Official: Duskruin Traps Update

Sunday, August 20th, 2017, 12:54:33 PM

QUOTE from GM Wyrom:,%20Quests,%20and%20SimuCoins/Duskruin%20Arena/view/7313

While nothing in the arena changed when it came to traps, I've gone ahead and changed the logic on how traps will activate. The update will appear to slow down traps by about 50% (or 2 seconds) on average.

Investigating some of the bugs that came through, I do want to help clear up some misunderstandings.

If the creature is disabled, the trap won't go off. If you are disabled, it's a 100% success for the trap to hit you. If the creature isn't injured, traps won't hit you. In team arenas, it chooses a random person. In team arenas, you only have to dodge once, not three times. Traps taking you out of hiding is intended.

For combatants level 33 and under, there has been a reduction in health on opponents. For non-champions, that will be a reduction in about 33% of their health on average. For champions, it is between a 10% to 66% less health(earlier champions being 66%). This should also help low level team matches get to the halfway point a little easier.

Wyrom, PM