Show off your Tattoo!

Thursday, August 31st, 2017, 9:04:39 PM

Saw there was a tattoo merchant in today. Ok, lets see your ink!

Thursday, August 31st, 2017, 9:13:08 PM

Not done at that merchant but...

Ulkov shows you an inking of several shadowy figures huddled beneath a towering grove of twisted, black trees. A handful of twisted, contorted trees spread across his neck, their bark limned with an oily black that further defines their fleshy texture, their splayed branches hung with glistening black apples or black blood oranges. In the midst of the orchard, shadowy figures, their shapes at once indistinct and vaguely familiar, huddle together in a loose formation. Several drops of scarlet blood are inked around the edges, providing a touch of vibrant color that contrasts artfully with the ebon and grey tones.

Friday, September 1st, 2017, 8:34:31 AM

From Thursday's tattoo merchant--

Somebody shows you a tentacle-wrapped sultry maiden tattoo. Inked in wood-cut style, the tattoo contains a mix of black, sanguine red, and copper green. A beautiful nude giantwoman is depicted in a coquettish three-quarter pose with fingers interlaced lazily above her head. Several silvery tentacles crawl mercilessly across her flesh, while stylized flames lick at the woman's hips and beyond, leading to a crooked frame reminiscent of wrought iron that binds the piece. Wisps of the woman's red hair escape the confines of its border in artistic swirls.

Friday, September 1st, 2017, 8:37:44 AM

@naamit said in Show off your Tattoo!:

From Thursday's tattoo merchant--

Somebody shows you a tentacle-wrapped sultry maiden tattoo. Inked in wood-cut style, the tattoo contains a mix of black, sanguine red, and copper green. A beautiful nude giantwoman is depicted in a coquettish three-quarter pose with fingers interlaced lazily above her head. Several silvery tentacles crawl mercilessly across her flesh, while stylized flames lick at the woman's hips and beyond, leading to a crooked frame reminiscent of wrought iron that binds the piece. Wisps of the woman's red hair escape the confines of its border in artistic swirls.


Friday, September 1st, 2017, 8:57:03 AM

@maetriks Pretty much!

Friday, September 1st, 2017, 9:24:26 AM

One of Riend's lesser known tattoos (who am I kidding, no one ever sees any of them.)

a tea-drinking cephalopod inked in myriad grey tones - Ebon lines of varying weights mark her pale skin, dramatically outlining a writhing octopus sprawling across her left hip and down her thigh. Inside, delicate ashen and charcoal shades both highlight and shadow the entity intricately, conveying an air of subtle malevolence. Its tall, flat-topped hat sits perched at an odd angle as it casts a monocled gaze upon the teacup in its grasp. Faint touches of pink accent the underside of each tentacle, softening the overall look of the piece.

Friday, September 1st, 2017, 10:34:20 AM

A few from Naamit--

Naamit pulls aside her blouse and shows you a tattoo of a crimson heart pierced with a silver dagger. The thrust of the silver dagger follows the curve of the left breast, the disappearing point seeming to plunge into the flesh. A faint tracery of white has been drawn around the blood-red heart, completing Mularos's symbol.

Naamit's skin is covered in chain-like scars (it's been that way since ~2002), so I've taken to making any new tattoos mutilated as well.

Naamit pulls aside her barrier and shows you some disfigured ashen markings. This largely blackworked back piece is heavily disfigured, but it's apparent the banshee has one foot in the grave and the other in Luukos's maw. Ash-grey skin is shriveled upon its crooked frame and dark scarlet flames erupt from bloodied eye sockets. A few braids of chin-length, wavy sandy blonde hair cling to its rotting scalp, while a barbed chain seems fused into the exposed bone of its slender right wrist. What is left of the apparition is cloaked in a robe of tattered and bloodied grey. (poor Harith)

Naamit pulls aside her petticoat and shows you some mutilated dark-inked script. The script is so mutilated by scarring and various overlapping inking that it is difficult to ascertain the original design. The word 'Torture' continues to appear here and there between what had probably been some sacred writ. Various letters that could spell out a name single themselves out from amidst the crooked knotwork of scripture. (Someone dared her to tattoo their name on her thigh and that someone couldn't read so...)

