Meet Roblar in TownCrier Interview Sessions

Monday, August 14th, 2017, 7:49:43 PM

The TownCrier Interview Sessions

Episode 2

Commander Roblar

We are so very honored to bring you one of the icons of our times, as Mister Oubar sat down to talk about Elanthia with none other than Roblar.


By Oubar, TownCrier Corrrespondent 12 Phoenatos 5117 // August 12, 5117 - in Icemule Trace


Roblar Coronia is a name known far and wide as one of the strongest fighters in the land. In any instance where something needs to be hit VERY hard, he's the one for the job. His axe is his hallmark, and stories of his domination in the fighting pit of Helden Hall are whispered across the land. Recently this fierce warrior made time to sit down with the TownCrier for an in-depth interview. As expected, he was a daunting presence indeed, though he remained open and friendly throughout the process. The ale may have helped.


The In-Character Interview


go table You head over to the Burnt Tart Table. [Burnt Tart Table] A slightly foul scent fills the air over this table, as if Master Tartlicker left a tart baking a bit too long. The top of the table is seared with a burn mark from something rather small and terribly hot.

You see Roblar waving at your table, clearly hoping that you will invite him to sit with you.
Commander Roblar arrives at your table.

exa Roblar You see Commander Roblar Coronia the Warmaster of Highguard Keep. He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan. He is imposing in size and has a muscular physique. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has intense bluish grey eyes and dusky golden skin. He has shoulder length, thick dark brown hair with grey at the temples. He has a seasoned square-jawed face and some broad shoulders. He carries an air of confidence, warm and without guile, though his eyes seem to hint at a roiling temperament beneath his exterior countenance. He is in good shape. He is wearing a thick blackened warhelm, an ur-barath inlaid rolaren torc, a large mithril key hanging from a thick silver chain, a suit of black rolaren plate armor, a dark blue balenite-bound pin, a small bone periapt, a grizzly bear hide greatcloak with an ivory-fanged hood, some golvern-chased vambraces, some thick golvern-banded gauntlets, an enruned dark veil iron ring, a carved thin blue gem band, a hefty veniom-bound bear hide axe scabbard secured with silver buckles, a claw-grasped golvern shield slung over his shoulder, a glaes-encased rough leather belt, a gilded minotaur warhorn, a barbed iron boar hide sack, a shuttered silver lantern charm, a rugged dark leather sack, and a pair of golvern-plated boots.

Roblar deeply says, "Allos."

Roblar smiles.

You bow to Roblar.

You exclaim, "Good evening!"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Roblar pulls out a chair and tiredly allows gravity to seat him.

You remove a banded thanot keg of Oiran winter ale from in your harness. You place your thanot keg on the floor and pull out a small locking pin on the tap.

Roblar chuckles.

You pour yourself a mug of amber Oiran winter ale.

Roblar pours himself a mug of amber Oiran winter ale.

You raise your Oiran winter ale in a toast!

Roblar raises his Oiran winter ale in a toast!

You exclaim, "Good evening, and thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for the Crier!"

You grin impishly.

Roblar nods to you.

Roblar takes a drink from his Oiran winter ale.

You take a drink from your Oiran winter ale.

You say, "As we discussed beforehand, I've got some questions that I'd like to pose. We'll be recording the interview, and once it is all finalized, it will be published by the Crier for all to see."

You pull out a chair and seat yourself at the table.

Roblar chuckles to himself.

Roblar deeply says, "Aye."

Roblar nods slowly to you.

Roblar tenses up, beads of sweat glistening on his brow.

You say, "I generally start with a bit of background, for those precious few who might not be aware of you."

You ask, "What is your profession, for those who might not already be aware?"

Roblar deeply says, "Am a warrior."

You adopt an agreeable expression.

You ask, "What would you say is the best thing about your profession? If you were attempting to convince someone still on the turnip truck to lean towards your profession, what would you tell them?"

Roblar deeply says, "Combat."

Roblar grins at you.

