Platinum Storyline: INNTRIGUE

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 1:01:00 AM

Hey folks, thought Id give people on this board a bit of a glimpse into what is happening in Plat! One of the BEST things about Platinum is the storylines :) Recently the Elven Nations were taken over by a Dark Elf by the name of Ardryll and his undead AND living minions. The Mirror and the King of Ta'Vaalor were held for ransom, ensuring the towns cooperation, whilst Players 'loyal' to this Ardryll's cause were appointed to lead. Lord Auverilian and High Inquisitor Brinret were appointed Overloards of their respective towns. Shenanigans ensued, a resistance was formed, and Ardryll was betrayed by those he thought loyal to him. The repercussions of these events are still being felt.

We have a lot going on, and for all levels...that was just one example! The current to do is a story that Qcrew has dubbed INNTRIGUE and I like the name, it fits. What follows is a crosspost from the Platinum officials as to the recent event.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 1:01:29 AM

Greetings Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to the next installment of INNTRIGUE! Yes, those of you who have been paying attention...who have their ears to the ground and their eyes open, dear reader...the one in the know...have heard of the goings on at the Thrak Inn these past months. First the clandestine meetings between its owner and the ne'er-do-well's led by the Half-Thrak Hakir, then the stirrings of that establishments employees as they failed to get paid. What unknown deals were being made? What could have caused the Inn to go broke and not be able to tend to the livelihood of it's workers?

All this and more was slowly revealed as interested parties investigated. The lovely daughter of the Innkeeper, Leiana, was to be sold to that dastardly devil Hakir in order to pay her Fathers Debt! Scandalous! Unheard of! Oh me, oh my...quite the buzz about town. Many an ear picked up on this juicy bit of gossip oh I can assure you. Society...both high and low...were buzzing about this business for weeks! For shame. The law was called in, and charges leveled against the Morally Bankrupt Innkeeper. But, whether because of true sorrow for what he had intended or simply to save his hide...the Innkeeper ratted out his co-conspirators, and a deal was made. On the night of the exchange...where that pernicious perverted Half-Thrak (and not even HALF a man, I dare say!) was to be gifted with the lovely and innocent damsel...a switch was to be made that would not be foreseen. Dawning the apparel of the BEST of society, the man about town and handsome scholar from the Empire...Lord Whick...would sacrifice his dignity (but never his modesty! Oh no, too great of a man to do something that shocking!) and play the role of the Damsel.

I must confess, dear reader, that I had my doubts. Could even the finest jewels and most expensive silks even hope to disguise the rugged masculinity of Our Hero? I would not have believed it. But! He shocked us all...showing not only an aptitude for Theater but a true showman's grace...and that scoundrel Hakir fell for the disguise, hook like and sinker! Many were involved in the scuffle that followed. The mysterious Qoshkalia, Lady Talryssa, the great and stoic Omrii, even the Half-Krolvin known only as Bara stepped up along with many others and did their part to aid the dashing, daring, and delightful Lord Whick in his righteous cause!

Oh! To have been there! To have seen such a specimin wield both sword in spell in the cause of Justice! How the light must have glistened of his toned, muscular form as he...

Ah, but I digress...

Hakir the Half-Thrak...who was no warrior, nor even a match (and dare I say it? Maybe not even a gentleman!)for our Lord Whick and his fearless companions and he was thrown into a cell, to be dealt with. Whick went off with the damsel Leiana and her father...surely to collect the due of one so worthy and brave.

This would end the story...except for the incompetence (which, I remind you dear reader, this publication has been harping on for YEARS!) of the local constablary! That Hakir was allowed (mayhap even aided? See more on this in our Editorial Section: Traitors to the Landing) to escape and is now on the loose. It falls on us, honorable citizens and guests of the Frontier City, to keep on the lookout! If you see him, please do not try to engage, simply report his whereabouts to Lord Whick or any authority you deem competent.

Now, the talk about town is that the Innkeeper is still to blame...yes, amends were made and he did turn to the Right in the end...but can we trust a man that would sell his own daughter?

Oh but dear are in for a treat! For our publication has just received the scoop of the century! It seems that our Hero, Lord Whick, is once again investigating matters. His (and heaven forbid the gossip here is false) lady friend Leiana and he have been seen conversing over Drinks at the Thrak Inn!

Stay tuned for further developments. For not all is as it seems...

(OOC NOTE: Im trying a new little way to deliver info. I like this reporter/gossipmonger guy. Tell me what you guys think!)

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 1:02:12 AM

OOC NOTE: This is a Log edited for ease of reading. All details have been left in. This is OOC information folks! Remember metagaming :) That being said, if you want to be directly involved I am very happy to get you in on this, to the extent of my abilities. We can arrange things. Whick is playing it close to the chest but...I assure you, I like to get as many folks actually involved (and not just standing around watching) as I can.