Friday, September 1st, 2017, 2:06:46 PM

Just got this on my little magic-hating warrior.

She has a pair of mandis crystal shards vertically inked down each middle finger,

Crudely inked in simple black ink are a set of mandis crystals, their faceted surfaces roughly cracked from the base of her hands to the tips of her nails. The fissures are filled with veins of fiery-orange ink, the only adornment to an otherwise bland piece.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 10:47:52 PM

Nice stuff!!

some SUPER old ones:

a skin-stitched open void tattoo The tattoo depicts an empty chasm of eerie detail, painstakingly crafted upon the chest as a perfect, still-framed image of some tormented inward reflection. The area of the flesh where the heart should be is depicted instead as being cracked open to reveal an empty cavity that has been brutally split apart. The edges of the flayed tissue are depicted as sewn closed around the edges of the void, lending a surgical coldness that contrasts sharply to the empty and unspoken depths hinted at within.

some tattooed silvery tendrils running the length of the flesh on his arm The silvery lines of the tattoo are pale enough to nearly blend into the skin under direct light. Faint designs randomly intersect, creating strange and uncanny shapes, while forming an elaborate network that suggests waves of flowing tendrils. The tendrils crest downward from the cap of the shoulder, running the length of the right arm before terminating gracefully at the wrist. Cleverly hidden within the labyrinthine nest of whorled patterns is a crimson-traced moon in its brightest and fullest phase.

some tattooed shadowy tendrils running the length of the flesh on his arm The dark lines of the tattoo vary in both length and shape, randomly intersecting to create strange and uncanny forms. Their elaborate network bears a passing resemblance to waves of shadowy tendrils that crest downward from the cap of the shoulder and run the entirety of the arm, terminating gracefully at the wrist. Cleverly hidden within the labyrinthine nest of whorled patterns is an eclipsed sun that radiates its stylized dark corona from behind a crimson-traced full moon's silhouette.

And some somewhat newer ones:

a sanguine scarab tattoo burrowing into his throat Partially submerged into the throat and tattooed with sanguine ink, a grotesque scarab is detailed with intricate linework. Pools of crimson ink spill over either side of the scarab towards the collar bone below, pooling up at the nape of the neck. Bits of crimson and cream flesh are tattooed around the surface the beetle is burrowing into, bringing a level of realism to the tattoo.

jaggedly inked letters across his knuckles The knuckles of both his hands are tattooed with a single letter upon each finger, bold and easily recognizable, especially when presented by two clenched and joined fists. Each letter has been inked in a harsh and jagged style, and embellished with what appear to be diminutive blood-colored runes. The knuckles of his right hand are inked with the letters D-U-S-K, while the knuckles of his left are inked with the letters R-U-I-N.

There's a bunch more, but that's probably enough... heh.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 11:32:11 PM

Raelee's got a bunch nobody ever sees, so I may as well show them off here:

a complex gold circular tattoo on the back of her right hand Upon the back of her right hand, a perfect circle is rendered as a faintly metallic dark golden band. A series of intricate sigils encompasses the circle, each carefully inked in warm tones ranging from pale golden to deep bronze with the most elaborate centered at the cardinal points. Precisely drawn lines cross its center, some stark and straight in their course. The others arc gracefully to the outermost edge, four escaping to wrap around the base of her hand and spiral down the inside of her wrist.

a pale pattern of gold lines and sigils tattooed up her right arm Pale gold lines begin at her wrist, flowing up the inside of her forearm in a pattern akin to the veins beneath the skin. At the inside of the elbow, the lines twist into a small knot, forming the shape of a four-pointed glyph. Continuing up her bicep, the gold veins spread away from each other, mingling with the angular patterns of an older, much-faded tattoo. The brighter lines re-converge and mix into complex bronze-inked sigils arrayed about a quartet of vertically spaced dark gold metallic circles.