You try hard not to grin.

You adopt an agreeable expression.

You say, "It's certainly true that warriors tend to have that particular aspect well covered."

You ask, "What would you say is the area in which warriors are weakest?"

Roblar deeply says, "In general, defending aginst spells."

Roblar takes a drink from his Oiran winter ale.

You adopt an agreeable expression.

You say, "But with enough training, doesn't most of that weakness go away? I've heard tell that you've managed to acquire some spell knowledge yourself."

Roblar nods in agreement to you.

Roblar deeply says, "Tiz possible wid alot of effort."

You ask, "Are spells still a concern for you personally?"

Roblar deeply says, "In which case, encumbrance and other types of spells."

Roblar grins at you.

Roblar deeply says, "Not usually, depends on da spell."

You nod understandingly.

Roblar deeply says, "A focused implosion still likely deadly."

Roblar nods to you.

You shudder. You ask, "What town do you call home these days?"

Roblar deeply says, "Diz one, Icemule."

Roblar deeply adds, "Mostly."

You ask, "What is it that you like most about Icemule?"

Roblar deeply says, "Iz close to my some of my properties and to da Scatter."

Roblar deeply says, "Da tarts smell guud too."

You grin impishly.

Roblar takes a deep breath.

You say, "I can't argue with that."

Roblar smiles.

Roblar takes a drink from his Oiran winter ale.

You ask, "You said properties... do you own property near here?"

Roblar deeply says, "You likely passed Highguard Keep on da way north to dis lil town."

You nod understandingly.

You say, "I did indeed. Wasn't aware that it was yours, though."

You give a short little hum of surprise.

Roblar deeply says, "Also av a hunting cabin up da mountain and likely soon a small shop in town for extra supplies."

You say, "Very nice. I think we're all anxious for the town to open up shops again."

Roblar nods in agreement to you.

Roblar flashes a quick grin.

You ask, "I already know, but for the readers... what's your preferred hunting method and weapon?"

Roblar flashes a wide grin at you.

Roblar deeply says, "Swingin an axe or two."

Roblar removes an immense rolaren waraxe from in his bear hide axe scabbard.

Roblar shows you an immense rolaren waraxe, which he is holding in his left hand. The haft of this waraxe has been crafted of twin lengths of ironwood and ebonwood, the grey-on-black woods banded together by scored rings of golvern. In opposition, blackened rolaren rises from the ironwood and argent rolaren from the ebonwood, creating a contrast that is both stark and compelling. Along the massive blade, heavy Saramar runes have been etched across the carcass of a serpent enveloped in flame, the script flowing to a perfectly honed edge that radiates a subtle blue-white incandescence. There is a groove down the center of the weapon, bisecting it into two halves. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

You nod appreciatively.

Roblar deeply says, "Usually two."

Roblar tips his head back and empties a mug of amber Oiran winter ale down his gullet!

Roblar holds his waraxe with both hands and, pressing a small button near his thumb, separates the weapon into two halves.

Roblar winks at you.

Roblar holds the two halves of his waraxe in each hand, carefully recombining the two halves of his weapon into one.

You say, "An amazing weapon, to be sure."

Roblar casually brushes the remnants of his last battle from his waraxe.

Roblar grunts.

Roblar adopts an agreeable expression.

Roblar put an immense rolaren waraxe in his bear hide axe scabbard.

You ask, "Do you have any other fighting methods that you employ these days?"

Roblar deeply says, "Am a master of all methods."

Roblar deeply says, "Sometimes may punch and kick an opponent for amusement."

You ask, "Where do you generally hunt, these days?"

Roblar deeply says, "Da Scatter."

Roblar deeply says, "Sometimes travel south into da Sea of Fire to kill Luukosians."

You nod understandingly.

You ask, "Do you belong to any of the Great Houses?"

Roblar deeply says, "Aye, am commander of Helden Hall."

You nod appreciatively.

You ask, "What do you like most about Helden Hall?"

