UAC Warrior

Saturday, August 19th, 2017, 11:47:00 AM

Clearly still figuring out these new forums.

Woke up my UAC warrior because I heard rumblings of them fixing UAC Berserk.

Right now I am working out his training / CMANs, and was curious for any thoughts. I'm happy with his training, but am curious about which CMAN path to take.

  • Race: Giantman
  • Stats: Cap!
  • Level: 23
  • Society: Master of GoS


  • Armor 2x
  • Brawl 2x
  • CM 2x
  • MoC 1.5x (I have 35 at the moment, will likely stop until the next tier)
  • PT 2.5x
  • Dodge 2x
  • Perception 1x
  • climb, swim, hp to taste

I plan on getting tackle and feint from the guild. If they fix it, I'll get berserk as well.

So I have 48 CM points to play with.

Currently, I plan on getting: * Unarmed Specialist (6): This seems like it's just going to be valuable. I may hold off on training it if I don't immediately need it to unlock something else. * Twin Hammerfist 4 (20): Knockdown, stun, all around fun. I have a set of flaring bracers as well. * punchmastery 1 (4): This is a low investment for a decent return.

That leaves me with between 18 and 24 points remaining. Here are the options I've considered (and the ones I've dismissed).

On the table: * Subdual strike 5 (20): Wallop for a daze/stun. Somewhat redundant with twin hammerfist, but useful defense against bandits. Plus just seems fun. * Whirling Dervish 3 (24): 80% chance for 2nd attack on focused mstrike to retarget if my target is dead. Thus far, I haven't been 1-shotting creatures with focused mstrike, which leads me to believe this may have limited utility. * Stance of the Mongoose 3 (24): 100% chance for reactive strike after a successful parry. Problem is I am unclear how likely that is (I think it's a base 5% chance?) Could pair this with parry mastery, although that's a big investment. * Headbutt 5 (20): Daze / stun. Faster than tackle. Could get a flaring helmet. Not unique to UAC, but fits the profile well.

Stuff I considered but dismissed: * Bearhug: Cool from an RP perspective, but not effective in hunting, especially in swarms. * Crowdpress: Very handy, but large stamina investment per kill. May be useful for grizzled bounties. * Bull Rush: Redundant with other stuff. * Haymaker: I feel like this was a pre-UAC cman that likely has lost it's shine. Kick, Grapple Mastery: Just used so much less that it's less worthwhile. * Striking Asp Stance: I don't understand the new qstrike well enough to determine if this would be good. a 1 second tackle may be worthwhile, though. May merit further investigation.

So those are my thoughts - any advice, other thinking? Anything I missed?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 5:03:42 PM
  • Unarmed Spec - useless. Just master disarm and feint and you can use them bare handed.
  • Twin Hammerfist - excellent.
  • Punch mastery (as well as the other masteries) - I'd make rank 3 a priority.
  • Subdual Strike - only useful for bandit defense.
  • Whirling Dervish - There are better stances than dervish, imo, but that's all preference.
  • Stance of the Mongoose - there is no parry unless you're holding a UAC weapon. I personally use two paingrips (for hamstring) and with parry mastery I parry a fair enough amount. Mongoose will retaliate with 1 second but it always uses jab which is unfortunate.

Here's my training at 64:

Skill Name | Current Current | Bonus Ranks Two Weapon Combat..................| 230 130 Armor Use..........................| 240 140 Shield Use.........................| 140 40 Combat Maneuvers...................| 230 130 Brawling...........................| 230 130 Multi Opponent Combat..............| 190 90 Physical Fitness...................| 230 130 Dodging............................| 226 126 Harness Power......................| 50 10 Survival...........................| 102 24 Perception.........................| 165 65 Climbing...........................| 90 20 Swimming...........................| 50 10

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 5:40:42 PM

Dervish rocks when you have enough MSTRIKES to really make it worthwhile, I would say 4+. I switched out to griffen voice casue holler also rocks. The issue with the mongoose is getting put into unexpected RT, which probably isn't much issue with UAC, but I found it frustrating. I have been told ASP can be super brutal for UAC, but like you I am not knowledgeable enough on it.

Headbutt is a lot of fun RP wise too. Since it can't instant kill, you can bonk people around town and put em to sleep, though they could still accuse you of assault, so don't get crazy.

Combat Mobility isn't on your cman list, rank 1 is a must imho. Getting off your back with 0RT is awesome. With rank2 sometimes I just wait for something to swing at me instead of trying to stand heh. It does fail sometimes though, but not often

EDIT I realize UAC is preferred, but maybe some brawling weapons for berserk would be a helpful until they fix it? Berserk+MOC is just brutal.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 8:17:23 PM
  • So, for RP reasons I'm sticking with empty hands. wspec / wbond would make things easier.
  • I'll consider combat mobility - it's not a top priority but I can certainly see it working it's way in.
  • I neglected griffin's voice because I tanked influence. I don't see warcries being super viable given his general lack of charisma, so I'm punting on them for the time being.
  • Spiffy, you mentioned "other" stances being more viable than Mongoose - I'd be curious of your opinion. I considered Dervish and Asp, but don't know enough about the mechanics of UAC to know if either would work well. Can you do disarming presence without a weapon? The whole E/B/P system is a bit of a mystery to me when it comes to UAC.
  • I agree Headbutt is awesome - my problem is I'd probably want to wear a helmet, which (to my understanding) pushes you up to the highest AsG in that class. I have the choice of being in sub-optimal armor for my training for 1 cman which is somewhat duplicative with twin hammerfist and / or tackle.
  • On unarmed spec - it's going to be a while before I have mastered tricks and disarm - I'd get unarmed spec temporary then train it off once I didn't need it anymore.
  • You say subdual strike is only useful for bandit defense - is it mechanically not that effective? It seemed like a weapon version of headbutt, or near enough.

If Mongoose only jabs, and requires me to hold a weapon, I need to re-think what I want to end up doing - be curious for any thoughts on other potential cmans, martial stances, etc. I am going to do some testing with qstrike this evening to see how Asp could fit in.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 8:20:40 PM

@drzaius said in UAC Warrior:

  • I agree Headbutt is awesome - my problem is I'd probably want to wear a helmet, which (to my understanding) pushes you up to the highest AsG in that class.

Correct. Penalties are based on coverage, and the only thing that covers the head is full coverage (highest ASG of that group)

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 9:47:07 PM

I was specifically referring to Griffin's Voice as it allows you to keep Holler up for an entire hunt. Especially as a giant. That said, you tanked influence, so that's not exactly going to work. Mongoose won't work if you don't hold weapons so it's out. That pretty much leaves you with asp or dervish for stances. I've heard nice things about Asp but the large cooldown is a turn off for me.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, 9:49:06 PM

Oh, this is the warrior folder - ha.

I've been reading somewhat but thought it was monks and there would be other choices. Yes, go dervish and max MOC like Ososis said earlier.

Thursday, August 24th, 2017, 9:14:19 AM

Without going into CMAN specifics, I need to absolutely mirror Ososis and Roblar... MOC with UAC is fucking ridiculously amazingly brokenly amazing with more superlatives added in there. Anything that buffs MOC/Mstriking is a great choice. At full MOC/PF, I believe the Mstrike cooldown becomes so low, that it can basically replace every other attack for you.