Posting Ideas/Recommendations/Fixes/Whatnots

Monday, August 21st, 2017, 1:15:30 PM

Hey Everyone;

I've noticed in the past (I'M LOOKING AT YOU OFFICIAL FORUMS), that people are terribad at writing up ideas in a comprehensive, cohesive way that doesn't suck. This is NOT A REFLECTION of what anyone has posted here... but just something that I wanted to provide to make life a little easier. And lots of people on the officials... so many people... With the recent simucon comment of "give us your ideas" I figure we can make it a little easier.

First and foremost, please categorize your ideas using the tags system. Use the IDEA tag to identify it as a proposal. Classes, an existing skill/whatnot, or a one-word tag of your new skill. They're not mutually exclusive, identify new/changes/whatnots. You don't need to tag GMs, they get it, they can search for this stuff.

Secondly... use the following template/format thingy... it'll just help your ideas and make them a little better, maybe.

Abstract: Give a one-liner about your change. One-two lines tops. More than that, and you're rambling.

Details: DO NOT REPEAT YOUR ABSTRACT, that's why we already read it.
For class-stuff: Why is this an issue? Is this an issue for your class or other classes? Why is/isn't it an issue for other classes? Does this fit the current design of the class? For systemy stuff: What is this adding? Why is this interesting? Why do people want to do this? What systems can the game leverage that's pre-existing to make implementation easier? All: Does this change introduce power creep? How will this be balanced to keep power creep at a minimum?

Lastly... Why? Why is this change more important that GMs spending their time working on Savants, or fixing the commas in every line ever, or other fixes that they have slated? It's not about why you want it, or why the change is important, it's why the change is MORE important than the next-best-alternative change that's been proposed on these forums, official forums, Wyrom's official backlogs, Estild's drunken SimuCon ramblings, Retser being Retser, etc.

Ohh... and I'll likely just flat out remove ideas that aren't really thought out... or scold you. Every time you waste the GM's time, you just wasted time that could have tackled the lower priority things to get to other, better ideas posted here. It's probably your fault Savants haven't been released by now.