Japhrimel's Assorted Services - Piercing, Scarification, Embellishing, Jewelry Making

Thursday, August 17th, 2017, 12:44:30 PM

Hey all! I decided to make a new thread since the old one moved from piercing services to a much wider selection of services. I'll list all of them and the details below, so it will look pretty similar to the old page. You can contact me here in the thread or via PM or look for Japhrimel IG. I spend most of my time on the West side of the Dragonspine and FWI.

Services Offered: * Piercing - Selling piercing jewelry and providing piercing - Jewelry is 50k per and the piercing itself is free * Scarification - Using a permanent scarring razor I can change the unique feature slot to something else - 50k for this service * Jewelry Creation - Using a max unlocked Daxella Jewelry box, with all custom sides included, I can take most gems/skins provided and fashion them into jewelry - 50k + a gem/skin * Embellishing - Using an embellishing/alteration wand, I can add a long description to most 15/15/15 item lacking a long or show. - 50k + a gem for this service

Piercing Services:


  • an enruned sapphire sliver
  • an alum-traced moonstone sliver
  • an alum-traced onyx sliver
  • an unadorned bronze sliver
  • a gold-twined sapphire sliver
  • a pearl-inset onyx sliver
  • a fractured blackened steel sliver
  • an emerald-set gold sliver
  • a veniom-swept ivory sliver
  • a sigil-incised gold sliver
  • an agate-inlaid rose gold sliver
  • a silver-chased platinum sliver
  • a veniom-swept electrum sliver
  • an agate-inlaid electrum sliver
  • an enruned gold sliver
  • a filigreed black stone sliver
  • an alum-traced gold sliver
  • an agate-inlaid ivory sliver
  • an alum-traced ruby sliver
  • a lustrous white gold sliver

Fangs: * an enruned electrum fang * a scrimshawed ivory fang * an emerald-set gold fang * a veniom-swept rose gold fang * a scrollwork rose gold fang * a veniom-swept ivory fang * a diamond-inset platinum fang * a vaalin-swept ivory fang

Stud/Studs: * a rune-etched feystone stud * a silver-chased laje stud * a filigreed electrum stud * an enruned soulstone stud * an alum-traced soulstone stud * a filigreed black stone stud * a scrollwork feystone stud * a gold-twined ivory stud * an emerald-set soulstone stud * an enruned laje stud * a diamond-inset gold stud * a scrollwork ruby stud * a veniom-swept rose gold stud * a pink mistvein ruby stud (5) * a tiny blue diamond stud (3) * a skull-carved bone stud (3) * a small black diamond stud * a spiked gold stud (2) * a petite gold dragonfly stud (2) * a skull-shaped bone stud (2) * a tiny gold axe-shaped stud * a sparkling blue diamond stud (3) * a tiny gold hammer-shaped stud * an alum-traced gold stud * a pearl-inset electrum stud * a vaalin-swept white gold stud * an alum-traced black stone stud * a half-melted brass stud * an enruned ivory stud * a gold-twined feystone stud * a pearl-inset pale green jade stud * a gold-twined electrum stud (2) * a rune-etched rose gold stud * a pearl-inset laje stud * an enruned gold stud * an agate-inlaid white gold stud * a rune-etched white gold stud * an alum-traced feystone stud * a sigil-incised platinum stud * a rune-etched electrum stud * a diamond-inset moonstone stud * a diamond-inset rose gold stud * an enruned feystone stud * an agate-inlaid faceted crystal stud * an emerald-set ruby stud * an alum-traced faceted crystal stud * an alum-traced platinum stud * a pearl-inset moonstone stud * a pearl-inset soulstone stud * an agate-inlaid ruby stud * a pitted silver stud * a vaalin-swept ivory stud * a gold-twined silver stud * an emerald-set white gold stud * a scrollwork vaalin stud * a pearl-inset vaalin stud * a scrollwork onyx stud * a rune-etched soulstone stud * a filigreed rose gold stud * an agate-inlaid vaalin stud * a sigil-incised vaalin stud * a veniom-swept black stone stud * an enruned sapphire stud * a nicked alexandrite stud * a cracked copper stud * a scrollwork ivory stud * a diamond-inset ivory bone stud * a pair of azure blazestar studs (8) * a rolaren-inset silver cube stud * a tiny pave diamond stud* * a tentacle-carved violet feystone stud with peridot suckers (4)

