(Cysaegir): Food and Drinks for Cysaegir

Monday, August 7th, 2017, 5:38:29 PM

This has taken me way longer than it should have, and for that I apologize.

I will be contacting the winners to redeem prizes, but I plan on using all items that were submitted. They should show up in the hosterly or other places around Cysaegir soon (and yes I mean like now soon not RSN)! I will post when. The actually messaging here may change slightly, but I wanted to post the winning items.

a shot of clear,citrus-flavored,vodka All Races: * The concentrated flavor of citrus fruits assails your mouth, followed by an unexpected numbing sensation that lingers at the back of the throat. * The citrusy, sweet-tart flavor of the vodka rushes over your tongue only to be lost behind a sudden unpleasant bitterness.

Aelotoi Race: * Strong and smooth, the sweetly tart taste of zycana harmonizes with pomelo and tangerine in a luscious burst of flavor that tingles across your palate. * The taste of bright citrus fruits mingles with the smooth vodka, creating a soothing coolness that lingers in your mouth long after the sweet flavor has faded.

a delicate flower-fluted nectar All Races: * Velvety soft, the delicate petals of lilac-tinged bloom brush against your lips as you drink the nectar captured within. Unfortunately, that gentle sensation is the only thing good about the concoction, which tastes like plant. * Viscous and lacking subtlety, the nectar has all the appeal of a blade of grass wrapped in a rose petal and the consistency of hot tar.

Aelotoi Race: * Slightly sweet, the potent nectar has the mingled flavors of pomegranate and tastes faintly of moonflower dew. The delicate aroma adds a layer of depth that is calming. * Lingering on the palate, the faintly sweet nectar is thick but not in an unpleasant way. Delicate flavors alit upon the palate and are reminiscent of subtle fruits and fragile flowers.

a fluffy,meringue coated,strawberry All Races: * Biting into the airy meringue, your teeth suddenly find the crisp strawberry center. * Some meringue gets stuck between your teeth briefly before it dissolves into a sweet egg taste

Aelotoi Race: * As you bite into the fresh strawberry, the juices mix with the fluffy meringue covering your tongue with sweetness. * You carefully bite away some of the fluffy meringue letting the taste of sweetened egg fill your mouth.

some honey and,chili dusted,flatbread All Races: * Honey and chili give the bland looking flatbread a surprising flavor. * The dull flatbread provides a vehicle for the sweet and spicy chili mixture.

Aelotoi Race: * Spicy chili and sweet honey mix in your mouth to wonderful effect. * The calm aroma of the bread barely prepares you for the complimentary flavors of honey and chili.

If you have other ideas for pub food or drink for Cysaegir feel free to send at any time with all race and Aelotoi messaging.

~ Valyrka ~ Ta'Illistim Elves Dark Elves

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Monday, August 7th, 2017, 5:40:18 PM

a holy grail of liquefied gold rings

Teleports you the hell out of Cysaegir

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, 1:16:13 AM

Raising your finger above your head, you draw the words, "Aelotoi Power!" in the air with an overly exaggerated flair.