First! The cast:

Lord Whick: Hero or Villain? That remains to be seen. He definitely is more than he appears. He smiles and is the picture of politeness and courtesy, but the astute observer notes that the smile does not always reach his eyes. He was the savior of the poor lady Leiana in the last episode...but did he do so out of Chivalry? Or does he have other...more sinister motives...

The Farmer Oezzilm: He seems forthright enough. But just what did the note say that Whick slipped him...and how do these two know each other? Yes, he seems up and up but...time will tell.

The Lady Leiana: Our damsel of this tale...loyal beyond measure to her Father despite his wicked deeds. She seems to be more competent than one would guess. Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye? Substance beneath that pretty exterior? Still....she too seems to have a suspicious amount of information at her fingertips. Is she truly the naive daughter simply trying to save her Fathers Inn?

Lady Kizzae: A mystery. She seems to play a small role in tonights affair...but there is much that is unknown when it comes to this new player on the scene in the Landing Events. A dark aura clouds an otherwise lovely form..and a strange detachment cannot be helped but be noticed by those she associates with.

And now, onto the show....

[Raging Thrak Inn, Barroom] A long and polished wooden bar occupies the whole north wall of the tavern here in The Raging Thrak, which is named for the fiery proprietor. Hard wooden chairs, tables and benches are spaced liberally throughout the room. The tavern does good business, and seems to be at least half full, no matter what time of day. You also see a doorway and a long and polished wooden bar with some stuff on it. Also here: Oezzilm, Leiana Obvious exits: north, south, west, out

Speaking to Leiana, you say, "Mistress! I did not expect to see you this evening."

Leiana smiles and nods.

You blush a nice shade of light pink.

Oezzilm just arrived.

Leiana says, "I asked Talryssa to.."

Leiana smiles at Oezzilm.

Oezzilm says, "Oh, hello."

Leiana says, "Good evening, sir."

Oezzilm works his fingers under his farmer's hat and scratches his head.

Oezzilm pours himself a large mug of frothy ale.

You admit, "I am sorry, I feel I am bit...worse for wear. I had some business to attend to earlier and it left me in something of a tizzy."

Leiana waves to Oezzilm.

You nod once at Oezzilm.

Oezzilm says, "I will just drink this and leave you two to... whatever." > Oezzilm ponders.

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana says, "I did not get your name earlier."

Oezzilm raises his mug of frothy ale in a toast!

Speaking to Leiana, Oezzilm exclaims, "Oh, I am Oezzilm!"

Leiana adds, "For my father."

Oezzilm nods.

Leiana surreptitiously glances at you.

Leiana smiles and nods to Oezzilm.

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana says, "Thank you, Oezzilm. I will let him know."

Speaking politely to Oezzilm, you say, "I believe Ive seen you about from time to time."

Lady Kizzae just arrived.

Oezzilm says, "My farm grows pumpkins and turnips and some apples and wheat, so if you need any of those, we can supply them."

Oezzilm nods.

You nod to Kizzae in greeting.

Oezzilm says, "And also I am trying to start an urgh herd."

Oezzilm traces the lines of his urgh tattoo.

Kizzae glances at you.

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale.

Kizzae folds her arms over her chest.

Oezzilm waves to Kizzae.

Kizzae waves to Oezzilm.

Speaking to Kizzae, Leiana asks, "Good evening again. Something I can offer you from the bar?"

Speaking teasingly to Leiana, Kizzae says, "So you found someone that needed assistance."

Kizzae shakes her head.

Whick surreptitiously pads himself down, ensuring he has no evidence remaining on him on the notes he has been writing

Leiana flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Kizzae awkwardly says, "I just like to watch."

Leiana says, "Oh we.. we know either other."

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking amusedly to Kizzae, you say, "Kizzae."

Oezzilm nods slowly at Kizzae.

You fold your arms over your chest.

You smirk.

Leiana glances between Kizzae and Oezzilm.

Leiana says, "I mean Whick and I know each other."

Leiana looks flustered.

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale.

Kizzae grins.

You smile at Leiana.

Leiana abruptly says, "We're friends."

You will speak fondly on your next message.

Leiana nods.

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking fondly to Leiana, you say, "A fact for which I am grateful. You make a wonderful...friend."

Oezzilm asks, "Has anyone ever told you both that you look surprisingly similar?"

Leiana shifts her weight.

You flash a wide grin.

Oezzilm glances between Leiana and yourself.

Leiana murmurs, "Thanks."

Kizzae glances between Leiana and yourself.

You formally ask, "A drink, for any of you?"

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Leiana glances between Kizzae and Oezzilm.

Kizzae bluntly says, "I think she's far more attractive."

You pour yourself a large mug of frothy ale.

Kizzae clasps her hand over her mouth.

Leiana grins at Kizzae.

You agree with Kizzae.

Oezzilm agrees with Kizzae.

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale.

Speaking to Kizzae, Leiana says, "You haven't seen him dressed up in a gown."

Leiana appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Speaking honestly to Kizzae, you agree, "She is, that is very much so."

You cough.

Oezzilm raises an eyebrow.

