FWI Festival

Friday, July 14th, 2017, 6:19:04 PM

[Cutters Tent - ] - a bright yellow tent - 23849

On the makeshift shelves you see a polished brass warthog, a tarnished vaalin meerkat, a yellow gold tiger, a brown invar monkey, a stamped gold lemur, an intricate silver parrot.

On the tiered table you see a moon-shaped black tin pattern, a pear-shaped pale ora pattern, a cherry-shaped red iron pattern, an apple-shaped polished vaalin pattern, a note-shaped shiny brass pattern, a tulip-shaped pink vultite pattern, a daisy-shaped bright silver pattern, a hibiscus-cut patinaed copper pattern, a palm tree-cut white gold pattern, a coconut-cut brown imflass pattern, a sprite-shaped green steel pattern, a firefly-cut brushed bronze pattern, a butterfly-cut silver mithglin pattern, a star-shaped yellow invar pattern.

A sales clerk steps over to you and says, "Ah, a fine choice sir. A moon-shaped black tin pattern sells for 5000 silvers. You can BUY the black tin pattern if you like."