Inventory of past events for alteration ideas

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 5:20:45 PM

So I'm working on alteration ideas for Ebon Gate and I wanted to look up specific pieces of clothing and see what has been done in the past to get inspiration for things to make. There was no way I could figure out to search through all the items on all the pages to look at them at one time. So I went through the previous inventories and compiled a list of what they've offered in the past. So I'm posting it here in case anyone is interested. First thing I'm working on is tunics, going to go through breeches after this. Now I know this isn't the only way to do this, but I find it helps get my brain working. Tunics Ebon Gate 2009 a linen tunic with flowers embroidered along the neckline a light wool tunic with trees embroidered along the hem a thick wool tunic a light linen tunic a fine wool tunic a black marbrinus tunic with an open jet-chained collar a sleeveless notched-neck tunic an off-white bloused linen tunic
a bloused beige cotton tunic a dusky wine-hued linen tunic worked with silver thread a moss green raw silk tunic edged with grey cording a butter cream layered muslin tunic with ebon-cuffed sleeves a twilight blue silk tunic bound with ivory suede strips a dark eggplant linen tunic fastened with amber frog loops a long-sleeved red linen tunic with grey stripes a high-collared silvery grey damask tunic a front-laced fitted winter green cotton tunic a sleeveless black silk tunic edged with gold threading a hand-tailored cobalt blue suede tunic an embroidered cinnamon cotton tunic a loose raspberry silk tunic a side-slit amethyst damask tunic an ebon and viridian linen tunic a slim dark cream chainsil tunic

Ebon Gate 2012 an azure tunic with silver buttons a layered storm grey linen tunic trimmed with braided leather a flared cherry silk tunic wrapped with ebon suede an open-weave ebon chainsil tunic clasped with silver discs a loose plum damask tunic with pale grey undertones a dingy rough linen tunic with yellowed bone toggles a dark emerald wool tunic layered with polished copper disks a loose-fitting midnight blue tunic with a wide collar a vibrant aqua linen tunic with split sides a cuffed-sleeve amber linen tunic with sepia laces a split-side alabaster cotton tunic with red-banded sleeves

Ebon Gate 2013 a delicate ivory gauze tunic beaded with mother-of-pearl a dark cherry-hued marbrinus tunic with flared cuffs a jade-hued silk tunic edged with a pattern of tuberoses a dark green wool tunic embroidered with copper arabesques an alabaster silk tunic edged with crimson braiding a black leather tunic with silver piping a gamboge linen tunic traced with faint trillium blossoms a blood-stained haircloth tunic an ivory leather tunic embroidered with crimson blossoms a forest green silk tunic fastened with amber a long chainsil tunic stained in unsightly spots

Ebon Gate 2014 a glossy white silk tunic striated with crimson threading a dark emerald silk tunic edged in grey cording a forest green silk tunic embroidered with copper whorls a collarless slate grey silk tunic striped in cream white a fitted dark amethyst tunic with silver accents an off-shoulder mint flyrsilk tunic with a ribbon-tied hem a crimson linen tunic trimmed with ivory cording an ivory leather tunic washed in a crimson sheen a raw ivory linen tunic with thick rolled-up sleeves a collarless charcoal silk tunic striped in ivory an imflass chain tunic with an ivory flyrsilk underlayment

Ebaon Gate 2015 a pale verdant silk tunic trimmed with ashen cording an emerald ramie silk tunic a fitted figury tunic of varying vivid shades of red a flared ash grey cendal tunic shot with gold along the hem an intricately embroidered stark white velvet tunic a slate grey velvet tunic center-banded with gold brocade a green watersilk tunic a loose black fur tunic front-laced with ochre cord a smoke grey fur tunic flecked with silver threading a sheer smoky indigo chiffon tunic shredded along the hem a grey cotton tunic edged with ebon cording a gauzy mauve cotton tunic with long lace-banded sleeves a pastel pink flyrsilk tunic with gathered crochet cuffs a forest green wool tunic edged with gold cording an azure leather tunic bearing ebon glaes filigree pauldrons

Duskruin a honey-colored matte leather tunic a gauzy white linen tunic knotted at the hem

Briarmoon cove a front-laced taupe leather tunic a softened muslin tunic with cotton-covered buttons an aged canvas tunic lined with ebony brushed cotton a lengthy cordetum tunic deeply stained with coal dust a walnut brown suede tunic with gem-pinned folded cuffs a dark blue-grey suede tunic laced with tanned leather cords a lavender paeline tunic with sheer lace sleeves an open-necked chamomile silk tunic a wide-sleeved ecru linen tunic

Frontier days 2017 a hip-length sienna raw silk tunic hemmed in copper velvet a velvet-lined smooth brown leather tunic a long olive silk tunic cinched with a wide leather belt a soft red and grey flax tunic a padded ashen flax tunic a collarless brown flax tunic

Spitfire 2015 a softly draped paeline tunic colored a faint dusky rose a bias-cut marbrinus tunic shot with pale silvered threadwork a short ahmdir blue tunic with short leather-laced sleeves a rugged blue mithril mesh tunic an unlaced red linen tunic

Midsummer festival 2017 a side-slit sapphire blue linen tunic with wooden toggles

Feast of the Immortals 2016 a tanned leather tunic with sinew laces a green and purple silk tunic with gold accents a white silk undertunic

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 5:44:45 PM

Pssst! You can walk through the grounds of age-old merchant events here:

e.g. EG 2000 ---

[A Dimly Lit Showroom] An oil lamp suspended from the ceiling beam provides sparse lighting for this showroom. The mannequins before you are attired in black clothing which absorbs much of the available light. Storage boxes are stacked against the outer walls, making it difficult to move about. Obvious exits: out.

clicky mannequin

You see a red-haired mannequin and a pointy-eared mannequin.

clicky pointy-eared mannequin

On the pointy-eared mannequin you see a large bone-handled satchel, a magnificent midnight black greatcloak, a double golem bone clasp, a bone-trimmed midnight black tunic, a pair of fitted black leggings, a bone and suede belt and some polished midnight black boots.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 8:19:56 PM

Personally, I like to base alterations on actual items (usually stuff I own or would like to own). I get a lot more inspiration looking at tunics at say a medieval clothing maker than in-game descriptions. I'm very visual when it comes to that stuff. One really nice piece of clothing can actually inspire several text pieces for me.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 8:35:12 PM

Thanks Naamit! that's a very interesting site. I went to some of those along time ago, very interesting to see it all again.

And Epona I get that, it just helps me to see the wording and configurations that have been done. I can look at the pictures and try to put it together, but if something exists that would be similar and just need a few tweeks, well that shortcuts it significantly.