Official: Wyrom on the Rewards for the Anniversary Celebration of GS on the Web

Friday, July 28th, 2017, 7:21:30 PM

@Wyrom said in Official: Wyrom on the Rewards for the Anniversary Celebration of GS on the Web:Hey everyone, I just want to let you know that the finale rewards are going to be released soon. They should be out later tonight, but worst case scenario, it will be tomorrow early on in the day. These will be available to claim until August 31st. They are available for anyone, regardless if you made it to any of the events this month. You must have a paid subscription and they are limited to one per account. There will be an email campaign to remind players to take advantage of the reward. All the items you receive will be attuned to your account. There isn't any restrictions if you upgrade your account to a paid subscription or are just coming back to GemStone IV. The important thing to note is the time to claim the reward.

Thanks again for making GemStone IV a great place to be.

Wyrom, PM

Saturday, July 29th, 2017, 8:36:00 PM

The new GIFTBOX item is now released in all instances! They contain the following items:

• a small sentient spider: This is the spider that lived inside the glaes spider charms. The GIFTBOX is a ruined version of the glaes spider charm, which you break open. • a shimmering violet orb: This is a large RPA award. • a hazy white note: This is a 1 pound lightener. • a meteor-etched gold ring: This is a gold ring guaranteed for 30 days. • a golden feather charm: This is an encumbrance reducing feather for 300 seconds and has 3 uses.

The spider has all the same verbs as the glaes spider charms. It will have even MORE features unlocked in the coming day(s)!

Everything in the GIFTBOX is account attuned to you, except the gold ring and feather charm.

Those of you who still own a glaes spider charm can COVER them for a new verb (just a minor addition).

You can claim a GIFTBOX until August 31st.


Wyrom, PM