You blush a nice shade of light pink.

Oezzilm looks at you, puzzled.

Kizzae glances at you.

You blurt, "Er well.."

Kizzae disdainfully says, "Of course he would do that."

You dust yourself off.

Leiana reassures, "He looked very nice."

You will speak curtly on your next message.

Leiana smiles at you.

Kizzae is admiring you.

Oezzilm is admiring you.

Speaking curtly to Kizzae, you say, "I did it in order to help. Something you'd know little about."

You sniff.

Speaking softly to you, Leiana says, "I still have no way to thank you for that."

Speaking soothingly to Leiana, you say, "Simply allowing me the pleasure of your company is thanks enough."

You see Leiana. She appears to be a Human. She is average height. She appears to be youthful. She has large grey-green eyes and fair skin. She has long, curly deep red hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. She has a freckled nose and dimpled cheeks. She is in good shape. She is wearing a tarnished silver locket, an off-shoulder ebon linen blouse, a small leather purse, a slender leather belt with a brass buckle, a pair of close-fitting supple cinnamon leather pants, and some calf-length laced black kidskin boots with narrow cuffs. > Leiana flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

You offer your mug of frothy ale to Leiana

Oezzilm appears to be trying hard not to grin.

You offer, "Have some."

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale.

Leiana has accepted your offer and is now holding a large mug of frothy ale.

Leiana says, "Thanks."

You smile.

You nod once.

You turn to face a long and polished wooden bar.

You pour yourself a large mug of frothy ale.

You will speak idly on your next message.

Speaking idly to yourself, you say, "I'll have some as well."

You glance at a large mug of frothy ale and grin.

You take a drink from your mug of frothy ale. The creamy, full-bodied texture supports a sweet molasses taste.

Speaking to you, Leiana exclaims, "Did I tell you about that.. that Jaired? He tried to poison me!"

You frown.

Leiana gives a brief stomp of her foot.

You will speak softly on your next message.

Leiana scowls.

Kizzae raises an eyebrow.

Speaking softly to Leiana, you whisper aloud, "...again? When?"

You frown.

Leiana flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

You will speak concernedly on your next message.

Leiana abashedly murmurs, "No, still just angry about the first time."

Kizzae frowns.

Leiana mutters under her breath.

Kizzae says, "If you'll excuse me."

Kizzae sighs.

Lady Kizzae just went west.

Leiana glances west.

You will speak darkly on your next message.

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana says, "So tell me of your farm."

Speaking darkly to Leiana, you say, "If he threatens you again...simply...let me know."

You turn to face Oezzilm.

You listen carefully to Oezzilm.

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Leiana shoots Whick a brief smile and nods.

Oezzilm says, "It's not too far from town, so there are some orcs and undead that cause trouble sometimes, but we keep them away."

Oezzilm deftly removes the vultite-bladed hoe from his baldric.

Oezzilm waves a massive vultite-bladed hoe around.

Oezzilm waves a massive vultite-bladed hoe around.

Oezzilm carefully secures his hoe to his baldric. It rattles against the scythe secured to it, and he carefully adjusts them.

Leiana concernedly asks, "Undead?"

Oezzilm says, "My brother also lives there. We try to grow as much as Imaera blesses us with."

Oezzilm nods at Leiana.

Oezzilm furrows his brow.

Oezzilm says, "Sometimes."

Oezzilm breaks out in a sweat.

(Whick takes a moment to search for a seat.)

Whick secretly drops a note into Oezzilm's pocket as he looks around for a place to sit, before finally sitting down

You sit down next to a long and polished wooden bar.

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana comments, "Sounds awful."

Oezzilm nods at Leiana.

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana asks, "How old is your brother?"

Oezzilm says, "Usually it is calm and peaceful though, just me and the vegetables."

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Oezzilm says, "He is almost 40 or so. He's a couple years older than me, but he usually sends me to town to do business. He likes his plowing."

Oezzilm nods.

You cock your head.

Speaking politely to Oezzilm, you ask, "How long have you been away from the fields?"

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Oezzilm says, "I come into town a few times a week."

Oezzilm nods.

A small glossy black spider crawls over to your forehead.

Leiana asks, "Does your farm do well?"

Speaking to your glossy black spider, you whisper aloud, "Not now. Soon."

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Oezzilm nods.

Leiana blinks at you.

You wave your hand in a dismissive gesture.

You will speak embarrassedly on your next message.

You embarrassedly say, "Sorry."

Oezzilm says, "It could do better, if there were roltons and urghs."

Oezzilm nods.

Leiana exclaims, "You have a spider on your head!"

You nod slowly.

You will speak calmly on your next message.

You calmly ask, "It is...a friend. Do not be alarmed. Would you like him?"

Leiana furrows her brow.

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Oezzilm ponders.

Leiana shakes her head.

Oezzilm attends to his boar hide tabard, making the tabard as presentable as possible.

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Leiana quickly says, "No no."

Leiana glances away from you.

