Infused Enchanting Project

Thursday, August 17th, 2017, 1:24:47 AM

So I've done some "market research" and getting some feedback and opinions, and have come to a new pricing plan for this service.

Base Price:

4x-5x 2m 5x-6x - 4m 6x-7x - 6m


95% infused temper potions - 750k per pour. 4x-5x (5 pours)- 3.75m 5x-6x (6 pours)- 4.5m 6x-7x (7 pours)- 5.25m

+3m for fusion (optional)

So final price would be...

4x-5x - 5.75m (estimated 2 days to complete) 5x-6x - 8.5m (estimated 3-3.5 days to complete) 6x-7x - 11.25 (estimated 5.25-6 days to complete)

plus a surcharge for fusion, if applicable.

Please note, this is a single enchant slot only. I am not offering combos such as 4x-6x at this time. I have other commitments beyond the end of this project, and only have seven fully infused potions on stock right now. Preference will be given to a 6x-7x slot over a lower tier in the event that multiple parties express interest before I finalize an agreement with someone, but once that agreement is made, no further interest will be considered.

Thursday, August 17th, 2017, 8:33:48 AM

slot sold.