Earrings: * some carved lavender earrings * a series of pale pink earrings * a series of black and gold earrings * a pair of onyx-inset faenor earrings (9) * a pair of tiny gold earrings set with jade (11) * a pair of teardrop moonglae opal earrings (14) * a pair of gold-wrapped green jade earrings (12) * a pair of silver harp-shaped earrings (7) * a pair of silver earrings inset with amethyst (11) * a pair of silver-wrapped amethyst earrings (10) * a pair of gold earrings set with crimson blazestars (10) * a pair of wyvern-shaped blazestar earrings (8)

Half-Rings: * an agate-inlaid rose gold half-ring * an agate-inlaid white gold half-ring * an enruned white gold half-ring (2) * a sigil-incised ivory half-ring * a lustrous onyx half-ring * an emerald-set white gold half-ring * a lustrous sapphire half-ring * a silver-chased feystone half-ring * an emerald-set electrum half-ring * a vaalin-swept ruby half-ring * a brass-swirled blackened steel half-ring * a rune-etched electrum half-ring * a pearl-inset rose gold half-ring * a gold-twined laje half-ring (2) * a vaalin-swept silver half-ring * an enruned ruby half-ring * a vaalin-swept onyx half-ring (2) * an emerald-set sapphire half-ring * a diamond-inset pale green jade half-ring * a veniom-swept ivory half-ring * a thick gold half-ring capped with polished ruby orbs (2) * a rune-etched vaalin half-ring * a scrollwork rose gold half-ring * a pearl-inset vaalin half-ring * a silver-chased faceted crystal half-ring * an alum-traced rose gold half-ring * an emerald-set pale green jade half-ring * a diamond-inset silver half-ring * a diamond-inset white gold half-ring * an enruned ivory half-ring (2) * a sigil-incised ruby half-ring * a vaalin-swept ivory half-ring * a filigreed rose gold half-ring * an alum-traced pale green jade half-ring * a filigreed bloodjewel half-ring * a pearl-inset laje half-ring * a lustrous ruby half-ring * a silver-chased pale green jade half-ring * an agate-inlaid platinum half-ring * an emerald-set faceted crystal half-ring * a lustrous black stone half-ring * a veniom-swept pale green jade half-ring * a misshapen deathstone half-ring * a diamond-inset faceted crystal half-ring * a diamond-inset platinum half-ring

Ring/Rings: * a filigreed white gold ring * a polished glaes ring dangling tiny silver dice * a sigil-incised silver ring (2) * a rune-etched faceted crystal ring * an alum-traced onyx ring * a trio of vaalin rings * an agate-inlaid faceted crystal ring * a sigil-incised vaalin ring * a filigreed sapphire ring * a pearl-inset black stone ring * an enruned faceted crystal ring * a veniom-swept sapphire ring * an agate-inlaid sapphire ring * a rune-etched vaalin ring * a gold-twined ruby ring * a gold-twined sapphire ring * a diamond-inset white gold ring * a sigil-incised faceted crystal ring (2) * a filigreed ruby ring * a filigreed gold ring * an enruned gold ring * a vaalin-swept silver ring * a diamond-inset ivory ring * an agate-inlaid vaalin ring * a diamond-inset feystone ring (2) * an alum-traced bloodjewel ring * a filigreed electrum ring * an alum-traced vaalin ring * a lustrous white gold ring * a slim gold ring dangling a tiny black pearl * an alum-traced ivory ring * an emerald-set ruby ring * a scrollwork white gold ring * some blood red talon-shaped rings (6) * a glossy mithglin ring clutching a tiny blue diamond orb * a sleek faenor ring clutching a faceted emerald orb * a thin mistvein diamond ring (3) * some dainty pearl-studded rings (4) * a twisted yellow gold ring clutching a small diamond orb (2) * a delicate swirled glaes ring (4) * a braided electrum ring (5) * some tri-tiered vaalin rings (2) * a pearl-inset sapphire ring * an agate-inlaid rose gold ring * an alum-traced sapphire ring * an enruned ivory ring (2) * a filigreed silver ring * a filigreed faceted crystal ring * a dark red laje ring dangling a rainbow glaes parrot (2) * a tiny ring of interlocking steel links (3) * a blue-swirled black mithglin ring (3) * a trio of fused gold rings (4) * a polished silver ring dangling a tiny eahnor rose (4) * an emerald-set pale green jade ring * an enruned platinum ring * an emerald-set soulstone ring * a gold-twined pale green jade ring * a sinuous banded onyx ring* * a trio of twisted silver rings *