Oezzilm glances at something in a sturdy iron boar hide tabard emblazoned with a gilded pumpkin.

You understandingly say, "He isnt like the kind you'll find in and about the seedier locations in town. He's not...a normal creature. Hes magic."

You smile.

You take a drink from your mug of frothy ale. Dark roasted grains and malts stand out as you savor the drink. You have 5 quaffs left.

You reach over to your forehead and trace a finger along the spider's head, allowing it to nuzzle your finger.

Oezzilm looks thoughtfully at you.

Oezzilm asks, "You sure you don't need me to smush it?"

You raise an eyebrow in Oezzilm's direction.

Leiana agrees with Oezzilm.

Oezzilm removes a dirt-caked wooden shovel from in his boar hide tabard.

Speaking inquisitively to Oezzilm, you say, "Would you squish anothers pet? You can meet him..if youd like."

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You stand back up.

You walk toward Oezzilm.

Leiana abruptly exclaims, "No shovel!"

Oezzilm asks, "Oh, can it talk?"

Oezzilm put a dirt-caked wooden shovel in his boar hide tabard.

Leiana's face turns slightly pale.

You grin crookedly.

You will speak vaguely on your next message.

You vaguely say, "...Something like that."

Speaking to Leiana, Oezzilm exclaims, "It's good for smushing!"

Oezzilm turns an inquisitive ear toward you.

Speaking dryly to Oezzilm, you say, "Yes smushing."

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana explains, "It would also squish his face."

Oezzilm nods to you.

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Leiana frowns at Oezzilm.

Oezzilm nods at Leiana.

Oezzilm says, "That is a good point."

(Whick takes his spider and puts it up to Oezzilms ear for a moment.)

Oezzilm ponders.

Oezzilm inclines his ear, listening intently.

Speaking gratefully to Leiana, you say, "Thank you for saving my face."

Leiana adopts an agreeable expression.

(Whick waits a moment, before withdrawing the spider.)

You will speak expectantly on your next message.

Speaking expectantly to Oezzilm, you ask, "And?"

Oezzilm asks, "Sounds spidery, but also a little magical I think?"

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to you, Leiana murmurs, "It's a good face."

Leiana flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

You blush a nice shade of light pink.

Speaking awkwardly to Leiana, you say, "Not as fine as yours..."

Oezzilm put a large mug of frothy ale in his byssine cloak.

Oezzilm carefully diagnoses your injuries.

Whick smiles faintly

Speaking to you, Oezzilm says, "It appears to be firmly attached, too."

Leiana shifts her weight.

Oezzilm removes a large mug of frothy ale from in his byssine cloak.

Oezzilm nods sagely.

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale.

Leiana takes a large gulp of her ale.

Leiana clears her throat.

You take a drink from your mug of frothy ale. The creamy, full-bodied texture supports a sweet molasses taste. You have 4 quaffs left.

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You idly say, "I can...remove it. If it makes the lady uncomfortable."

You glance at Leiana.

Leiana smiles.

Leiana says, "It's fine."

Oezzilm asks, "Oh! Have you ever considered building a garden on the roof of your inn?"

You raise an eyebrow in Oezzilm's direction.

Leiana grins at Oezzilm.

Leiana says, "I have, yes, but father said it would be trampled on."

Oezzilm rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Oezzilm nods.

Leiana says, "I may try to change his mind again. Maybe you could help me and talk to him."

Leiana nods at Oezzilm.

Oezzilm nods enthusiastically!

Leiana says, "I'll mention it when I tell him about your farm."

Oezzilm says, "I will tell my brother to crunch the numbers and also check for adequate dirt."

Oezzilm nods sagely.

You offhandedly ask, "How is your father, these days?"

You glance at Leiana.

Leiana's smile drops slightly but she quickly recovers.

Speaking casually to Leiana, you ask, "Is he still having those..troubles you spoke to me of?"

You glance at Oezzilm.

You clear your throat.

Speaking quietly to you, Leiana says, "That's.. what I wanted to speak to you about."

You nod slowly.

You will speak seriously on your next message.

Vaein just arrived.

Vaein just went west.

Leiana glances at Oezzilm.

You seriously say, "I am more than willing to listen."

You fold your hands behind your back, waiting patiently.

You will speak slowly on your next message.

Leiana nods slowly to you.

You slowly ask, "Maybe we could go somewhere a bit more...private?"

You ponder the meaning of Oezzilm's existence.

Vaein just arrived.

Vaein just went out.

You quietly whisper to Oezzilm, "Read it when you are alone. Burn it after."

Oezzilm nods to you.

Leiana glances at Oezzilm.

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale. Oezzilm looks rather relaxed.

Oezzilm says, "I should get back to the farm soon."

Oezzilm nods.

You nod politely.

Oezzilm says, "It was nice to meet you."

Speaking to Oezzilm, Leiana says, "It was nice to meet you."

Oezzilm takes a drink from his mug of frothy ale.

Speaking to Oezzilm, you say, "A pleasure seeing you again sir."