(She used to have 'a faint angular pattern tattooed in gold along her upper arms' there - which is what the 'older, much-faded tattoo refers to.)

an expansive runic array tattoo on her back Abstractly arranged around a quartet of circles, the tattoed array of runes is rendered in numerous shades of gold across most of her back. Each of the enruned circles seems meticulously placed, with the largest and most ornate of them positioned left of center just beside her spine. Lines originating at several points on this circle spread out in graceful arcs to link it to the remaining three in a geometric web before sweeping upwards to connect at her right shoulder.

The whole idea is that all three tattoos are actually connected and flow one right into the next - like a network of magical circles and such... all precisely placed to add with magical stuff. The tattoo on her back probably needs to be redone and worded better. The idea there was that the four circles are placed over the four organs associated with the four humors... which fits very well with the four element model of elemental magic we have going on.

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, 2:14:50 AM

@flayedangel Your tattoos scare the hell out of me. LOL <3

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, 3:45:16 AM

Rohese's is rather tame compared to some of the grotesque (in a good way) renditions above!

an inking of a faint star constellation on her neck

Five tiny stars configured in the shape of a W have been discretely tattooed on the side of her neck with faintly shimmering silver ink, the pattern barely visible against her pale skin. One star however appears slightly brighter than the rest and cleverly conceals a small crescent-shaped scar on her throat.

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, 7:25:56 AM

Japhrimel pulls aside his vambrace and shows you a detailed tattoo. Intricately inked against a backdrop of gold-tinged ebon skin is the detailed image of an alabaster spire. Surrounding the spire is a colorful forest full of multicolored trees in reds, purples, and greens. Prominently displayed is the image of a red-haired dark elf leaning out an upper window of the spire, mid gesture as he throws a paper airship out the window. The paper airship's trajectory takes it directly towards a purple-bearded dwarf on the ground, oblivious to the target on his back.

Japhrimel pulls aside his chainmail and shows you an intricate tattoo that stretches from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. A battle scene is depicted across his entire back, tattooed in brilliant colors. Maelshyve is pictured in the background, hordes of undead pouring from it. Moving up one side of his waist, an equally large army of elves from all houses stand in opposition. A circle of Faendryl Summoners stand out most prominently at the small of his back, a rift within their circle spewing forth all manner of demons. Off to the left, the image of a particularly regal looking Faendryl pointing the demons toward Maelshyve.

Japhrimel pulls aside his longcoat and shows you a mangled tattoo. Emblazoned across his upper left shoulder is a crest that bears a scarlet pentagram on a field of grey, with incarnadine shields and demons below it. The phrase, "Palestran Guard" is written above the upper portion of the crest. Underneath, another phrase has been inked in now illegible letters, having been previously crossed out. Detailed over portions of the illegible scrawl is a hand of playing cards, aces and eights showing.

Japhrimel pulls aside his chainmail and shows you a wide-eyed tawny doe tattoo. An intricate forest scene is tattooed directly over the heart on the skin of his chest. Standing in a stand of sephwir and lor trees is a wide-eyed doe, inked in tawny hues, with her white tail raised high and legs bent as if preparing to flee. Nearby, half-hidden behind a lor tree, is a crimson fox, its gaze focused solely on the doe.

Japhrimel pulls aside his vambrace and shows you an eahnor-hued airship tattoo. The image of an airship is inked out across his forearm. The ship, diving down from within the clouds, is a bright metallic eahnor hue but for the ornate detail lining the bow and aft in bronze. The brilliant ship stands out amidst the surrounding clouds, clearly inked with a tiny crew on her decks. Adorning the prow of the airship is the minute image of a sylvan lass, a coy smile on her lips, as she sits upon a crescent moon, clothed only in richly ringletted hair.

