Official: Ta'Illistim Grand Arts Gala

Sunday, August 6th, 2017, 6:22:17 PM

Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim will sponsor a weekend focusing on the artistic accomplishments of the Elven Nations.

Masters from the famous Ta'Loenthra School of Art and the famous Hanesyddol Museum will be attending. The Hanesyddol Museum will be sending one of their collections to be on display during the event.

There will also be a contest of art produced by local elven artists which will be on display during the event. A second display of artwork from other races and cultures will also be available.

The event will take place November 10 - 12. Pavilions and tents will be set up around Ta'Illistim Keep, the Green, and the Museum. There will be a small amount of shops and merchants, but the focus will be the artwork and RP events with an artistic theme.

While this event is focused on elven art, there will be a display of artists from other races and cultures as well.

We have many characters who portray artists. If you would like to be part of a round table discussion on elven art or speak on an artistic topic please send a note to, and we can work something out.

Any character wishing to enter a piece of art for either display should send their submission to in the following way:

Character Name:(full name you would want on the display) Character race and culture: Art work: (Treat this like any other alter. the base should be 15/15/15. it can have a long or a show, I would recommend a show. Any medium is fine ie. paintings, sculptures, mosaics etc. Titling your artwork is suggested. If it is a piece you created in the past, please feel free to add a year to it. Also indicate if you would be willing to have your item auctioned at the end of the event.

These are due 9/10. No exceptions for late items, as I will be creating each one and having them qc'd so there are actual pieces on display. Please note any piece may be altered to fit in QC guidelines.

You may submit works by multiple characters on your account(s).

If you have any questions, just ask!

~ Valyrka ~ Ta'Illistim Elves Dark Elves'Illistim/view/2538