You see Oezzilm the Farmer. He appears to be a Giantman. He is shorter than average. He appears to be young and robust. He has tired green eyes and tanned skin. He has short, curly chestnut hair streaked with silver. He has a weathered face, a broad nose and a neatly-trimmed beard. His features bear a rough, grizzled appearance. He has a tattoo of a purple-spotted urgh happily frolicking through a vast meadow on his arm. He has minor cuts and bruises on his back, and minor cuts and bruises on his chest. He has several painful-looking scars across his chest, several painful-looking scars across his back, a black-and-blue left eye, and a scar across his neck. He is wearing a tattered farmer's hat, a plump white vultite sheep medallion, a long autumnal byssine cloak with a deep satin-lined hood, a turnip-topped carved willow stickpin, an iron-buckled leather baldric with a massive vultite-bladed hoe and an ancient vultite scythe secured to it slung over his shoulder, a dirt-stained farmer's satchel slung over his other shoulder, a sturdy iron boar hide tabard emblazoned with a gilded pumpkin over some bright orange leather, a polished imflass wristcuff etched with mistletoe, a sun-etched gold and bronze ring with bright jacinth rays, a wide doeskin belt fastened with a trio of amber buttons, some autumnal byssine trousers with mud splattered cuffs, a pale green woven reed anklet threaded with silvery wraithaline beads, and some rat fur socks under a pair of buckskin knee boots with thick leather soles.

Oezzilm says, "Better drink the ale before the constable complains about having it outside."

Oezzilm nods.

Oezzilm waves to you.

Oezzilm waves to Leiana.

Fixing your eyes firmly on the ground, you respectfully bow before Oezzilm.

Oezzilm rubs his vultite sheep medallion, causing it to release the scent of freshly cooked mutton into the air.

You take a drink from your mug of frothy ale. Dark roasted grains and malts stand out as you savor the drink. You have 3 quaffs left.

Oezzilm just went out.

Leiana smiles.

You turn to face Leiana.

Leiana joins your group.

You smile.

Leiana says, "Let's go to one of the rooms, what I need to speak of requires some privacy."

You nod.

You amicably say, "Certainly."

[Raging Thrak Inn, Front Desk] A polished wooden desk sits to the side of the staircase, and bears the placard of the Thrak's proprietor. At the top of the creaky wooden stairs are the establishment's guest rooms. You also see a brightly garlanded table with some stuff on it, a freshly-painted sign and a handpainted placard. Obvious exits: north Leiana followed.

go stair [Raging Thrak Inn, Hallway] You can look down this hallway to the other end of the building. Doorways lead right and left off it. You also see a curtained doorway, a white painted door and a creaky wood staircase. Obvious exits: north Leiana followed. go door [Raging Thrak Inn, Narrow Room] This narrow spartan room contains all the basics of sleeping quarters, but only the basics. A sleeping cot sits against one wall, while a line of hooks run along the opposite wall under a plain wood shelf. You can hear noise from the tavern below and from people tramping the stairs outside. Obvious exits: out Leiana followed.

You gaze in wonder at your surroundings.

Leiana nods.

Leiana says, "Thank you, this works."

You quickly say, "A moment."

You gesture and invoke the powers of the elements for the Presence spell... Your spell is ready.

Leiana glances around the room.

You gesture. You become aware of everyone near you...

You do not detect anything hidden or invisible.

You continue to feel much more aware of your surroundings

You nod once.

You somberly say, "Good. We are alone."

You turn to face Leiana.

Leiana nods slightly.

You listen carefully to Leiana.

Speaking to you, Leiana says, "Things have been rough, as I've explained, since the trial. People still look at us, whispering among themselves at their concerns over my father and I and our possible involvement with that Hakir."

Speaking passionately to you, Leiana says, "It's been a month! I can no longer stand still and just let my father's hard work fall to the wayside."

Speaking patiently to Leiana, you say, "Please, make yourself comfortable. This is a serious and heavy matter...its best we not add physical stress to it."

You nod once at Leiana.

Speaking pointedly to you, Leiana exclaims, "And that's not just a fancy play on words, the Wayside is getting some of our business!"

Leiana frets.

Speaking consolingly to Leiana, you say, "I is a...precarious position."

Leiana paces back and forth.

Leiana sighs.

Speaking abruptly to you, Leiana says, "I went looking."

Whick has made...inquiries after Hakir disappeared from the jail but nothing has turned up

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

You seriously say, "That was...dangerous."

Leiana excitedly exclaims, "And I found something!"

You blink.

Leiana removes a tattered paper from in her ebon linen blouse.

You cock your head.

Leiana waves a tattered paper at you.

You walk toward Leiana.

Leiana exclaims, "Look!"

A small glossy black spider crawls over to your right upper arm.

Leiana shows you a tattered paper, which she is holding in her left hand. Tattered around the edges and faintly stained with mud, the paper contains a list of animals and some type of code.

(Whick moves to Leiana and leans on her, looking at the paper.)