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, 2:41:08 PM

Sabotage pulls aside his backpack and shows you a pair of inked blue dragon wings. Bold ebon pigments trace the outline of the extended dragon-like wings that grace his back in an arch that extends from both shoulders straight down to his lower ribs. Pale blue hues create the webbing between the solid bones, while darker blue hues form the intricate, spider web veining that traces each wing. White-edged inky black talons decorate the pointing culminations on each side.

Monday, September 18th, 2017, 2:21:49 AM

Latest addition

an inking of a splintered arc of silvery lightning outlined in a haze of violet on her shoulder

Silver-white ink stands in sharp contrast against the nutmeg-hued skin that the design adorns, arcing with fierce and sinuous grace across the right scapula. Several thin filaments splinter from the main bolt and stretch upward toward the peak of the shoulder, white others stretch out and seek to ground themselves along the spine. Bright violet highlights outline the pale ink, fading into the deeper purple haze that sheathes the overall electrical display.

Monday, September 18th, 2017, 11:27:02 AM

I love tattoos :)

Someone shows you a wavering trail of blackened specks on her leg. A trail of small footsteps has been inked in the darkest shade possible to stand out against the brown skin upon which the specks have been permanently drawn. The prints follow a linear path as they spiral tightly upward from ankle to thigh a hundred times over. Irregular in their pattern along the backside, the tiny footprints return to a measured and even pace along the face of the leg. A sunburst of pale, scarified flesh ends the design high upon the hip in stark contrast to its surroundings.

Monday, September 18th, 2017, 11:47:23 AM

Here's the latest of tattoos and the first on my little bard.

an expansive tattoo of an ebon-inked intricate mandala on her back. Finely inked bands segment the tessellation of fragmented leaves and petals sweeping across the contours of her back, the tattoo sharply contrasted against pale skin. Forming an intricate mandala of rich ebon lines in varying weights, the bands encompass circular starbursts arrayed in a line down the spine, each radiating outward in an organic pattern of curving tines. Faint imperfections in ink saturation and line quality reveal long, thin scars that criss-cross from the shoulder blades to lower back.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, 11:18:31 AM

Oubar's got a few:

a black-engulfed crescent moon tattoo slashed across his throat Black ink overwhelms the tan skin of his neck, engulfing it in darkness like a starless sky. The lines splay across the curve of his throat, the outline in the likeness of a crescent moon emerging from the overall chaotic darker tones, the slash symmetrical as it spans from each side of his jawline.

a vivid tattoo of Zelia Upon a backgroup that fades from grey to intense black is the image of Zelia with large, green eyes and wildly tousled hair. She has been masterfully inked as such to lend a facial expresion without a trace of sanity.

a black crescent moon tattoo Using the deepest of blacks, a crescent moon has been cleanly inked between the folds of the left ear's pinna. The points of the crescent graze the cartilage, while the curve of the moon follows the curve of the ear precisely. Delicate shading gives the moon a slight three-dimensional effect.

a chaotic dark field tattoo on his face Unbroken black ink traverses his face in a chaotic pattern that hugs the left side of his nose before tapering over the corner of his mouth to disappear beneath his chin. Untouched negative space has been brilliantly used to create the image of a crescent moon centered over his left eye, making a stark contrast to the darkness of the ink surrounding it.