Roblar deeply says, "It az an ole history and was formed by warriors of old, for most part."

You adopt an agreeable expression.

You say, "It's widely known as the House for warriors, to be sure."

Roblar deeply says, "Metaboculous was one of da early warriors me met in da lands."

Roblar deeply says, "And a founder."

You nod understandingly.

Roblar deeply says, "Also, da fighting pit iz a wonderous place ta trains."

Roblar winks and flashes a sly grin.

You grin.

Roblar balls his fists, causing his golvern-banded gauntlets to tighten around his hands.

You say, "The way I understand it, these days, you're generally regarded as the master of said pit."

You grin at Roblar.

Roblar deeply says, "Me does well."

Roblar grins.

You agree with Roblar.

You ask, "Aside from your axe, what would you say is your most prized possession?"

Roblar ponders.

Roblar points at his rolaren plate armor.

Roblar runs a hand across the front of his armor and a few wisps of vapor stream out behind his fingertips.

Roblar deeply says, "Ma armor."

You ask, "Can you tell us a bit about it?"

Roblar deeply says, "Wells.."

Roblar deeply says, "It iz highly enchanted aginst physical attacks and protects aginst magical attacks."

Roblar deeply says, "It iz resistant to acid, impacts, tings dat slash or pierce."

Roblar deeply says, "It iz fully ensorcelled."

Roblar deeply says, "And touched by strange Ithziri majiks."

Roblar shrugs.

Roblar shows you a suit of black rolaren plate armor, which he is wearing. Dark and dull as the cliffs of the Dragonspine on a bleak winter's day, the matte black finish of this masterfully crafted armor belies its exceptional quality. Favoring practically and function over glossy surfaces and polished sheen, the lack of any visible flaw stands as testimony to the vigilance paid to its care. Along every edge, Saramar runes have been traced in an unbroken line, clearly some sort of warding, and wisps of vapor occasionally escape from between the many layers of rolaren plates. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

Roblar deeply says, "Protects me well."

You say, "That's VERY impressive. Seems like the ideal armor."

Roblar drums his fingers on the surface of his armor, and small wisps of vapor puff out after each impact.

Roblar deeply says, "Had it made for da Scatter."

Roblar deeply says, "Da Ithzir majiks heals me too."

You say, "And I imagine it does quite well there."

Roblar stretches his shoulders, settling his armor into a more comfortable position.

You ask, "If pressed, what other adventurer would you say had the most impact on you as you progressed through your skills?"

Roblar deeply asks, "A single adventurer?"

Roblar grins.

Roblar deeply says, "Been a long time."

You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.

You say, "First name that comes to mind, then. If there's more than one, that's understandable."

You grin at Roblar.

Roblar deeply says, "Well Kerl was one of my first guild skill teachers and helped me master war cries."

Roblar smiles at you.

You exclaim, "A worthy mentor, to be sure!"

Roblar deeply says, "And also liked axes."

You try hard not to grin.

Roblar deeply says, "Though he likes ta throw dem moar."

Roblar winks at you.

You say, "I believe I may have heard mention of that fact at some point."

You say, "A couple more, and then we'll wrap up."

Roblar nods to you.

You ask, "What would you say is your motivation? What is it that drives you currently?"

Roblar deeply says, "To become stronger, more powerful, and to learn more each day."

You nod understandingly.

You say, "A noble goal."

Roblar deeply says, "To crush my enemies, hear da lamentations of their…"

Roblar chuckles to himself.

Roblar deeply says, "Ok, well."

You chuckle to yourself.

You ask, "Looking back on your path, is there something that comes to mind that you wish you'd done differently?"

Roblar simply says, "No."

You nod.

Roblar flashes a quick grin at you.

Roblar deeply says, "Aye, dat didn’t pour myself another a lil earlier!"

Roblar pours himself a mug of amber Oiran winter ale.

Roblar nods with satisfaction.

Roblar leans back in his chair, balancing himself on two legs for a few moments, then sets the chair back down on all four legs.

