Decent Gear

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 8:24:28 PM

PM me if you'd like something. Landing pickup. Cash only. Offers welcome.

  1. a set of brushed mithril platemail- $30 SOLD 4x full plate, 2 slot fusion, max light at 38 lbs.

  2. a perfect oak-hafted mithglin greataxe- $40 SOLD 4x, further enchantable.

  3. a dark leather loincloth with an elongated front panel- $10 Leg worn, and lol.

  4. a horse hair crested invar burgonet- $10 Covers head and neck. Perm. very resistant to crushing attacks.

  5. a tempered heavy greataxe soaked with blood- $115 4x, hcw, t2 ensorcelled, has gory scripts that can be further unlocked. Further enchantable.

  6. a tiny gnomish gear-assisted crossbow- $80 5x heavy crossbow, flat 2 second cock time regardless of stats, holds up to 5 bolts at once, won't pull you from hiding, has several cool zests. s>rem cro You unsling a tiny gnomish gear-assisted crossbow off from over your shoulder, its golvern arms unfolding neatly to the sound of whirring gears. s>load cro You flip open the stock of your gear-assisted crossbow and load a black oak heavy crossbow bolt into it. As you do, several gears spin and whirl, drawing the bolt into the interior of your crossbow. You then quickly snap the stock shut. s>cock cro You draw back on the bowstring of your gear-assisted crossbow causing its golvern gears to whirl, lifting a black oak heavy crossbow bolt from the interior and snapping it into place. You cock your gear-assisted crossbow. Roundtime: 2 sec. s>l cro A fine example of gnomish ingenuity and workmanship, this gear-assisted crossbow displays curved golvern arms extending outward from the stock and is capped at the front with a golvern stirrup. Large oval cams of veil iron are wrapped in the bowstring that stretches across a network of golvern gears set amid either arm and into the interior of the crossbow. Aligned atop the stock are a pair of ice blue crystal lenses serving as sights, with a small trigger extending from the underside of the weapon.

Examining the crossbow you see that it is cocked and loaded with 5 bolts.

You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's mark. s>wea cro You sling your gear-assisted crossbow over your shoulder, its golvern arms folding up neatly to its sides.

Has several more cool zests as well.

  1. a rolaren-cored silvery glaes knife- 150k 4x 2 slot fusion dagger. Under a pound.

  2. a blood-hued mein teardrop pendant- $125 I swapped the griffin pin's scripts to this +5 Health Recovery pin worn enhancive, had it permified and altered. It persists, and can hide your worn enhancives, detect empty enhancives you're wearing, etc.

  3. a time-worn leather duster- $40 Max light/deep, 6/140, +5 to Max Health and +2 to Health Recovery, persists and can be recharged at the ag.

  4. some tiny battle-scarred matte grey imflass fieldplate- $800 10x (+47) full plate, heavy damage padding, t1 ensorcelled, 22 lbs. Small races only.

Old style fusion orbs: 8. +7 Health Recovery $20 9. +8 Health Recovery $30 13. +17 Max Health $25