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Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, 7:44:28 AM

This topic will be a consolidated place for all Official announcements pertaining to the playershop updates.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, 7:45:43 AM

@ondreian said in Playershops:

Hello everyone, I finished the first pass of evictions in Prime and Platinum. With the evictions completed we're still not quite ready to move fully into the next phase. There were a couple complications that drew out this process that will need to be addressed.

Current Shop Owners: If you owned a shop and were a partner in an evicted shop you will need to visit your shop immediately. (You may have noticed your manifest crumbled) Please make sure to ENTER your shop alone, or as the leader of your group. This will be auto corrected upon entry.

There are still a few straggler shops that will be evicted soon. There was a minor bug with people being able to UNLOCK and LOCK their shops even when it was in an abandoned state. This pushed back the eviction timer a little and your time is still nigh.

Here is a listing of potential shops available by town in prime after evictions.

Landing: 85 Teras: 13 Solhaven: 27 River's Rest: 8 Icemule: 49 Zul Logoth: 15 Ta'Illistim: 23 Ta'Vaalor: 58 FWI: 28

Now, lets talk about the next phase. With the complications that came up during the eviction process there are still some unknown elements with how the system will behave. I've introduced a lot of changes through this process with the back end and have had to re-develop a lot of points. That being said, I will be doing small releases of shops of assorted release mechanisms. These will be controlled experiments to make sure that the new shop process is performing as it should.

What type of releases? I will try to hit a couple different methods and locations for this. A raffle for each town and for premium. A couple of auctions per town and for premium. MYSTERY OPTIONS!

You must be eligible to own a shop (not have one) and be a citizen to win. These will be announced with at least 24 hours notice in the next few weeks. Upon winning I will need to monitor you claiming your new shop when our schedules match.

After this intermediate phase is completed we'll discuss the next release phase.

Retser, ASGM

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, 9:37:09 AM

Nice. Here's hoping the turnover rate will stop people from maintaining the hording mentality.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, 10:56:45 AM

FWIW, last night Retser put out word that the pre-release will be pushed back 90 days.

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, 8:21:46 PM

Quote from GM Retser:

Nope, no updates. There were other projects that I was focusing on. We're still stuck in the eviction phase. There were issues evicting shops with stacked items that I haven't had time to fix. Once I get that resolved, I'll process a few more evictions to make sure we're good. Then we'll turn on the automated evictions and see how it behaves.

If we can't remove shops safely, it'll just create more of a mess when we go to re-release them.

Retser, ASGM

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, 3:32:21 PM

Quote from GM Retser:

Hey everyone, I have applied a fix to the issue with evictions. That change is now live.

I now need to manually go back through and clean up the broken empty shops that were left behind because of it. I do not have an ETA on this.

Any shops that were stuck in an "ABANDONED" state will be evicted within the near future.

Retser, ASGM

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, 3:34:00 PM

Quote from GM Retser:

Shop Partners can now use SHOP DEPOSIT to deposit silvers into the main account of the shop.

This allows them to contribute toward the rent. Please note, this is a one way transaction. Partners CANNOT withdraw from the main account.

Retser, ASGM