Help me compare my Smithy quotes

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017, 9:25:51 AM

Some of my items seem higher than what others have posted. If you have an item close to what I have below, please post it for me. Thanks!

10x plain krodera falchion (has a WAVE zest, but should be fluffy). This seems really high, like they're surcharging krodera for some reason. |--------------------Summary---------------------| Item: a darkened folded krodera katana Modified Weighting Type: Critical Estimated Costs: Next Service: 445 bloodscrip Next 5 Services: 2227 bloodscrip Next 10 Services: 5011 bloodscrip Next 15 Services: 11694 bloodscrip Next 20 Services: 19490 bloodscrip Next 25 Services: 43993 bloodscrip |------------------------------------------------|

10x T1 metal breastplate |--------------------Summary---------------------| Item: a sleek matte black cuirass Modified Padding Type: Critical Estimated Costs: Next Service: 261 bloodscrip Next 5 Services: 1307 bloodscrip Next 10 Services: 2941 bloodscrip Next 15 Services: 6862 bloodscrip Next 20 Services: 11437 bloodscrip Next 25 Services: 25816 bloodscrip |------------------------------------------------|

8x falchion with Hkala hilted weapon script |--------------------Summary---------------------| Item: an ebon-hilted gleaming silver katana Modified Weighting Type: Critical Estimated Costs: Next Service: 328 bloodscrip Next 5 Services: 1640 bloodscrip Next 10 Services: 3691 bloodscrip Next 15 Services: 8614 bloodscrip Next 20 Services: 14357 bloodscrip Next 25 Services: 32406 bloodscrip |------------------------------------------------|

8x T5 permabless falchion (just noticed a WAVE zest, what is with waving weapons, eesh) |--------------------Summary---------------------| Item: a deadly sickle inset with a dark soulstone and the name "Soulstealer" inscribed in deathrunes along the length of its staff Modified Weighting Type: Critical Estimated Costs: Next Service: 694 bloodscrip Next 5 Services: 3474 bloodscrip Next 10 Services: 7816 bloodscrip Next 15 Services: 18239 bloodscrip Next 20 Services: 30398 bloodscrip Next 25 Services: 68614 bloodscrip |------------------------------------------------|

6x plain falchion, GoryWeapon |--------------------Summary---------------------| Item: a black urglaes-edged katana Modified Weighting Type: Critical Estimated Costs: Next Service: 232 bloodscrip Next 5 Services: 1164 bloodscrip Next 10 Services: 2619 bloodscrip Next 15 Services: 6111 bloodscrip Next 20 Services: 10186 bloodscrip Next 25 Services: 22992 bloodscrip |------------------------------------------------|

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017, 10:09:26 AM

any script - is currently increasing the price. Bug it.

Ashraam VanEyre
Tuesday, August 29th, 2017, 11:18:46 AM

I had to bug simple gear that had locked fluff scripts. The scripts are the problem. They really shouldn't be crowd-sourcing this effort through the bugitem mechanic, but should really have tagged scripts in their library to be ignored based on their lack of mechanical advantage.