Friday, October 6th, 2017, 4:46:19 PM

a tattooed tilted scale weighing a crown and a hammer No description

an ancient dwarven stein tattoo Finely inked into the side of his leg is the depiction of an ancient, glaes stein depressed into cracked, worn stone etched in Dwarven runes as if to give the impression that the stein and his leg are one and the same. Delicate, amber foam peaks at the mouth of the stein as golden ale cascades over the sides, flanking an obsidian, spikestar-shaped handle

a grand festival table tattoo topped with a golden anvil centerpiece Finely inked into the expanse of his back is a depiction of a grand festival table where Dwarves of varying cultures appear to be engaged in drunken merriment. Atop the table at the center of the commotion sits a golden anvil centerpiece adorned with the image of a stout male figure draped in a leather blacksmith's garb

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017, 3:36:28 AM

Only the armband is ever visible on Siierra as she's much to modest to show any of the others but they suit her perfectly as she is a devout follower of Imaera and loves nature and beauty.

an inked vibrant green armband of ivy on her arm: Inked in vivid shades is a strand of deep green ivy that winds around her arm, creating an armband. Interspersed between the thick ivy, delicate sprigs of Imaera's lace peek out in contrasting white hues. The leaves are rendered with attention to light and shadow, giving the piece a three-dimensional style, down to the tiny dew drops atop the leaves.

an ethereal doe lying amid a colorful pile of windswept oak leaves tattooed on her waist: Nestled in a pile of windswept oak leaves inked in vibrant orange, vivid green, and deep red, is a small female deer. Subtle greys, combined with the masterful use of negative space, give this doe an ethereal appearance that seems to float upon the skin. Thinly rendered black lines chase a few stray leaves around the waist, giving the impression of leaves tossed upon an errant breeze.

an inked honeysuckle vine: Delicate honeysuckle vines twist and curl, tracing a sinuous line across her chest. Brilliant white flowers cover the firm, plump flesh of one breast, while a variety of dark and lighter green leaves spill beneath the other as the vine winds its way around her body and across her abdomen before tapering to an intricate curl on her hip.

(this of course for very bias reasons is my absolute favorite;our couples tattoo)

an inked column of fire on her thigh: A collection of cross-hatched amber and golden lines create a focal point within the flames blaze. Encircling the flame's base is a collection of cobalt and ivory ink, showing wind-like movement up its sides. Several wisps of flame rise higher than the other a symphony of red, orange and yellow stretching up the thigh. Twisted within the flame and showcased by the absence of fire in simple yet elegant script is the name, "Ragz".

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017, 7:05:34 PM

an ethereal buck and doe tattooed on his back Crisply rendered beneath a meteor-streaked sky, an antlered stag has been colored in subtle greys and negative space, giving it an ethereal appearance that seems to float upon the skin. Standing proudly in the center of a forest meadow, the ethereal buck has been inked in a fierce, protective stance. Nestled in a pile of colorful windswept oak leaves at the buck's feet lies an ethereal doe, inked with the same incredible detail.

an inked jagged chunk of rock with a fiery tail on his arm A scorched and pitted chunk of rock is inked just above the wrist of his left arm. Trailing behind the rock and up the length of his arm is a tail of fiery red flames that emanate from the rock. The vivid flames and the jagged rock are rendered with attention to shadow and light, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

an inked scene of destruction on his finger Spilling from finger to finger and across the back of his hand, wisps of faint greys and soft blended blacks rise above a cratered landscape. Charred fingers of forest jutt haphazardly among the smoldering holes. Central to the piece, a jagged chunk of flaming rock, rendered in masterful use of glowing inks, has embedded itself in the once verdant clearing.

a colorful ensemble of sylvan imagery on his arm Gracing his upper arm is the portrait of a beautiful sylvan lass. Brilliant emerald green eyes stare playfully from her delicate face, while dimpled cheeks have been masterfully rendered in ink and are framed by ringleted amber hair. A silk choker dangling a doe-shaped charm completes the image. Thin lines of assorted shades of amber, ochre, and green create leaves from assorted trees encircling the forearm beneath the lass. Driven by cobalt and ivory wind, the leaves spell out the name "Siierra".

