Idea: Rare Materials Gathering for MHOs/CHEs

Monday, August 21st, 2017, 2:09:35 PM

Figured I'd get this kicked off with something I was toying with in my time away from the game.

Abstract: Enable MHOs and/or CHEs to gather 'rare' materials for use as alteration fodder for Giftbox and/or member alteration services.

Details: Merchants can subjectively require 'rare' materials for an alteration, which will disrupt services either from gathering/handing the object off, and/or leaving/buying the item from a given player shop. Furthermore, this process seems relatively subjective as far as which merchants require the rare materials. Lastly, for MHO/CHE giftbox items, QC typically gets the final say in design, and may not be available due to rare material limitations.

Benefits: This can enable stronger identification of material rarity, stronger sense of community for a CHE/MHO, ease of access to rare materials for merchants, removal of objects from selling to the pawnshop, resulting in a decrease in silver production, albeit potentially negligible. This framework may also be leveraged at a future date for special merchants for slab creation/etc to also leverage the collection processes, or swapping materials of an item, if the item met all the rare materials' requirements.

Existing/required Mechanics: Specific boxes have been established fore the recent events in the landing where only shards were placed in boxes. Perhaps this can be leveraged/expanded upon. A given box would require a validation of enchant/properties to match the default values of a given material.

Potential abuse: Could be used to detect magical properties on an item.

Priority: LOW priority. With the influx in items from Duskruin, it would be a good alternative to everything being dumped at the pawnshop and more silvers being generated. There's no magic bullet from removing silvers from circulation, but reducing more silvers from being circulated may be of assistance.