Roblar takes a drink from his Oiran winter ale. Roblar looks rather relaxed.

You exclaim, "By all means, help yourself!"

You grin.

You ask, "One last thing... would you be willing to give the readers a peek inside one of your lockers? No explanations or anything, just a glance?

Roblar deeply says, "Well carry most tings on me so only really av a locker for stuff dat reminds me days past."

Roblar grabs a thin-spined grey leather manifest from a weathered black leather pocket inside of his bear hide greatcloak.

Roblar opens the cover on his grey leather manifest.

In a deep chest: a small decrepit dollhouse toy a Lord Roblar portrait a tissue-lined box covered in burnished copper foil a small jagged shard of blood marble a Mandis Crystal shard a colorful Elanthian globe a miniature pink marble kraken a miniature stone manor a tiny clay penguin chick a carved Aeia statuette a tiny brass spittoon a small wooden tree a reclining woman figurine a tiny enameled serving maid a steel-banded ironwood catapult (registered) a steel-banded ironwood ballista (registered) a dark wizard figure (registered) a towering thick-walled fortress (registered) a fel block an ironwood block a faewood block a Silvergate Inn snowglobe a gold-chased rolaren medallion on a green tartan ribbon a silver-chased rolaren medallion on a red tartan ribbon a silver-chased rolaren medallion on a red tartan ribbon a silver-chased rolaren medallion on a red tartan ribbon a silver-chased rolaren medallion on a red tartan ribbon a bronze-chased rolaren medallion on a blue tartan ribbon a silver-chased rolaren medallion on a red tartan ribbon a clear glaes bubble a gilt-edged clear glaes seashell an ivory snowflake plaque a piece of parchment a silver party horn with multi-colored silk streamers a luminescent silver-gold orb a heavy ironwood key a carved ur-barath totem an obsidian chest a large invar-bound chest a small oak casket

In a clothing wardrobe: a silver-inlaid cherrywood case a slender Palestra Blade miniature a Nalfein swordsman miniature an armored human crusader miniature a skeletal shadow knight miniature an axe-wielding mayor miniature an amber-eyed large giantman miniature a ferocious troll commander miniature a long-tailed war rat miniature a giantman warlord miniature
a raging vathor miniature a scruffy and muscled warrior miniature a Madam Zannebah miniature a small blood red spider a black griffin a bloodstained claidhmore pin choked with an inlay of thorny onyx vines an eyeless skull pin an opaline snowball pin (registered) a moss-covered skull insignia some dark cotton pants some studded eonake gauntlets a smooth ebonwood case inlaid with a labyrinth of silvery vaalin wire a carved stone dwarf statue a lion-inlaid mithril signet ring a black spidersilk vest a lustrous gold crown-shaped pin a tiny iron catapult pin an aged bone talisman emanating a faint glow

In a magical item bin: a meteor-etched gold ring a large brass-framed lens a miniature clock tower a granite triangle a ruby amulet a turquoise glaes spider charm a sky blue glaesine orb

On an armor stand: a gold-inlaid winged rolaren warhelm

On a weapon rack: a massive glaes club

You nod gratefully.

You say, "Thank you very much for that!"

Roblar nods to you.

You ask, "I believe that wraps up the questions I had prepared! Was there anything you'd like to talk about for the record?"

Roblar looks over at you and shakes his head.

You nod understandingly.

Roblar deeply says, "Well lookin forward to yer scrivenin'."

Roblar nods to you.

Roblar deeply concedes, "Aye."

Roblar deeply says, "Dis some guud ale."

Roblar taps a mug of amber Oiran winter ale, which is in his right hand.

Roblar deeply says, "Fergot me av a keg er two locked up in da keep."

Speaking to Roblar, you say, "Thank you! I like to provide refreshments. Least I can do for occupying your time like this."

Roblar deeply says, "Shall afta tap one later."

You grin at Roblar.

Roblar deeply says, "Well t'anks invitin me to tink back."

