Brinret's Trade List

Thursday, August 10th, 2017, 1:59:37 AM

* a gold-pommeled vaalorn estoc - 6x (+28) * a gold-capped fireleaf runestaff - 6x (+27) * a tarnished vaalorn crowbill - 6x (+28) * a dull faenor claidhmore - +6 claid * a kelyn claidhmore - 2x * a transparent alexandrite misericord illuminated a brilliant crimson by the flickering urnon pommel - Urnon Chaos weapon * a fir-hafted golvern morning star - 6x * a rune-carved smoky glaes battle axe with a jagged head studded with firestone cabochons - +18, HCW/ECW for dwarves * a perfect rolaren dagger - 6x, perfect forged * an obsidian and crimson rolaren sledgehammer - 3x-7x cycling moonphase weapon with nightmare flares * a perfect vultite ridgemace - 5x, perfect forged * a mithril field-axe 0 6x, fully unlocked Idle Edge scripts * a silvery mithril claidhmore with a web-etched blade - 1x, fully unlocked Felthrop scripts * a jade-pommeled vaalorn espadon graced with spirals of etched runes - 6x-11x cycling trollslayer bastard sword * a bejeweled heavy mithglin sai - 3x, gem eater * a gem-encrusted mithglin sai - 3x, gem eater * a long-shafted cerulean glaes harpoon etched with a cresting wave - 3x, HCW * a wyrwood twin crossbow with a hastily sawed-off stock - +29, dual crossbow * a plain wooden runestaff capped with an uncut emerald - 4x, 6x acuity * a folded kroderine wakizashi - +17, dispel flares * a carved silvery lor staff - 6x, vacuum flares, wand holder * an intense silver eonake maul - 6x, sancted, mana vial flares * a white battle axe - lightning immolator * a golvern military pick - 6x * a blue-grey vultite magari-yari - 6x, perfect forged, fully unlocked Theammer scripts * a barbed rolaren fist-scythe with a mist-shrouded necrotic serpent wrapped around it - 5x, snake flares * a crimson-cored angular glaes maul inset with a faceted selanthan bloodjewel - 3x, HCW, 1/hr v'tulls fury * a spiral-hafted rolaren battle axe with a silver-swept charcoal scaled serpent wrapped around it - 5x, snake flares * a perfect maoral-hilted steel longsword - 4x, perfect forged * a jewel-inset gornar dagger - 6x, vibe flares, scripted * a ruby-pommeled drakar dagger - 6x, fire flares, scripted * a dark vultite gladius - 5x, switches between fire flares and blessable * a large black mithril greatsword engraved with silvery Saramar runes - 4x, crit weighted, more for weighting giants * a large white ora maul inlaid with a carved jet shield - 3x/5x for elves and clerics, permablessed * a perfect steel falchion - 4x perfect weapon * a fel-hafted golvern waraxe - 9x * a twisting silvery lor runestaff - 6x * a deep crimson eahnor kozuka - +28, disintegration flares, fully unlocked mist dagger * a linden-hafted golvern war mattock - 5x * a curved lotus white no-dachi - 5x, demonbane (disruption flares) * some fingerless black leather gloves with crimson eahnor studs over each knuckle - 4x, Fully unlocked (tier 4) Shurley gloves * a mechanical heavy arbalest - 5x, T2 mech crossbow * an oak-hafted rolaren hatchet inlaid with vaalin - 6x, lightning flares * a sleek reddish gold ruic bow inlaid with coiling verdant kelyn vines - 6x, +4 Perception, Hide and Ambush bonuses (no level requirements) * a tapered crimson eahnor stiletto with a cube-shaped black rolaren guard - +33, vacuum flares, 2 slot fusion*

* a satin-finished silver zelnorn breastplate - 2x/2x Metal Breastplate * a suit of golden zelnorn augmented chainmail - 3x/3x * a suit of gold-accented vultite field plate with oversized drake skull-shaped pauldrons - 6x * a veniom-banded mithril buckler - 5x, +5 TD * a thick veil iron chain hauberk - 5x * a thick glaes greathelm - HCP * a golvern augmented breastplate - 5x * some polished veil iron full plate - 5x * a thick golvern chain hauberk - 5x * a faewood shield - +27 * an ornate veil iron greatshield - 5x * an old golvern greatshield - 5x