Thursday, October 19th, 2017, 4:33:54 PM

a dark billowing stormcloud encompassing his forearm Dark shadows of deep grey and black inks undulate across the surface of his forearm, the rolling mass highlighted by hidden lightning strikes of pale skin. Arcs of blue-white puncture the surface of the oncoming storm, extending outwards to lick along the inner wrist.

a forked blue-white lightning bolt crackling with energy Streaks of white hot energy have been inked with precision and care, utilizing shadow and negative space to appear to crackle as they coil around his arm. Jagged tendrils arc outward from the main bolt like grasping talons seemingly to disappear beneath the skin on contact. Deep black and vivid crimson have been worked to create realistic wounds that nearly weep everywhere the tendrils puncture the surface.

Thursday, October 26th, 2017, 12:04:52 PM

an inked beady-eyed sea slug surrounded by a pool of blood

A seemingly endless pool of red ink surrounds the unnatural looking sea slug. Beneath what you think is the face are several rows of sharp incisors. Two, bulbous eyes stare unwaveringly outward, vacant, but something seems off. Messily shaded and drawn behind the sea slug is a leaning tower of assorted bones.

Thursday, October 26th, 2017, 8:21:47 PM

an expansive drake and Ur-daemon battle tattoo

Covering the entirety of the arm from wrist to shoulder is an elaborate image of a battle. Bright, bold inks lend vibrancy and passion to the depiction of a series of majestic drakes entwined in combat with their vast and terrible counterparts. Where the detail of the drakes is vivid, the images of the Ur-daemons are blurry, with colors running together creating a chaotic, unsettling picture.

Friday, October 27th, 2017, 7:38:48 PM

I loooooove the tattoo Aslyrion gave me at EG.

a parade of rats and scarabs tattoo

Boldly colored inks depict a unique scene: from the base of the hand moving up the inside of the wrist toward the elbow, is a parade of tiny, alternating baby rats and opalescent scarabs. Each rat is posed in a different manner. One has its nose in the air. A second is lifting a front paw. Likewise, the scarabs vary in their postions, one with its wings open, one with its jaws agape.

Monday, November 13th, 2017, 12:04:34 AM

an inked greyscale Faendryl portrait on her arm Shaded in gradient black and grey ink, the portrait is of a lounging Faendryl sorcerer, his head tilted slightly. His sharp features are accentuated in bold silver ink, outlining the quirk in his eyebrow and his devilish grin. The only hints of color are the man's vivid steel grey-rimmed sea green eyes and the strokes of blue that weave through his riotous raven black hair. Peeking out amidst his hair is a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, her head firmly planted against his face in true feline fashion.

Monday, November 13th, 2017, 12:30:11 AM

an intricate blackwork tattoo blossoming down her left arm Inked from shoulder to wrist and extending over Lissaya's hand is a crowded design of floral blackwork, the blooms formed of myriad tiny dots and crosshatched lines. From petite calamintha and wild heather to graceful orchid and dainty pansy, the entire tattooed arrangement shelters a repeated motif of diminutive wood violets. Shaded directly over the center of her left palm is a star-shaped nightshade blossom, the five distinctive petals contorted to spread toward the base of each slender digit.

Monday, November 13th, 2017, 9:21:08 AM

A little context:

White Haven held it's Fisticuffs tourney over the weekend, and Oubar won the Grand Melee, while also serving as the bouncer in charge of keeping the rowdy crowd in line. Yesterday there was a tattoo merchant in Icemule, and, well...

Some icy blue calligraphy tattooed across his knuckles

exa my callig The letters I C E have been inked on one hand. The letters M U L E have been tattooed on the other.

Necios is the fucking man.

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017, 12:25:39 AM

a compass rose tattoo

Delicately inked in red and deep black, this simple tattoo appears at first glance to be a plain, de facto compass rose. A stylized rose in full bloom takes the place of the circle upon which the directions would normally be marked. However, the eight stark black arrows seem off-kilter. While centered and spaced properly, each identical arrow seems turned at an angle slightly off center in relation to the design's placement on the wrist.