Roblar deeply says, "Been a long road."

You nod understandingly.

Roblar grins at you.

You bow to Roblar.

Roblar scoots his chair back and stands up.

You say, "Thank you again, good Sir."

You scoot your chair back and stand up.

Roblar grunts to you in tribute as he bangs his fist sharply upon his rolaren plate armor in a barbaric salute.

You shake hands with Roblar.

You say, "Have a good evening."

Roblar deeply says, "Welcome, an t'ank you."

Roblar deeply says, "You too."

Roblar waves.

You wave.

Roblar turns around.

Commander Roblar just went out. ``` (Continued in part 2...)

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The Out-Of-Character Interview

Q: How long have you played Gemstone?

Since August, 1996.

Q: Have you taken any breaks, or played straight through?

I've taken some breaks of up to a year or more before, though no significant ones for a long time.

Q: How many different main characters have you had over the years?

My only real main character in Prime has been Roblar. My first character in Prime was Lur, though that half-elven warrior (Tanis - Dragonlance based) only lasted about a few weeks before my first small 2 month break - those hourly bills got intense!

Q: Do you have multiple accounts that you play at the same time?

Rarely. Maybe 1 or 2 months out of the year, usually EG month.

Q: Do you have a Premium subscription?


Q: What front-end do you use? (Stormfront, Wizard, Profanity, other)?


Q: Why?

I liked the name better because Wizard(s) are puny. Ok, only half-kidding. I also downloaded it after whatever return from a break and liked the look and layout. It provides alot of info at a glance and saves remotely. I then later found it helpful at festivals or when discovering things I may have missed when exploring the environment. I honestly don't remember the Wizard anymore, maybe the music. I also enjoyed a previous web client (not this current one) prior to SF I think.

Q: Do you use lich?


Q: Why or why not?

I guess I enjoy my process and doing it myself.

Q: Do you now, or have you ever roleplayed a character that was very different from your real personality?

Nothing of significance.

Q: What would you say is your most memorable Gemstone ˜moment (as a player), and why?

I don't know, there have been so many I remember and others I wish I remember better. I'll go with an old gamble of my then entire bank account long ago at Beldrin's Gaming Wheel to quickly try and increase funds for an unexpected festival, with Lord Commandant and Lady Karess witnessing. I won but the fear of losing that 2M or so was terrifying as I had saved for so long. And it's not even double but 50% if you win!

Q: What, in your mind, is the best thing about Gemstone?

The longevity, creativity (story/world/interaction), depth, mechanical flexibility, and relationships it offers.

Q: Have you ever attended SimuCon, or otherwise met up with a person from Gemstone?

Yes, I went to SimuCon in 2015. It was a lot of fun to meet players and staff. I highly recommend it and wish I could attend this year. It mostly involved drinking, talking about in and out of game things, playing games and contests and eating!

Q: Imagine you're Wyrom for a day and can 'do' one thing. What are you changing/removing/adding/replacing, and why?

I would love to see some kind of postcap system added to the game. I'm not sure about the specifics but I wouldn't mind for example the convenience of not requiring enhancive items by permanently boosting some stats at the cost of cap points that you earn as you advance, say x amount every 1M exp past cap. Some CMANs already do this. This would allow further incentive to continue with a character, cut down on some tedium (or open up new abilities), and is probably good for the long term health of the game as players continue to advance.

Q: What do you feel is the biggest mistake that most GS players make?

I'm not sure what mistake most GS players make, but I'd probably advise to move around some from whatever area you are comfortable. I think hunting level breakdowns have historically been a nice impetus for that in the past, though I see the need for expansion.

Q: Why?

There is always more to learn and, while a possibly uncomfortable initial adjustment, each new area or discovery can ultimately be like playing the game again for the first time.

Q: What's something that you feel every GS player should do at least once?

Get lost. Go out and explore the world.

Q: What advice would you offer to a new player?