* a roan-speckled alabaster mushroom - Explosive spore mushroom * a plum-speckled alabaster mushroom - Explosive spore mushroom * some gnarled glowbark bark - 5x/day Barkskin * a faceted grey crystal - Knight glamour crystal * a stylized golden griffin pin - enhancive hider * a twisted-wire vaalin bracelet - self repairing morphing vaalin lockpick * a sparkling periwinkle feystone pin - blank mage rechargeable * a gold-tooled russet leather bracer - MR 1606 - Dauntless, +2 Str/Con/Agi * a small obsidian vial - 10% stronger disarm lore, up to +50, recharges 1x/day, stores 40 charges, crumbly * an enruned rolaren amulet - 10 setting teleport item * a split-tailed charcoal bourde jacket pinned with a glaes stiletto stickpin - Fully unlocked "Fancy Cloak" with +3 Ambush, Edged and MOC * a stamped leather champagne case with dark silver rivets - Special champagne case, +10 trading bonus * a jam-smeared stone statue - Permanent disk changer, makes jam-smeared disks * a drakar-tipped firestone wand - 3x/day Firestorm * a drakar-tipped blazestone wand - 3x/day Firestorm * a steel mirror - Transports to just outside gemshop in Icemule from anywhere within gold ring distance * a silver mirror - Transports to just outside gemshop in Solhaven from anywhere within gold ring distance * an enruned eahnor amulet - Mana battery, rub to drain 100 mana, rub again later to restore it. Useable every 12 hours * a polished silver skullcap embedded with a row of tiny agates - +5 Spell aim, -1 Aura bonus, -1 Wisdom * an enruned modwir box - Makes imbeddable amulets from gems * a polished silver scepter crowned with onyx - Mage rechargeable minor shock wand * a slender fletching razor with a smooth opal case - Permanent cold flares fletching razor * a rowan-cased fletching razor painted with a crescent - Permanent cold flares fletching razor * a bronzed fletching razor with a red crystalline case - Permanent fire flares fletching razor * a slender maoral-cased fletching razor carved with whorls of flame accented by red-orange amber - Permanent fire flares fletching razor * a dark fletching razor with a hardened leather handle bitten by miniature grapple hooks - Permanent grapple flares fletching razor * a black ash-cased fletching razor engraved with serpents - Permanent acid flares fletching razor * a mistwood-cased fletching razor imbedded with ebon pebbles - Permanent disintegration flares fletching razor * a curved silver fletching razor with a violet feystone case - Permanent disintegration flares fletching razor * a faewood-cased fletching razor carved with lavender blooms - Permanent steam flares fletching razor * an empty purple leather codex stamped with a golden jester's face - locked scroll codex * a cracked ebony amulet engraved with well-worn symbols of Lornon - Sanct Breaker

* a pair of ten-sided dice - Ten-sided dice * a pristine rolaren razor - Permanent scarring razor * a golden brown acorn amulet - contains a small viridian will-o'-wisp * an eahnor-fastened squared leather sack - Magical seed pouch, grow your own herbs * a pair of elegant black leather gloves stitched with black silk thread - +40 Pick pockets for 10 min, 1 hr cooldown, "Thief set" * a deep green coarse wool cloak clasped with a tiny silver fist - Hide with 100% success in town, "Thief set" * an onyx black widow pendant inset with a ruby hourglass - Shifting permanent perfume vial * a burnished gold case - Unlocked 100 label holding case * a black diamond-inset crystal vial suspended on a slender golvern chain - Unlocked Olba vial * a white diamond-inset crystal vial suspended on a slender eahnor - Unlocked Olba vial * a pair of golden knitting needles - Auction quality needles with all patterns * a lacquered fireworks press whorled in azulene and twilight hues - Fireworks press * a veniom-threaded cloak - Holds 160 lbs "epic deep" * a muted grey suede cassock brushed with swirls of lighter hues - Full body armory concealer * a black leather robe - Full body armory concealer * some deeply hooded silk robes set with tiny green sapphire studs - Full body armory concealer * a hooded simple black silk robe embroidered sparingly with carmine dragonstalk blooms - Full body armory concealer * a slim black mask edged with small gemstones - Prophecy Mask * a high-collared ebon silk longcloak - Heavily Scripted "consolation cloak", holds huge amount * a stygian shade-gecko - Shadowy worn pet * an eahnor and silvery leather bracer - Scripted dagger holding, spring loaded bracer * a rose-embossed silver prayerbook - Scripted prayerbook: OPEN, CLOSE, TURN, READ, HUG, PUSH, RAISE, and KISS * a coarse burlap sack - contains a colorful sewer rat * a furry black panther pin - Trash eating pin * a dragon-etched willow scabbard - Adjustable scabbard (shoulder, back, wrist, thight, ankle, belt) * a jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim - Attuning scripted spider cloak * a brushed dark silver tin - Tart creating tin * a lacquered ebonwood wand - Fireworks wand * a worn-out leather coin pouch - Holds 5k silver weightlessly*

* Spell Items (X/day, knowledge, self mana, etc) * Unlocked Chrism Holder * DB Items * Rare Metal Slabs * Healing Tokens * Healing Coccoons * Urnon Keys * Elven language earcuff * Katanas of metals I don't have (veil iron, urglaes) * Coins * Plat Points * Bloodscrip * Other Unique/Interesting Items