Hoop/Hoops: * a rune-etched feystone hoop * a rune-etched bloodjewel hoop * a filigreed moonstone hoop * a vaalin-swept laje hoop * a shiny gold hoop (2) * an enruned rose gold hoop * an agate-inlaid electrum hoop * an agate-inlaid silver hoop * a rune-etched ivory hoop * a diamond-inset soulstone hoop * a veniom-swept black stone hoop * an iron-chased tin hoop * a pair of etched gold hoops dangling jade oak leaves (8) * a pair of vaalin hoops dangling sapphire peacock feathers (10) * a pair of faenor hoops inset with a trio of malachite beads (8) * a pair of gold hoops dangling ruby wyverns (4) * a series of green and black kelyn hoops*

Hooks: * a gold-twined onyx hook * a rune-etched sapphire hook * a pearl-inset pale green jade hook * an agate-inlaid black stone hook * a scrollwork gold hook (2) * a veniom-swept rose gold hook * a sigil-incised ruby hook * a silver-chased gold hook * a diamond-inset ivory hook * a sigil-incised sapphire hook * a silver-chased white gold hook * a filigreed pale green jade hook * an alum-traced white gold hook * a lustrous black stone hook

Spikes: * a filigreed electrum spike * a silver-chased rose gold spike * a rune-etched rose gold spike * a gold-twined vaalin spike (2) * a ruby-veined silver spike (3) * a filigreed silver spike * a lustrous faceted crystal spike * a filigreed platinum spike * a glowing white steel spike (5) * a sharp purple steel spike * a silver-chased onyx spike * a gold-twined silver spike * a veniom-swept faceted crystal spike * a pearl-inset feystone spike * a scrollwork pale green jade spike * an emerald-set ivory spike * an alum-traced soulstone spike * a lustrous bloodjewel spike * an agate-inlaid sapphire spike (2) * an agate-inlaid ivory spike * a gold-twined bloodjewel spike (2) * an enruned rose gold spike * a scrollwork faceted crystal spike * a diamond-inset sapphire spike * a rune-etched ruby spike (2) * a lustrous platinum spike (2) * a scrollwork sapphire spike * an emerald-set white gold spike * a diamond-inset ruby spike * a veniom-swept rose gold spike * an agate-inlaid rose gold spike * a rune-etched ivory spike * a sigil-incised rose gold spike * a sigil-incised vaalin spike * a veniom-swept silver spike * a scrollwork platinum spike * a diamond-inset electrum spike * a rune-etched vaalin spike (2) * a lustrous feystone spike * a diamond-inset laje spike * a diamond-inset pale green jade spike * a pearl-inset moonstone spike * a curved pale vaalin spike*

Shards: * a filigreed pale green jade shard * a diamond-inset faceted crystal shard * a diamond-inset sapphire shard * an agate-inlaid ivory shard * a gold-twined platinum shard * a gold-twined soulstone shard * a veniom-swept ruby shard * a filigreed vaalin shard * a small blue crystal shard * a silver-chased electrum shard * a gold-twined electrum shard * an agate-inlaid sapphire shard * a pearl-inset moonstone shard

Bars: * an agate-inlaid platinum bar * a gold-twined feystone bar (3) * an enruned silver bar * a pearl-inset electrum bar * a pearl-inset feystone bar * an alum-traced rose gold bar * an emerald-set faceted crystal bar * an agate-inlaid silver bar (2) * a slender bone bar etched with a skeletal face (3) * a cone-tipped silver bar * a gold-twined ruby bar * an alum-traced electrum bar * a rune-etched electrum bar * a diamond-inset ruby bar * a silver-chased sapphire bar * a rune-etched sapphire bar * a sigil-incised pale green jade bar * a sigil-incised rose gold bar * an enruned ivory bar * a garnet-inlaid rose gold bar * a filigreed electrum bar (2) * an agate-inlaid vaalin bar * a vaalin-swept soulstone bar * a scrollwork electrum bar * an emerald-set soulstone bar * a sigil-incised ivory bar * a veniom-swept laje bar * an emerald-set sapphire bar (3) * a silver-chased laje bar (2) * a silver-chased onyx bar * a gold-twined moonstone bar * a diamond-inset vaalin bar * a rune-etched pale green jade bar * a veniom-swept ivory bar * a lustrous ivory bar * a rune-etched platinum bar * a wavy amber bar (2) * a garnet-inlaid rose gold bar*

Miscellaneous: * a thin silver rod (2) * a tiny black crystal dagger (5) * a tiny red crystal rose (4) * a carved mesille disc (2) * a tiny white crystal skull (2)

Notes on Piercing!

