because there wasn't really anything I was interested in and I was hoping to spend them this festival instead. Now "some things" will be sold for tickets (betting nail polish or something I would have no interest in but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised?) With silver tanking I noted BS was becoming a new currency for some people...when will you change that into "seashells," I wonder.

If you read what was posted (assuming from your post, you're reacting from what you heard), you'll see general tickets will still be used at Ebon Gate and at other venues.

My only complaint about seashells is that they seem to break the Scrip/Ticket delineation.

We need a bit of a fresh start to manage them properly. Unfortunately, we learned a bit after the fact. Tickets will still have their use, and as we mentioned, exchanging is being discussed.

Wyrom, PM

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, 8:24:32 AM

Quote from GM Wyrom:,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Ebon%20Gate%20Festival/view/12884

Just some clarification and updates as we get closer to October.

The shopping pass and games pass will be account-wide. This means that any character on your account will be able to shop and play games with an active pass. The service pass is character specific. Deep Sea Diving (DSD) is separate from the games pass. Games are digging (DIG) and multi-game (GET).

The passes all have expiration dates from the time you REDEEM them. • Shopping Pass: 31 days • Service Pass: 31 days† • Games Pass: 7 days †(Merchant week is only one week, but in case a delayed/late service happens, you will not be penalized)

Fishing will be available this year at Ebon Gate and will cost seashells to enter. Seashells are awarded in DSD and games. You will only be able to catch one fish per entry, but you'll be able to re-enter as much as you want. Fish have some unique prizes that you can only earn while fishing. Fishing will not require a games pass.

Wyrom, PM

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, 8:25:02 AM

Also, Wyrom confirmed in the Discord that there will be no hunting (like Trick or Treat or the Necropolis) at Ebon Gate this year.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, 1:39:34 PM

Quote from GM Wyrom:,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Ebon%20Gate%20Festival/view/12909

With purchase actually not available until 9PM the 6th, does this imply the Shopping Pass is required for window shopping the 1st through the 5th, or is this more in case of delays like the Service Pass? If required for window shopping, that's cool, I just want to be sure I have all the stuff bought at the right time.

Yes, the new system 100% allows window shopping. So you can enter the shops and look, but you can't BUY anything unless you have a pass. The pass is a single-use item that you REDEEM. You don't have to hold it or wear it each time.

The passes do go on sale on the 6th at 9pm. Use the opening week to explore and familiarize yourself with the new area. It's a lot different than normal EG layouts.

Wyrom, PM

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, 1:48:57 PM

Uh oh. That makes it sound like they are going away from the normal nested ring/circle layout. Hopefully it's not too confusing.

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, 8:14:14 AM

@Tsoran We need a map!

Friday, October 6th, 2017, 6:27:24 PM

Quote from GM Wyrom:

Shops that sell items for seashells no longer require a shopping pass. The Write Stuff, the shop selling the brand new nibs, will no longer take seashells to make a purchase.

Wyrom, PM