You lean on Leiana.

Speaking excitedly to you, Leiana exclaims, "I can't make any sense of it of course, but it's something important I know it!"

You nod once.

Leiana takes a drink from her mug of frothy ale.

You calmly say, "You were right to tell me about this."

You glance at Leiana.

Speaking thoughtfully to Leiana, you ask, "Have you...shown anyone else?"

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Speaking to you, Leiana exclaims, "It looks like a jumble of numbers and letters but I know it's something important. I found it on the guy!"

Leiana flashes a wide grin.

Leiana blinks.

Leiana says, "No, of course not."

Leiana shakes her head.

You nod once.

Leiana admits, "I don't have anyone really I know that well."

You relievedly say, "Good. Best few people as possible know of this."

Leiana frowns.

Speaking kindly to Leiana, you say, "I am honored you felt you knew me well enough..."

Whick smiles fondly

Leiana laments, "Everyone thinks we are criminals, Whick."

You tentatively say, "May this? I have a...penchant, for codes."

Leiana exclaims, "This may prove our innocence!"

You nod understandingly.

Leiana ponders.

Leiana says, "It.."

Leiana says, "Well it's my only copy."

Leiana says, "You'd need to be very careful."

You slowly say, "It is important that we know what it says."

(Whick straightens up and exhales slowly.)

Speaking hopefully to you, Leiana asks, "Do you know someone who can decode it?"

You somberly say, "Ma'am, on my Honor...I shan't lose it."

You vaguely say, "I have sources, yes. I cannot promise but...I think its the best chance we have."

Leiana nods slowly.

Leiana asks, "Don't you want to know how I got it?"

Leiana grins.

You grin mischievously.

Leiana stands a bit straighter.

Speaking amusedly to Leiana, you say, "I am eager to hear the tale."

Whick really is curious how this slip of a girl could've accomplished this. Competence is something he respects

You lean forward.

Leiana excitedly asks, "Well. So I was out in the FOREST, did I tell you I went to the Trollfang forest??"

You ask, "You did not...the Trollfang eh? The Upper Trollfang?"

Leiana excitedly continues, "I thought for sure I'd get lost and have to die out there, but I made it just fine! And I found my way into the tunnels! Did you know there is an entrance?!"

Leiana gazes at you with big, excited eyes.

You smile.

You eagerly exclaim, "I did not! Tell me of this...entrance!"

Leiana excitedly continues, "And there I was, wandering around in those dark tunnels..."

Leiana abruptly says, "It smells down there."

You nod at Leiana.

Leiana excitedly continues, "And I thought I'd not find a thing, cause I was just wandering all over."

You sagely say, "The tunnels under the town would."

Leiana thoughtfully says, "It's not an easily mapped place."

Leiana ponders.

Leiana excitedly continues, "And so I rounded a corner and that's where I saw him!"

Leiana nods.

You inquisitively ask, "Hakir?"

Leiana ponders.

Leiana says, "Actually I'm not sure.."

Leiana frowns.

You cock your head.

Leiana says, "I don't think so though because I wouldn't noticed the snout."

Leiana shakes her head.

You slowly inquire, " you know who it was?"

Leiana excitedly continues, "So he met up with ANOTHER guy and they echanged this!"

You continue, "Can you describe these men?"

Leiana blinks.

Leiana protests, "I'm telling the story!"

You chuckle.

You apologetically say, "Sorry, continue."

Leiana nods once.

You sit down. You steeple your fingers in your lap, quietly observing your surroundings.

You listen carefully to Leiana.

Leiana excitedly says, "And so he met with this OTHER guy and they exchanged this paper and that OTHER guy he said he'd see him at the next drop."

Leiana excitedly continues, "And then the OTHER guy he just disappeared! He ran off fast, really is all, he didn't really just disappear."

Leiana grins impishly.

Whick bites his tongue from immediately asking pertinent questions as to where the drop is, who these people were, any of that

Leiana excitedly exclaims, "And the FIRST guy, he came up from the tunnels into the forest and ran smack into a bear!"

Leiana shakes her head.

You blink.

Leiana says, "It was really just poor luck."

Leiana nods to you.

You incredulously ask, "A bear?"

You nod slowly.

Speaking soberly to Leiana, you say, "I am glad you were alright."

Leiana says, "That bear mauled him right there in front of me! I mean not really in front of me, in front of me... I was peeking up from the tunnels at him."

You take a drink from your mug of frothy ale. The creamy, full-bodied texture supports a sweet molasses taste. You feel tension draining away, giving way to a very relaxed state. You have 2 quaffs left.

Leiana agrees with you.

Leiana takes a drink from her mug of frothy ale.

Leiana says, "And so there he lay, dead."

Leiana ponders.

Leiana somberly says, "I thought about bringing back his body.."

Leiana frowns.

Whick respects that she didnt let the body bother her, and didnt bother with the body and simply extracted the pertinent information fromt he corpse

Leiana says, "He was heavy."