Read the room descriptions, immerse yourself, learn from mistakes, try intuitive commands and actions, explore and learn on your own to begin your experience. Don't get too daunted by the wealth of information and, as you feel comfortable, read the wiki for mechanics and lore, ask people questions IG or out, ring bells for Mentor help, but mostly do whatever is fun for you!

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@luxelle said in Meet Roblar in TownCrier Interview Sessions:

My first character in Prime was Lur


Monday, August 14th, 2017, 8:02:56 PM

It's open mic time now ... take it away Roblar fans! 0<em>1502755320833</em>Roblar2_forum.jpg

Share your favorite Roblar stories here - or leave your comments.

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Shirtless Roblar. Enough said.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 7:41:47 AM

How many muffins do I need to eat to get as big as Roblar?!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 7:43:56 AM

@ordim It takes tarts to get big, thats why all the halflings eat them!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 7:48:31 AM

@sabotage said in Meet Roblar in TownCrier Interview Sessions:

@ordim It takes tarts to get big, thats why all the halflings eat them!

I'm not buying it, BIG TARTS is a scam to keep Truefolk shorter! Muffins make many men more mountainous!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 7:53:22 AM

@ordim alt text

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 12:02:00 PM

@luxelle - this is AMAZING!

Also, @Roblar , you are Elanthia's hero.

alt text

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 2:34:25 PM

Heh, thanks all

@Luxelle I like that castle pic!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 3:54:38 PM

or ... How I Became a Boatswain

So, it was 5115 and The Spitfire was in port in The Landing.

I was in a bit of shell shock, having never seen a festival on this scale at all. Our little village at home was not a destination point for many merchants, let alone a festival! I would get brave and walk onto the ship and then get overwhelmed at the crowd, or all the choices, or just the unfamiliarity with it all, and I would flee the ship.

On top of all of that, I did not know what people meant when they were talking Festival Lingo, and why any of the things for sale were special! What did THAT do, anyway? The usual folks that I would rely upon for advice were scarce. Probably at the fest, right?

To this day, I have no idea why Mister Roblar walked up to me near the end of The Spitfire's layover and asked if I wanted to earn a Boatswain Title - or whatever it was. We were not in the same circle of friends. I was a very young apprentice bardess, still new in town. I was sort of surprised he had even noticed me.

But back to the story. I saw people running around town looking like they were part of the crew, but I was not going to stop and ask anyone about it.

I hemmed.

I hawed.

Roblar encouraged me, but did not push too hard. I probably looked like I would burst into tears if pressed. I might have, too!

I think he had to explain and ask me a couple times before the calm logic took over in my head.

"It is Mister Roblar, what could possibly happen to me with him here?"

And so I followed him and we went to the Spitfire.

He did not walk too fast, he did not speak too fast, he answered every question I asked of him, and never once gave up the puzzles. Instead, he stood there patiently while I figured it all out.

I asked for hints a couple times. He obliged. Not too telling of hints, mind you.

If he guided others through the maze of the ship for this small quest, I imagine I must have been the slowest of them.

But I got through it, and achieved what we had come for! I felt like I had really accomplished something. I would have never even attempted all of that if he had not been so kind to share this small adventure with me.

He seemed to take some pride in my accomplishment. For a fleeting moment I wondered if Father had paid him, but dismissed the thought.

With a little more confidence, I ventured to the Spitfire for the remaining couple days with less anxiety. I still have a few of those purchases I made.

I remember now counting all my money and paring my list down to what I could afford. I spent more money than I had ever spent before. It was probably close to 40,000 silvers! I had to restart my bank balance after that.

Thanks for a kindness I will never forget, Mister Roblar!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 3:56:16 PM

Mister Oubar, come and take your bows for these awesome interviews!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, 4:13:47 PM

@luxelle Ha, I remember that - you're welcome! :D

@luxelle said in Meet Roblar in TownCrier Interview Sessions:

Mister Oubar, come and take your bows for these awesome interviews!

Yes, he's been a very busy bee..