Official: Duskruin - August 2017 - Duskruin QoL Updates

Saturday, August 26th, 2017, 12:59:38 AM

@Wyrom posted Duskruin QoL Updates

Moments ago I went ahead and added a number of updates to both the sewers and the arena.

Sewer Update

The bandit caches now announce every cache that is found. Prior to this update, it was random whether or not it would announce a cache. Typically, only the bigger caches were announced. The smaller ones will also announce now.

Arena Update

The messaging you receive after a match will reflect the level of reward a bit better. Perfect wins will now boast about your achievements, if you have one of the champion post name titles unlocked.

Smithy Invites Update

The way invites are rewarded has been changed a bit. Invites now have a chance to be rewarded if you score high enough to get a piece of gear or jewelry, but do not fully win. The messaging update above will help indicate this as well. Your odds are greatly improved if you win though. And perfect wins are the best odds. You still have to live and not surrender.

Once the smithy goes live and you use your invites, I've added in some checks where over time, your odds will improve to get additional ones. Once you find one, it resets.

Bloodrune Stones and Archaeologist Update

Bloodrunes, while in stone form, can be TURNed to prevent them from being sold to the archaeologist NPC. It is up to you to TURN them to mark them.


A very rare prize can be found that will grant you access to the smithy. It will contain instructions on how to redeem it. Because the envelopes draw from the same prize pool, it can be found in the sewers or arena. Keep in mind, this is very rare. You will need to redeem it before this run of Duskruin closes up. If you already have an invite and want to hang onto this as a secondary invite (after you use your first), you can.

As for other prizes, obviously the most common are just the 2 extra bloodscrip. There are levels of extra bloodscrips, like 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000. There are some RPA orbs. There is a few will-o'-wisps and amulets from Coraesine Forest (Field). There are a few unlock certificates for some of my fluff.

Wyrom, PM

Saturday, August 26th, 2017, 9:21:04 AM

These were neat enhancements