Leiana shakes her head.

Speaking to you, Leiana says, "But I did tell the constable and I think they fetched him."

Leiana exclaims, "However, when he was being mauled, his pouch fell open and I got this!"

You say, "I see...the constable eh? Good to know."

Leiana waves a tattered paper around.

You smile.

Leiana squints at a tattered paper.

Leiana says, "I really can't make heads or tails of it."

Whick is doubly glad she got the paper and not the constable

Leiana offers you a tattered paper.

You accept Leiana's offer and are now holding a tattered paper.

In the Common language, it reads: 15248+8592!543564 3219870*%5721643


7%34780283164978 148934#98167832@ 97341307422001


You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

Speaking urgently to you, Leiana asks, "You'll get it decoded?"

(Whick makes a show of slowly going over the paper....studying it as thoroughly as possible.)

You nod once.

You stand back up. Roundtime: 3 sec.

You will speak distractedly on your next message.

You distractedly say, "Yes...of course..."

You blink.

You smile at Leiana.

Speaking seriously to you, Leiana says, "This could mean the clearing of my father's name."

Speaking sincerely to Leiana, you say, "Thank you."

You say, "Thank you for trusting me with this. I wont let you down."

You strike a heroic pose.

Speaking hopefully to you, Leiana asks, "I'll see you soon then?"

You say, "Give me..."

You ponder.

A small glossy black spider crawls over to your right forearm.

You will speak tentatively on your next message.

You tentatively ask, "Would a week be too long?"

Leiana fidgets.

You say, "I can do it quicker in three days but..."

You will speak honestly on your next message.

Leiana asks, "I was hoping two days?"

Leiana gives you a disarming smile.

You honestly repeat, "Two days."

You slowly and deliberately empty your filled lungs.

You seriously say, "Very well."

Leiana nods to you.

You agree, "Two days."

Speaking emotionally to you, Leiana exclaims, "Thanks so much Whick!"

Leiana grabs your face with both hands and smooches your cheek!

Speaking pleasantly to Leiana, you ask, "I can thank of ways to thank me. Perhaps another dinner date? One where I wasnt ah....dressed up?"

You blush a nice shade of light pink.

Speaking honestly to you, Leiana exclaims, "I appreciate this tremendously!"

You nod.

You say, "I wont let you down."

Leiana nods.

Speaking to you, Leiana says, "In two days, we'll have dinner."

Leiana exclaims, "I'll bring it!"

You beam!

You happily exclaim, "Excellent! I look forward to it very much!"

Leiana fairly buzzes with excitement.

You will speak somberly on your next message.

Leiana adopts an agreeable expression.

You somberly say, "Now ma'am...I must get to work."

You warn, "Remember."

Leiana says, "Okay so let me leave first."

Leiana nods.

Leiana says, "You know, for secrecy and all."

You warn, "Remember...tell no one else."

You adopt an agreeable expression.

Leiana flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Leiana nods.

Leiana exclaims, "I won't!"

You nod.

You wave.

Leiana waves to you.

Leiana just went out.

Saturday, August 26th, 2017, 5:05:37 PM

Crosspost from Platinum boards on the ongoing storyline:

Upon leaving the furrier’s, Izaar walked down the streets of his city and pondered the addition of yet another concern to the events of late. He nodded and smiled to citizens passing by, tipping his hat and being friendly as was his habit, however, his attention was elsewhere. The rooftops of the city’s many buildings were his true center of focus and his gaze fell upon them as he passed each one. Once he found himself in shanty town, he took to the park and sat among the families there, once again nodding and making pleasantries, but all the while considering the rooftops. Though he saw nothing out of place, he certainly felt it. It was deep in his gut and he often trusted that sensation, much more than any rambling citizen who came spouting stories and accusations. This made him chuckle a moment as he recalled the conversation he’d had with one Lord Whick and his companions Talryssa and Tanderick, if you could call it a conversation.

After rushing in to the Hall in the middle of the night seeking his audience, they’d been set with an appointment and Izaar was curious about their concerns. He’d hoped it would be useful information and perhaps give him some insight into the strange happenings with Hakir’s escape. He was aware of course of the infiltration of his guard. It infuriated him and he felt personally affronted that it had happened. He wasn’t immune to the fact that there is a criminal element in the Landing – it is a Frontier town so it attracts all types of folk, both well-meaning and otherwise. And he’d had ill-fitted guards in his employ before, in fact the aptly named “Sleepy” had stuck in Izaar’s craw for years now. But the Mayor wouldn’t hear of letting him go as he is considered a ‘fixture’ in the town and ‘good for morale’. Mostly Izaar felt it was because Sleepy had drank with about every shop owner and businessman in town on multiple occasions so he had formed some sort of comradery as a result. The fact that he now had not one, but two, incidents of corruption apparent in his guard had caused him no small amount of anger and worry. He’d been quietly investigating for weeks and without any true results. Whomever it was, they were very careful at covering their tracks and he was beginning to feel that perhaps this was a lost cause. But then Lord Whick and his companions had shown up and dropped a gift into his lap.