Now, not every piercing jewelry can be worn in any area. Earrings.. earbobS(plural).. things like that, can be worn in both ears.. single items, such as a hoop can be worn in one or the other, generally. Possible locations for many, but not all jewelry include: right eyebrow, left eyebrow, both eyebrows, nose, right nostril, left nostril, lip, left ear, right ear, both ears.

Piercing jewelry and you! How to keep it clean and healthy. You'll want some form of incredibly potent and tasty alcohol, generally whiskey.. or you can also get a tincture of acantha. Those are generally available on the bench in TSC. Pour the liquid on the piercing. You'll want to do this right after getting it pierced and regularly for a few days afterwards. Personally, I recommend every few hours for three days, but others might recommend alternative amounts. Tinctures of acantha also wont leave you stunned and helpless after use, but whiskey means you can get drunk on the extra. Your choice!

Scarification Services: https://gswiki.play.net/mediawiki/in...Scarring_razor - currently being done by an alt d/t first aid ranks needed.

Scarification and You!

Using a scarring razor you can have your distinguishing mark feature spot replaced with something else (ALTER 34 to see what that one is).

Using a scarring razor you can select the noun of the mark, a descriptor of the mark, where the mark will be and preposition used for the location.

For example I can make a jagged(descriptor) birthmark(noun) across(preposition) the right cheek(location)

Options -

Noun: birthmark, blemish, disfigurement, lump, mark, marking, mole, patch, pock, pockmark, wart, scar, or brand

Descriptor: angular, asymmetrical, barbed, blackened, bumpy, craggy, crooked, dark, darkened, discolored, flat, forked, indented, irregular, jagged, lopsided, narrow, notched, patchy, pitted, raised, ridged, rough, rugged, slanted, straight, uneven, zigzagged, A-shaped, B-shaped (all the way through to Z-shaped)

Location: right cheek, left cheek, nose, upper lip, lower lip, chin jawbone, jawline, neck, neckline, collarbone, forehead, right eyebrow, left eyebrow, right eye, left eye, right ear, left ear.

Preposition: above, across, along, around, below, by, near, on, over, toward, under, underneath

Jewelry Creation Services: https://gswiki.play.net/mediawiki/in...lrybox#Tier5

Daxela's Jewelry Box - Creating Custom Zested Jewelry - I've got a t6 box(fully unlocked and all sides of it also have a custom option.)

You can insert a gem or a skin into the box and you will make a (adjective) (gem/skin description) (jewelry noun). For example I can put an uncut diamond into it, select ring worn, select the signet setting, and the gaudy adjective and make "a gaudy uncut diamond signet"

The jewelry made is also zested for PUSH and TURN.

Jewelry Type: Head, neck, wrist, ankle, finger, pin, ears

Custom Settings - My box has these, normal boxes do not. Anyone can get theirs customized with the right merchant.

Your current custom pendant setting is a fox-shaped. Your current custom bracelet setting is a complex. Your current custom anklet setting is a charm-laden. Your current custom diadem setting is a primitive. Your current custom ring setting is a segmented. Your current custom earrings setting is some chandelier. Your current custom pin setting is a silver-haloed.

Embellishing Services:

Alteration Wand Services!

I have now an item that allows you to "alter" your items. I am still exploring the limitations, but so far here is what we know:

Insert a gem into the wand to power it.

You can wave the wand at ANYTHING that can be interacted with, excluding fellow adventurers. Anything you can interact with in the environment, be it a doorway, an item, a creature, a window, an altar, etc should work with it.

The item must fit the 15/15/15 and not have a long or a show. Certain items do not work, as I've had mixed results on forged weapons(if it has the hilt removed it works?). Some items with a show due to the script do work, such as fusion and cidolfhus bandoliers(tested each so far)

You hold the item you want to alter in your left hand, the wand in your right hand, and WAVE the wand at the thing you want to add to the description. The wand does NOT work on people, but anything else you can interact with works, so far.

Examples: a small white marble shrine engraved with the Japhrimel coffin design a wide sharply pointed choker etched with a petrified slave hand design a deep ebony vest embellished with a skeletal corpse of a satyr design

Thursday, August 17th, 2017, 12:45:17 PM

Well, that didn't turn out quite how I wanted. I'll fix it up once I get out of work.. or if I can hide from my boss long enough! Mwah ha ha.

Thursday, August 17th, 2017, 1:48:48 PM

I got my piercing from Japh years ago. 10/10, would let him poke a hole in me again.

Thursday, August 17th, 2017, 7:35:37 PM

@maylan said in Japhrimel's Assorted Services - Piercing, Scarification, Embellishing, Jewelry Making:

I got my piercing from Japh years ago. 10/10, would let him poke my hole again.