It was too bad that they were inept and terribly disorganized, he thought as he smiled and patted a child on his head while nodding to his prattling mother. One would think that they would have come in with some semblance of proof or at least an organized thought. Unfortunately, they had provided him such a jumble of vague statements that he had been left with the task of picking it apart and finding tidbits here and there to assist his comprehension. He often wondered what causes a person to feel it is wise to run into an official’s office and demand recourse against a would be criminal or other person of ill-intent without any proof or detailed description of what had happened. But it happened, and more often that he could count. That day had been no different.

He had listened to their claims and afterwards, understood quite a few things about Lord Whick and his companions. 1) Lord Whick was untrustworthy and would say and do whatever he thought needed to achieve his goals, including lying to an official of the city. His failure to include key parts of the interaction he had with the so-called Ciphers where their prisoner had died and information was revealed was the first indication of this. Additionally, Lord Whick is courting miss Leiana from the Thrak Inn and yet there he stood with another woman informing Izaar that miss Leiana was someone he should have a ‘talk’ with and not protesting an inch when the woman, Talryssa, accused miss Leiana of being involved in these Ciphers somehow. Though the accusation is of interest and he will most definitely look into it, the fact that Lord Whick allowed it and even corroborated it in some form was interesting to Izaar, given what he knew of Whick and Leiana. 2) Lord Whick and his companions are not on the same page and that is most likely due to deceit. The woman Talryssa had told Izaar that they had killed the prisoner whom they believe to be a member of these Ciphers and discussed some paperwork they had found – she did this all freely and without hesitation which means that she must have felt it was no secret. Lord Whick on the other hand had not disclosed that the prisoner was killed – in fact, he’d told Izaar she had escaped with her fellows as he was attending to the wounded. He had not mentioned the paperwork in any way, either, and seemed slightly irritated when Talryssa brought all of this information up. To his credit he did try to cover his tracks, but it was not very well done and Izaar, having been used to this type of thing, caught onto it immediately. The man Tanderick didn’t seem to be aware of any of the happenings, yet there he was in their midst having the same meeting. Though, he did confirm Izaar’s suspicions surrounding the rooftop activity. For that, he was grateful.

All that aside, what irritated Izaar the most about the meeting was the accusation about Dakris. Dakris has been a fixture in this city for as long as Izaar can remember. He and his family have owned the furrier’s shop for many years and though he was aware that Dakris is a bit rough around the edges he had never had cause to look at him in a negative light. When Lord Whick accused Dakris of being involved with this criminal element they called the Ciphers, Izaar was astounded! That isn’t to say he wouldn’t consider the Lord’s pleas and so he waited to hear more. Nothing more was forthcoming unfortunately. Lord Whick only had to say that he was suspicious and had seen Dakris speaking to someone whom he was convinced was part of the Ciphers, though it should be noted that he could not explain how he knows that the person was part of the Ciphers – no identifying marks or clothing, just a hunch. The seal for his fate, so to speak, was when Lord Whick told Izaar that Dakris threatened him when he was confronted. Upon asking for clarification, because he just couldn’t imagine that being the case – Dakris is too smart for that, Lord Whick fumbled through some explanation that amounted to him saying that Dakris stated the law in this city were imbeciles. First, that’s not a threat. Izaar chuckled a moment at that. Second, Dakris may not care for the law in the city all the time, but he’s not ignorant of its need or the intelligence shown by not intentionally poking that bear. Needless to say, he did go to see Dakris as it was tax time and there was a legitimate reason. Nothing out of the ordinary showed in his books and as Izaar was looking around the place, he saw nothing unusual. If all he had to go on was a meeting with someone and the account of Lord Whick, untrustworthy as that one was, he was not going to accuse the man. It was just bad business.

Standing up, Izaar said his goodbyes to the citizens in the park and made his way back to the center of town as the sun began to set. Shadows began to set in the edges of buildings and throughout the trees as it grew darker and Izaar’s gaze was drawn once more to the rooftops of the buildings. It all added up to something, he knew, and he would not be letting it go. The mention by Lord Whick and his companions that this might somehow be related to animals and more specifically, the Society for the Protection of Elanthian Wildlife, had caused him some unease. As he entered Town Center, he glanced to the northwest and smiled, making his way to the Thrak Inn. He’d have a bite to eat at the Inn, he thought, and while there he’d have a conversation with miss Leiana as well.


After a moment of cautious studying and sniffing, a puffy silvery grey kitten with wide sapphire eyes clambers inside of some scuffed forest green boots with bronze tips. Boudicea says, "Uh." Boudicea glances at some scuffed forest green boots with bronze tips. Boudicea says, "Uh." Boudicea glances at some scuffed forest green boots with bronze tips. You hear some shuffling sounds from inside some scuffed forest green boots with bronze tips. Speaking to some scuffed forest green boots with bronze tips, Boudicea exclaims, "Sapphy!"